first_imgMaking the most of the seasonal down time can help set you up for the rest of the year. Here are a few thoughts for creative professionals on how to make the most of your summer break.Image from FlickrIn the creative industries the summer, and especially August, tend to be the quietest months of the year. Making the most of the down time can help set you up for the rest of the working year. After coming on near a decade of working as a freelance film editor, here are five ideas on how to have a creatively productive summer.1. Update Your WorkThe summer is a great time to take stock of the past year and plan ahead for the up-coming new work/academic year.  This makes it a good time to review your business materials. How old or out of date is your website, showreel and business cards? These crucial business items are often left by creatives on the back burner, as they’re usually too busy to do anything about them. But you’ll need them in good shape at a moments notice when a big new client gets in touch and wants to see your work. Take a day or two to revamp, re-create and renew your online portfolio so that it really represents your best work. Reprint your dwindling stack of business cards and get all your ‘stuff’ updated. Also remember to update your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social network profiles so that if potential clients check you out, or stumble across you online, they’ll be able to get in touch quickly and with an accurate understanding of your skill base.2. Reach OutGiven that you (and many others in creative industries) are now time-rich, it’s an ideal opportunity to get out there and meet people. Get in touch with recruitment agencies in your town and pop in for a meeting to get on their books. Contact some companies that you might like to get in with and see if you can pop in for a meeting and show off your portfolio.  If you have other industry contacts who might be a bit more experienced than you then take them out to lunch, or for a drink, and pick their brains on how you can advance yourself in your chosen industry. Essentially invest your time in sowing seeds and reconnecting with contacts old and new to help set you up for the year ahead.3. Go Back to SchoolThe summer lull should provide you with some time to get back to school, get up-skilled and become more employable. If you can, try to take a real summer class at a college or university if you can. You never know who else you might meet with similar interests. Plus, you’ll hopefully leave with some kind of certificate or proof of competency. I think its also worth attempting something which will expand your skill set in more diverse directions. If you’re an editor an acting or directing class might be beneficial. Or even better, a class in theology, accountancy or cookery for that matter. There is an advantage to be had in simply having to learn new skills and acquire new knowledge. Stretching parts of the brain that might have otherwise lain dorment the rest of the year. Plus it will help to demonstrate to clients that you’re not a two-dimensional person.If you don’t have the time or money to invest in a full time summer course, there are plenty of great resources online. Coursera, The Khan Academy and iTunes U have hundreds of courses available – the majority of them for free. Learn some new skills on marketing, negotiation, business development or something more tangible. Once you start browsing you’ll soon discover tons of interesting courses are available, so get browsing.Image from FlickrAlso if you’re going to invest in some paid training series for a new piece of software, think through what the other barriers to entry might be. For example, learning DaVinci Resolve with an excellent course from somewhere like Ripple Training will definitely get you up to speed on the program and the essentials of color grading. However, to really make money being a colorist you will then need to have a calibrated monitor, correctly lit room and  the beefy hardware to support your clients needs…which might be prohibitively expensive. Mastering After Effects on the other hand, might well supplement your graphics design, editorial or photographic skill base and directly lead to more work.4. Do a Passion ProjectDepending on how busy you normally expect to be over the summer months it could well be worth dusting off that old project you started and never finished or beginning a whole new one. If you’ve got a burning passion to tell a good story, the summer might be the best time to do embark on passion project of your own. Plus you might find some really talented creatives who also have time on their hands who don’t mind getting involved too. If you invest your time in helping out on some freebie projects, try to pick ones that represent an area of work that you want to be moving into. If you’ve never had a chance to do a music video, scan Mandy, Shooting People or other online production resources for upcoming music video work. Hopefully you’ll also make some good contacts and have fun along the way. Make sure you walk away with at least a credit and a copy of the finished project to include in your newly updated online showreel.5. Get AwayThe most important thing you can do with your summer break is to actually take a break. Getting away from work, resting, relaxing and re-charging are all vital for sustaining yourself throughout the rest of the year (or at least until your next holiday). Time off is crucial to making the most of your time on the job. You won’t regret it.How do you utilize breaks in work?Share your thoughts & suggestions in the comments below!last_img read more

first_imgWe slow down time and take a look at how different camera shutters work.There’s nothing like the sound of a professional camera shutter. It’s become so synonymous with photography that digital cameras and phone cameras often have a fake sound effect to make the photography experience more authentic.But have you ever wondered about the process behind that magical sound effect?How do DSLR shutters work?When it comes to a DSLR camera shutter there are 3 basic mechanisms: the mirrorbox, the bottom door, and the top door. When you look through a DSLR view finder you are essentially looking through a series of mirrors that get their light directly from the lens. When you click the shutter button that system of mirrors flips upwards to allow light to pass to the sensor. This is why the viewfinder goes black for a short amount of time when taking photos.Once the mirror is flipped upwards a small door will move from top to bottom exposing the sensor beneath. After that another door will fall down, covering up the entire sensor. This process can vary in time depending on the length of your shutter speed. Sometimes a shutter speed can be so fast that your camera sensor won’t be entirely exposed at any one time.After the second door closes your mirror will fall back into place. The doors will then reset to their original positions underneath. This entire process from mirror up to mirror down is known as an actuation. A typical DSLR can withstand over 100,000 actuations in its lifetime. The following is a graphic example of 1 full actuation: How do mirrorless camera shutters work?Unlike DSLRs, mirrorless cameras don’t use a mirror box or pentaprism to project light directly into the viewfinder. Instead, when using a mirrorless camera the sensor is perpetually exposed to incoming light by default with nothing in-between. This is why mirrorless cameras use either an LCD screen or an electronic viewfinder to monitor what is coming through the lens.As soon as the user hits the shutter button a door will swing up to cover the sensor. Once covered up the sensor will begin exposing. The door will then swing down to expose the sensor to light. After that another door will swing down to cover the sensor. The sensor will then stop exposure and the doors will reset.Here’s an example of how a mirrorless camera works:Why do cameras have mechanical shutters anymore?Before the existence of digital sensors it was vital your camera have a mechanical shutter. This is because you can’t simply turn film on or off like a digital sensor. Pre-developed film is light sensitive, meaning any exposure to outside light would severely damage your images. However, in the age of digital photography the landscape is certainly different. Modern sensors are fully capable of taking photographs without a mechanical shutter.Image from ShutterstockSmaller consumer cameras like point-and-shoots and phone cameras are all examples of shutterless cameras. Shutterless cameras tend to have more image noise in the image than their traditional shuttered counterparts. This is because shutterless cameras constantly send power to the sensor. When a user hits the shutter button the sensor is flooded with more power and the image is captured and if you’re familiar with ISO you know that more power equals more noise.We will likely see professional shutterless cameras in the future, but for now they simply are too grainy/noisy for most high-end professional photography.How do shutters work when capturing video?When shooting video on a the shutter process is much different. Because a typical still camera can only activate it’s shutter mechanism about 6 times per second, the physical shutter doors are far too slow to shoot video (which is typically shot in 24 or 30 fps). Instead, when shooting video or in the live-view mode your shutter doors and mirror are left open, leaving your sensor perpetually exposed. Instead of relying on mechanical processes, the ‘shutter speed’ when shooting video is only a reference to a timed amount of power that goes through the sensor. This is known as an electronic shutter. After each frame is captured the electronic shutter resets.What is a global shutter?Although the name would insinuate that it is simply a type of shutter process, a global shutter is more a camera sensor related feature. When it comes to camera sensors there are two main categories that you need to know CMOS and CCD.CMOS sensors are more common among consumer to pro-sumer cameras, but they are also more problematic. This is because CMOS sensors read pixel information from the top left of the sensor to the bottom right. This is a problem because if your subject is incredibly fast and moves position during capture you will get warped images. This is known as rolling shutter and it can produce some pretty annoying ‘jello’ effects, especially when shooting video.Image from Andor.comOn the other hand CCD sensors, or global shutters, will record the entire frame at once, very similar to a film camera. This eliminates warping, leaving you with a more pleasing image.What is a rotary disk shutter?Rotary disk shutter only pertains to actual film (movie) cameras. As you probably already know, a film camera works by exposing 24 individual film frames to light per second. The result is fluid motion that gives the illusion of movement. As you can imagine, the mechanical processes already covered in this article, known as focal-plane shutters, are far too complex and time consuming to be performed 24 times per second. Instead a film camera uses a rotary disk shutter.This shutter looks very similar to a fan. In short, the Rotary Disk rotate on the inside of the camera body, exposing the film to light then covering it up again with the blade of the disk. The rotary disk process works in 3 steps: under the cover of the disk the camera film would move into place, the disk would allow light in, and the disk would cover the frame. Repeat this process 24 times per second and you have yourself a moving picture.Image from WikipediaThe thing that makes rotary disk shutters truly unique is the way in which the shutter speed is calculated. In modern cameras you can select the exact shutter speed you want for your image, but in traditional film (movie) cameras you have to calculate your shutter speed yourself. Rotary disks have the shutter angle, or the size of the pizza slice (see chart), listed on their blades. DP’s can then go in and determine what the shutter speed is by calculating the shutter angle with the frame rate.For example, if you were shooting a film at 24 fps and had a rotary disk with a shutter angle of 180 degrees your shutter speed would be 1/48 or double 24 fps. The following diagram may help you get a good idea of how this process works.If you are looking to shoot on film in the near future there are a lot of really good online resources to help you figure out your shutter speed. It’s also not uncommon to see shutter speed displayed by shutter angle when shooting on high-end cinematography cameras.What in the heck is a leaf shutter?A leaf shutter is a shutter that functions inside of a lens. Instead of acting like a door or a fan, a leaf shutter works a lot like a lens aperture.Image from KernPhotoYou won’t find leaf shutters in everyday cameras. Typically they are only found in medium format high-end photography cameras. They can function at higher flash sync speeds (up to 1/1600) making them great for anyone who wants to shoot outdoors at a low f-stop with a strobe. Because these lenses are hand crafted, not manufactured on an assembly line, they tend to be incredibly expensive.Shutters In-ActionThe following videos showcase various camera shutters in slow motion. Note how violent the process is on the photography equipment. It’s amazing that the camera shutters don’t break more often.Nikon D4 (DSLR)Canon 7D (DSLR)Fujifilm x-PRO1 (Mirrorless)Note how this Fujifilm mirrorless camera doesn’t have a mirror or pentaprism. It is just a constantly exposed sensor that is covered up only during the photo capturing process.Want to learn more about camera shutters? Check out a few of the following resources:How Shutter Works – C.R.I.S. Camera ServicesHow Shutter Speed Works – How Stuff WorksHow Does Shutter Work When Shooting Video – Photo Stack ExchangeGlobal Shutters – Digital BolexWhy Leaf Shutter Lenses Matter – Kern PhotoDo you think mechanical shutters are here to stay? Share in the comments below.last_img read more

first_imgSince 1975, India has launched 83 satellites into the space for different reasons. Current data released by the Union government confirm that 34 of them are operational.Union Minister of State (Independent Charge) Atomic Energy and Space, Dr Jitendra Singh said this in Rajya Sabha.Here are some points you must know:Out of the 34 Indian satellites, 13 are for communication purposes, 12 are for Earth observation, seven are navigational and two are dedicated to study of astronomyIt is to be noted that in 2016, three satellites were launched under the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS). These satellites have put India on the same platform with other developed countries who have dedicated global positioning satellite systemsThe IRNSS act as the navigation satellites. These include IRNSS-1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E, 1F and 1GThe Mars Orbiter Mission or MOM and ASTROSAT are the two satellites that ISRO uses to study Mars and outer space, respectivelyINSAT-3A, INSAT-3C, INSAT-4A, INSAT-4B, INSAT-4CR, GSAT-6, GSAT-7, GSAT-8, GSAT-10, GSAT-12, GSAT-14, GSAT-15 and GSAT-16 are the communication satellitesResourcesat-2, RISAT-1, RISAT-2, Cartosat-1, Cartosat-2, Cartosat-2A, Cartosat-2B, Oceansat-2, SARAL, Kalpana-1, Megha-Tropiques and INSAT-3D are used for observing movements and patterns on EarthApplications such as Direct-To-Home Television (DTH), Digital Satellite News Gathering, telecommunication, VSAT services for banking, tele-education and business communication use Ku-band onboard GSAT-15 and other Indian satellitesThe first ever satellite launched by India was Aryabhatta on April 19 in 1975. The satellite was launched using a u-11 Interkosmos.Interested in General Knowledge and Current Affairs? Click here to stay informed and know what is happening around the world with our G.K. and Current Affairs section.advertisementTo get more updates on Current Affairs, send in your query by mail to read more

first_imgFrom Aditi KhannaLondon, May 18 (PTI) A British Indian surgeons research into the design of a cricket bat aimed at mitigating its dominance over the ball and maintaining balance between the two has been incorporated into the games official laws and will be enforced from October 1 this year.Chinmay Gupte, an orthopaedic surgeon specialising in sports injuries and senior lecturer at Imperial College London, co-led a team at the college to assess cricket bat performance.The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), the sports governing body, has incorporated his teams findings to ensure that both the cricket bat and ball are treated equally in terms of the laws.”The number of sixes scored has increased exponentially over the last 30 years. This has many factors including higher bat-speeds, smaller boundaries and stronger players. There is also no doubt that bat design has enabled far more mis-hits to go for six rather than be out caught,” Gupte said.”It was important to mitigate these developments to avoid a very one-sided contest between bat and ball,” he said.Under the new laws, the maximum thickness of the edge of the bat needs to be less than 40 mm and the overall depth of the bat cannot exceed 67mm.It follows research conducted by Guptes team alongside colleague Professor Anthony Bull, head of the Imperials Department of Engineering, to assess cricket bat performance.They found that the bat had, over the years, evolved to such an extent that it gave batsmen a significant advantage over bowlers. While the mass of the bat had increased considerably, it was the shape that made the most difference to a balls trajectory.advertisementPune-born Gupte is the son of Maharashtra cricketer Madhukar Shankar and is a professional cricketer who has played for Middlesex and Gloucester County Cricket clubs and also captained the team for the University of Oxford in his student days.”Back when I was the captain of Oxford University I would never have dreamed that I would be influencing the Laws of Cricket. It has been a privilege to help maintain the balance between bat and ball by contributing sound scientific research,” said Gupte, Senior Lecturer in Musculoskeletal Science and an Honorary Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon in Trauma and Orthopaedics with a PhD in biomechanics.”We at Imperial hope that we can extend our cricket research to better prevention and treatment of serious injuries in cricketers,” he said, adding that better finger protection and protecting umpires from high-speed balls were areas that needed focus in international cricket.His team found that the sweet spot, or the prime part of the bat for hitting the ball, situated near the end had increased in size from 80mm in 1905, to 215 mm by 2015.This optimised the bat so that a greater proportion of it could hit the ball harder, while minimising vibration, thereby improving the effectiveness of the bat.They also found changes in the design of the bat made the edges thicker, meaning less energy was lost on impact when the ball was struck so that it could travel farther.Following an assessment of the Imperial College study, the MCC World Cricket Committee carried out consultations with players and manufacturers and recommended further bat size limitations.Earlier this month, Gupte presented this latest design to Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth IIs husband, who is a patron of MCC.”The Duke of Edinburgh was fascinated by the changes in cricket bat design over the last 130 years. Being an enthusiastic cricketer himself when he was younger, it was an honour to present some of our work to him,” he said.This work is part of a wider collaboration between MCC and Imperial.Previously, researchers from the college have investigated how different cricket ball colours enable them to be more clearly seen in day/night matches.The team also developed new methods for monitoring illegal bowling actions. PTI AK MRJlast_img read more

first_imgJaguar announces a new compact performance SUV, the Jaguar E-Pace,  as it will expand the Jaguar model line-up as the 2nd performance SUV in the ‘Pace’ line-up. Jaguar will unveil the all new E-Pace compact performance SUV to the world on July 13 at the  2017 Goodwood Festival Of Speed. The new baby performance SUV from Jaguar will take on the likes of BMW X1, Audi Q3 and Porsche Macan. Will it come to India? There is no details on its India arrival as of yet.Ian Callum, Director of Design, Jaguar, said, “The combination of sports car looks with Jaguar performance will ensure that the E-PACE stands out. Every Jaguar is designed to excite the senses, and we think E-PACE will do just that, albeit with its own individual character.”The E-Pace will be the third new Jaguar nameplate recently added to the Jaguar model portfolio following the introduction of the Jaguar XE sports sedan and Jaguar F-Pace performance SUV which have contributed to a 44 per cent sales growth for the Jaguar brand in the US through May 2017, and the all-electric I-Pace Concept which will go into production in 2018.The Jaguar E-Pace features standard all-wheel drive technology and an all-Ingenium line-up of petrol engines, as well as a suite of connected technology and convenience features.Positioned below the Jaguar F-Pace, the new E-Pace is not an electric vehicle like the upcoming I-Pace. We will bring in more details of the upcoming Jaguar E-Pace on July 13, when the British manufacturers unveil the all new compact performance SUV to the world.advertisementALSO READ:Most extreme Jaguar ever teased before Goodwood revealALSO READ:Jaguar XE with diesel engine launched in India at Rs 38.25 lakhlast_img read more

first_img Continue Reading Previous Maxim to showcase analog ICs for building automation and automotiveNext Portwell: 10.1-inch IEC 60601-1 compliant touchscreen PC designed for medical equipment SECO will present the Intel Atom, Pentium and Celeron family of SoCs for low-power designs at electronica 2018. The solutions that will be presented are based on Qseven, embedded NUC, COM Express and SMARC form factors, all of which are very powerful when it comes to graphics and media capabilities.In regards to the Qseven form factor, SECO will exhibit the Q7-B03, a Qseven Rel. 2.1 compliant module with the Intel Atom X Series, Intel Celeron J / N Series and Intel Pentium N Series processors. The module is the ideal solution for the customer who is looking for a product able to combine high graphics performance (4K HW video both decoding and encoding) with full functionality at extreme temperature and excellent power efficiency. In terms of memory, it features up to 8GB Dual-Channel DDR3L-1866 RAM onboard. It provides a lot of options in terms of video interfaces as well: the customer can choose between HDMI and DP++, as well as between eDP and Single/Dual channel 18/24 LVDS. Thanks to its wide connectivity, as well as the support for the most prevalent operating systems, it is also highly flexible. All things considered, it is a perfect fit for low-power embedded scenarios.On the other hand, the SBC-B68-eNUC is a fully-fledged single-board computer, equipped with the Intel Atom X Series, Intel Celeron J / N Series and Intel Pentium N Series processors based on the embedded NUC form factor. It mounts a Quad Channel soldered down LPDDR4 memory, up to 8GB. In terms of mass storage, the SBC offers a vast array of options: M.2 SATA SSD slot, SATA 7p M connector as well as a microSD card slot and the possibility to add an onboard eMMC drive. Networking-wise, the board has everything covered: 2x Gbit LAN / Intel Gigabit Ethernet i21x family controller, M.2 WWAN slot for modems and, interestingly, an M.2 WLAN connectivity slot for Wi-Fi/BT. Regarding the video interfaces, the SBC presents 2x miniDP and 1x eDP. And joy of joys, it has a wide input voltage range.Among the innovations, the COM Express COMe-C24-CT6 is a real powerhouse, with up to 8GB DDR3L memory on two SO-DIMM slots. Also available in the industrial temperature range, it delivers outstanding graphics performance through up to three independent displays at the same time in 4K resolution. Its HW decoding/encoding capabilities support several video compression standards, including HEVC (H. 265), H.264, MVC, VP8, VP9 and JPEG/MPEG formats. All in all, the computer-on-module is a particularly great combination of high-end graphics and low power design and, thereby, is the ideal match for low-power industrial applications.Finally, the SM-B69 is SECO’s newest offer based on the SMARC form factor. The SM-B69 is a SMARC Rel. 2.0 compliant module with the Intel Atom X Series, Intel Celeron J / N Series and Intel Pentium N Series processors. Currently under development, it features up to 8GB LPDDR4 onboard. The Integrated Gen9-LP HD graphics controller with eighteen execution units, 4K HW decoding and encoding of HEVC (H.265), H. 264, as well as a plethora of other video interfaces, ensures exceptional graphics performance for up to three independent displays. In terms of networking, the module provides up to 2x Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and an Intel I210 or I211 Controller (MAC + PHY) as well.All of these models are able to drive up to three separate displays at once in 4K Ultra HD resolution, with up to fifteen simultaneous 1080p30 decode stream, industrial temperature range, and HW decoding and encoding.Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInMoreRedditTumblrPinterestWhatsAppSkypePocketTelegram Tags: Boards & Modules last_img read more

first_imgNew Zealand captain Kane Williamson notched up his maiden World Cup hundred in the Black Caps’ thrilling 4-wicket win over South Africa on Wednesday in Birmingham.In a rain-affected match, Williamson showed why he is considered one of the calmest minds in world cricket with a well-paced hundred that all but ended South Africa’s hopes of making the semi-final.After putting South Africa into bat, New Zealand bowlers bowled with discipline and purpose to restrict South Africa to 241 in 49 overs. Chasing a tricky target on a sluggish Edgbaston wicket, New Zealand got off to an unlucky start as they lost Colin Munro as early as the 3rd over.Kane Williamson then came in and kept the scorers busy in a 62-run stand with Martin Guptill. However, following the opener’s dismissal, New Zealand lost wickets in a hurry and were reduced to 80 for 4 in 18.1 overs.Despite losing partners at the other end at regular intervals, Williamson kept his focus and made sure New Zealand clinched 2 points.Williamson played the perfect finisher by taking the game deep and staying till the end to take his team past the finish line. A deft touch to the third man boundary in the final ball of the penultimate over and his first six of the innings that came in the last over when New Zealand needed 8 from 5 proved Williamson is an ice-cool customer.There were a couple of close calls in the middle over and Williamson even survived a caught-behind appeal but nothing distracted the New Zealand captain from going about his job.advertisementKane Williamson’s level-headedness in one of the most thrilling finishes of World Cup 2019 has left the cricket fraternity in awe.Gem of a player, Kane Williamson. Composure and classMike atherton (@Athersmike) June 19, 2019Kane Williamson you beauty!!! #NZvsSA #CWC2019 #BACKTHEBLACKCAPSGrant Elliott (@grantelliottnz) June 19, 2019Kane Williamson nerves toughest earthly material.Andrew Fidel Fernando (@afidelf) June 19, 2019Kane Williamson absolutely Dhoni-ed that inningsPeter Miller (@TheCricketGeek) June 19, 2019Kohli’s skills + Dhoni’s calm = Kane Williamson. What a guy! #NZvSAShridhar V (@iimcomic) June 19, 2019MS Dhoni, remember the name 🙂 (@CricketopiaCom) June 19, 2019All class..#KaneWilliamsonzainab abbas (@ZAbbasOfficial) June 19, 2019#KaneWilliamson nicks one and doesn’t walk.The other day, #ViratKohli didn’t nick and walked.Who would’ve thunk! #NZvSA #CWC19Hemant Brar (@Cricquest) June 19, 2019Intelligent captain and an extraordinary batsman. Kane Williamson is a genius. @BLACKCAPS #Cricket #KaneWilliamsonDaniel Alexander (@daniel86cricket) June 19, 2019No fireworks, no showmnaship. Just a clinical completion of the task at hand. This man #KaneWilliamson is the Mechanic.’ Like Jason Statham, the perfect executioner…#NZvsRSAanand mahindra (@anandmahindra) June 19, 2019#KaneWilliamson makes such a big difference to the #blackcaps . Paces his innings so well.. Great control and great skill. Reads the games beautifully #NZvSAF #wc19Hemang Badani (@hemangkbadani) June 19, 2019Also Read | MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli and Hardik Pandya get new haircuts after Pakistan winAlso Read | New Zealand vs South Africa: Kane Williamson non-review wasn’t the turning point, says Faf du PlessisAlso See:last_img read more

first_img My location 此页面无法正确加载 Google 地图。您是否拥有此网站?确定 zoom Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) has renewed its ‘Sunrise to Sunset’ timings rule and stressed the need to adhere to the regulations restricting the time recreational marine craft can ply local waters.DMCA has also emphasized the importance of taking into consideration issued weather warnings, especially with the current climate instability in the region and adhering to the instructions related to the weather and sea conditions.This circular is in line with DMCA’s strategy of adopting the best maritime practices to create a safe and sustainable marine environment that supports government efforts to establish Dubai as a global leading maritime hub.DMCA has restricted the time recreational marine craft can ply local waters during the period between sunrise and sunset and within the authorized beaches and zones. It has also ordered seafarers to wear lifejackets to ensure their own safety, and follow the restrictions issued based on the latest weather and sea forecasts.A work team from DMCA headed by the Authority’s Director of Maritime Operations, Mohammed Al-Bastaki, has launched an awareness campaign that will target different stakeholders such as marinas, marine clubs and waterfront hotels in Dubai to disseminate the terms of the resolution.Ali Al Dabbous, Executive Director of Operations, Dubai Maritime City Authority, said: “The latest decision to ban recreational manual marine craft after sunset comes in line with DMCA’s strategy to regulate maritime operations and water sports in Dubai according to the best international standards. The new policies are issued to reduce human and material risks and ensure the highest levels of safety to ultimately create a vibrant and safe maritime environment.”DMCA implements an integrated plan to raise awareness about the best practices that needs to be adopted to prevent accidents, while encouraging water sports enthusiasts to be responsible for their own wellbeing by following simple steps that ensure the highest standards of personal safety.“We are committed to raise public awareness about the best practices that can ensure safety while using marine craft and practicing water sports in Dubai along with the instructions and regulations needed in terms of manoeuvre, passage and landing places and areas of maritime activities. We are also keen to develop and adopt proactive measures which will avoid potential accidents in line with our quest to achieve integrated maritime safety, maritime navigation and operational efficiency along the coasts of Dubai,” concluded Al Dabbous. Print  Close DMCA, April 2, 2014last_img read more

first_imgWHITEHORSE – Twenty-six mushers and their dogs have one more day of rest before the teams hit the trail for the 35th annual Yukon Quest sled dog race, renowned as one of the toughest such events on the planet.The international event, covering 1,609 kilometres, begins Saturday in Fairbanks, Alaska, with the winner due to cross the finish line in Whitehorse nine or 10 days later.Despite unseasonably warm weather in some parts of Yukon, race official Natalie Haltrich says conditions in Alaska are excellent.The mushers, including last year’s winner, 26-year-old Alaska resident Matt Hall, must scale three mountain peaks, pass through five check points and cover 241 kilometres before crossing the border into Yukon just west of Dawson City.In Canada, the racers and their teams of 14 dogs, must go through another four checkpoints and get past the 1,234-metre high King Solomon’s Dome peak before reaching the Whitehorse finish line.Along with defending champ Hall, mushers including former winners Hugh Neff and Allen Moore, along with 12 other race veterans and 11 rookies.Haltrich says some people oppose the event, but she says everyone is invited to view it and meet the veterinarians who ensure the health of the dogs.“I believe in this race, the people who put it on believe in this race,” Haltrich says.“We know what we do well, we are proud of what we do well and we are not afraid to meet folks and invite them to learn as well.”Anyone interested in following the race can keep track of the mushers and their dogs at (CKRW)last_img read more

“Even the President said that the investigation does not have a political hand,” he said. Senaratne said that former President Mahinda Rajapaksa had raised concerns over the FCID when he met President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday. However he said that the President had noted the investigation is part of the promise given in the President’s election manifesto so it will continue. (Colombo Gazette) The Government today insisted that the investigations being conducted by the police Financial Crimes Investigation Division (FCID) is not influenced by any politician.Cabinet spokesman and Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne said that the Gazette notification issued once the FCID was launched may need some amendments but the probe will go on.

He said that till such an acceptable solution is obtained the TNA will not join the Government. (Colombo Gazette) The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has insisted that it will not accept any Ministerial posts in the Government.TNA Parliamentarian M.A. Sumanthiran has said that the TNA was invited to join the Government but the TNA rejected the offer. He said the TNA has been invited since 2015 to be part of the Government and the invitation had come even from President Maithripala Sirisena. However, he said the focus of the TNA is to ensure the Tamils obtain a political solution to their concerns.

(Updated)It was a violent morning in Hamilton. One man is dead after a shooting at a downtown apartment building. It happened at 95 Hess Street, just behind our studios. Police taped off a large portion of the block including the CHCH News parking lot looking for evidence.Kate Carnegie reports.Police aren’t saying much but residents say they haven’t felt safe for a while:   “No, I don’t feel safe here. I haven’t felt safe here in months,” said one resident.Just before 4:30am, police were called to 95 Hess Street. Paramedics confirm they treated one man with gun shot wounds. Late Friday afternoon, that man died from his wounds. Another man was taken to hospital with minor injuries but has since been released and is in police custody.Matt Kavanagh of the Hamilton Police Homicide Unit: “There was one report of shots fired when officers responded and that’s the only report we got doctors couldn’t determine a cause of death so we will wait for the pathologist to do it for us.”“There were two knives and a screw driver in an air vent in the building across the street.”Q: “Does this have anything to do with this investigation?”Kavanagh: “I am not going to comment on that. As you can see we have many searchers out here and they are gathering anything they find.”Residents say that violence is getting worse in the area and often see drug deals happening inside their building here on Hess St.“Yes, there are a lot of drugs from other tenants.” said another resident.“It is weird people coming in and out, all different people all the time.”“This building over here you can walk through at any time of day and run into 1 to 10 drug dealers.”Q: “Do you feel safe living here?”“Ummm, not at night. I would suggest stay home at night.”Residents say police are called to this building on a regular basis. but say they have never seen this much police activity in the area.“Not this much no. Not to be able to cut off a whole square block like this.”Police taped off a large portion of the block at Hess Street and Jackson Street including part of the CHCH parking lot. That’s where a police dog was searching for evidence Friday morning.23-year old Camiche Lual has been arrested. He will appear in court Saturday morning where he will be charged with second-degree murder.And police say there could be another suspect.Kavanagh: “Right now, we have information that there was possibly two and there may only be the one we have.”The victims name is not being released. 00:00:00 | 00:00:00::Projekktor V1.3.09 read more

The new shelters, which will house 20 families, or 129 refugees, in the Middle Camps area, are the concrete expression of the pledge by the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) to re-house all those refugees whose homes had been destroyed in the strife and who have no alternative accommodation.By 31 May, a total of 1,134 shelters, home to more than 10,049 refugee and non-refugee Palestinians, had been destroyed or damaged beyond repair in the Gaza Strip since the start of the conflict in September 2000, according to UNRWA figures.The agency has already provided homeless families waiting for their new homes with emergency assistance in the form of tents, blankets, mats, kitchen utensils and food parcels. The construction project itself has also served to alleviate some of the hardships felt in the Gaza Strip, where unemployment is exceptionally high, by providing around 10,000 man-days of temporary employment for labourers, builders, and tradesmen.The shelters opened today in Deir El-Balah were funded by donations from the Arab Popular Committee in the Syrian Arab Republic and by non-earmarked contributions to the emergency appeals. The total cost of the project, including infrastructure work, was approximately $455,000. read more

by Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Press Posted Aug 3, 2015 7:50 am MDT Last Updated Aug 3, 2015 at 4:20 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Conservative Leader Stephen Harper gets instructions on how to operate a machine that puts the finishing touch to a radiator while touring a industrial parts manufacture Monday, August 3, 2015 in Laval, Que. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Paul Chiasson Harper urges Canada to stay the course, while Trudeau urges opposite LAVAL, Que. – One day after Stephen Harper crashed a Liberal stronghold in Montreal, Justin Trudeau returned the favour Monday, rallying supporters in the heart of Conservative country and taking aim at the government’s economic record.Harper’s first promise of the 2015 campaign, a $60-million incentive for businesses willing to develop skilled apprentices, stayed true to his lower-taxes, more-jobs mantra — as well as his stay-the-course message.“Analysts are predicting good growth for this economy into the future, as long as we stay on track,” Harper said during the day’s first campaign stop at a factory in Laval, Que.“It is a time to stick to our plan, make wise investments, control our spending, lower taxes and make sure our fiscal situation is balanced and strong.”Trudeau begged to differ.Harper has presided over eight successive federal deficits and has not made good on his economic commitments, the Liberal leader told an enthusiastic Calgary crowd.“He has failed to live up to his promise to grow the economy, because he insists on giving opportunities and tax breaks to the wealthiest Canadians,” Trudeau said.“Mr. Harper’s time is up, and it’s time we had a better government.”Conspicuous by his absence was Tom Mulcair, who had been expected to keep a low profile until the first leaders’ debate Thursday. But an event scheduled for Tuesday in Montreal suggests the NDP leader is poised to step into the ring.The Canadian economy remained a central theme of the Tory tour Monday.Harper said a re-elected Conservative government would increase and extend its apprenticeship job creation tax credit, first introduced in 2006, boosting the maximum to $2,500 from $2,000 and applying it to four full years of apprenticeship training.By encouraging businesses to enlist and train more apprentices, the measure would help address Canada’s long-standing skilled labour shortage and create more jobs in the long run, Harper said.But with the economy having struggled for much of the year — it contracted over the first five months to the point some say it was in recession — Harper faced pointed questions about where Canada’s new growth would come from, amid soaring household debt, sliding oil prices and a stalled manufacturing sector.Harper blamed the economy’s ills on “temporary” factors outside Canada’s borders and beyond its control — slow growth in the U.S. and problems in Europe and China.He insisted the Conservative plan of lower taxes, belt-tightening and striving for budgetary balance is working.“That’s what we’re doing, that’s what all the analysts — credible analysts — in the world think we should be doing and now is not the time to get off that track,” he said.“Prospects for growth across the Canadian economy — you talk to the manufacturing sector, they’re very positive. Analysts are predicting good growth for this economy into the future as long as we stay on track.”The stop in Laval was Harper’s second in Quebec since the campaign began, following his kick-off rally Sunday in Montreal.On Monday, he once again urged Quebecers to support the Tories as a way to ensure they would have influence in Ottawa.Harper warned against the risk of electing another batch of opposition MPs — and took particular aim at Thomas Mulcair’s NDP, which holds more than 50 seats in the province.“This group of NDP MPs, during the last four years, are the most ineffective group of any group of MPs in history,” said Harper. “There’s not a single star among Mulcair’s caucus in Quebec.”That remark followed the pitch he made Sunday night to nationalists in Quebec, where his party only won five seats in 2011.“For us Conservatives, Quebec nationalism — nationalism that does not lead to the impasse of separation — is not a threat,” Harper told the Montreal rally.“It is the expression of a deep pride in our past and a solid trust in our future. And I ask you that in the next election to put this nationalism, this solidarity, at the service of a stronger Quebec at the heart of a government that’s solid, stable, national, majority and Conservative.”Harper also said Monday that the election campaign would not cost Canada a seat at the talks seeking to establish a massive international partnership billed as the backbone of future global trade in the Pacific Rim.Canada will continue to negotiate a deal as part of the long-promised 12-country Trans-Pacific Partnership, Harper promised, a response to international reports Monday suggesting the talks would not wait for the campaign to end.The partnership, “should it be concluded, will in our view form the fundamental trading network of the entire Asia-Pacific region,” Harper said.“It is important that Canada remain at the table; we will remain at the table during this election campaign … and we will make sure that should there be a deal, we will get the best possible deal for this country.”Harper said negotiators would continue to defend Canadian interests, notably the country’s supply management system, which protects dairy producers.Harper also stopped in at a rally in Kingston, Ont., on Monday before steering towards the Toronto area for an evening rally at a golf course in Ajax, east of the city.But things didn’t go smoothly. Mechanical problems with one of the Conservative campaign buses forced party staffers and journalists to switch vehicles in Laval before resuming the trip to Kingston.Follow @AndyBlatchford on Twitter read more

David Bowie’s hair expected to fetch $4,000-plus at auction by The Associated Press Posted Jun 20, 2016 12:43 pm MDT Last Updated Jun 20, 2016 at 1:40 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email FILE – In this Oct. 25, 2007, file photo, David Bowie arrives at the Fourth Annual Black Ball Concert for “Keep A Child Alive” in New York. An auction house expects a piece of the late singer’s hair to fetch more than $4,000 when it goes on the block Saturday, June 25, 2016. (AP Photo/Stephen Chernin, File) LOS ANGELES, Calif. – An auction house is expecting a lock of David Bowie’s hair to fetch more than $4,000 this weekend.Heritage Auctions says Bowie’s hair will go on the block Saturday as part of an auction in Beverly Hills, California.Heritage says the lock comes from a former employee at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in London. She snipped some of Bowie’s hair in the 1980s to create a wig for a wax figure of the singer. Heritage says she kept it as a souvenir.The rock superstar died in January at 69 after a battle with liver cancer. read more

OSU coaches Tony Alford (left) and Zach Smith stand together before the Buckeyes game against Rutgers on Oct. 1. Credit: Alexa Mavrogianis | Photo EditorWhile appearing on Columbus area radio station 105.7 The Zone, former Ohio State wide receiver coach and recruiting coordinator Zach Smith said athletic director Gene Smith knew about the domestic abuse allegations made against him in 2015. Zach Smith said he found out about the allegation from October 2015 from Gene Smith. He was told, “to be on the next flight home” when he was on the road recruiting by Ohio State’s athletic director. Zach Smith said in the interview that Gene Smith found out about the allegations because he believes “the Powell Police Department contacted Ohio State” and not Urban Meyer specifically. He also said many people knew about the allegations that were brought to the police department and that Meyer’s statement during Big Ten Media Days was a reaction to the allegation that he was arrested in 2015, which he said never happened.  On ESPN, Zach Smith said that if Meyer lost his job because of these allegations, “it would be dead wrong” and that he doesn’t know “what else Urban Meyer could have done.”Breaking silence for the first time since he was fired from Ohio State on July 23, Zach Smith said he never committed domestic abuse against his ex-wife Courtney Smith, calling the relationship “volatile” and “toxic.” In the interview with 105.7 The Zone, he said there were times where he would have to restrain her or “defensively move out of the situation.” Zach Smith also said there were times he would have to sleep at Ohio State’s football offices.Zach Smith said he does not think the situation involving him and his ex-wife Courtney should have led to him being fired from his position with the team. “I don’t think it was warranted,” Smith said in the radio interview. “The problem was it was going to be unfair for the players, the fans, the whole university, to go through the media uproar.”He said he still believes that nothing he did was illegal and, “it was behind closed doors between a husband and wife.” Meyer released a statement on Twitter saying that he knew about the 2015 allegations involving Zach Smith and that he took appropriate action at the time.When Zach Smith read Meyer’s statement on ESPN, he said “that’s who he is right there, it was just, accurate.”This story was updated at 6:33 p.m. to include quotes from Zach Smith’s ESPN interview. read more

A motorcyclist is being hospitalized for a fractured arm and leg after a driver, (whose alcohol level was above the legal limit), collided into him on Wednesday afternoon on the #52 Public Road, Corentyne, Berbice.Injured is rider of motorcycle CH 4984, Gangadeo Gansham, 24, of Number 60 Village, Corentyne, Berbice.Based on information received, at around 15:25hrs yesterday, motor car PPP 7686 being driven by a 23-year-old resident of Number 55 Village, Corentyne Berbice, was travelling north on the western side of the public road whilst the motorcyclist was proceeding in the same direction, at the rear of the car.Police reports indicate that the driver of the motor car stopped, then made a sudden right turn. It was during this process that the front of the motorcycle collided with the right front of the motor car.As a result, Gansham fell on to the road. He was picked up in a conscious state and taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital and subsequently transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital to have his injuries treated.A breathalyzer test conducted on the driver of the motor car revealed that he was above the legal limit. He is presently in custody at the Number 51 Police Station.Investigations are ongoing. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedMotorcyclist killed after colliding with cow on number 55 public roadNovember 8, 2018In “Crime”23-Y-O motorcyclist dies in Berbice accidentSeptember 22, 2015In “Crime”7 die in accidents this past week – but Granger rates ‘Operation Safeway’ as successfulDecember 13, 2016In “latest news” read more

first_img By Cliodhna Russell Read: Germany bans children’s doll that can be used as ‘spying device’> Feb 17th 2017, 11:10 PM Source: NIFRS/Twitter 20 Comments 15,467 Views Share Tweet Email4 center_img Firefighters used phone app with sheep noises to save lamb stuck in drain But not before they tried out their own sheep impressions. FIREFIGHTERS IN NORTHERN Ireland ended up downloading an app with sheep noises to rescue a lamb that was stuck in a drain.The Fintona firefighters first attempted to lure out the two-week-old lamb by making sheep impressions before turning to technology.The lamb had managed to find its way into a manhole and then several metres down a narrow horizontal pipe which was several feet underground.It turned around and came back up the pipe with the noise of the app, but not far enough to grab it.A local sheep farmer saved the day by providing a trained sheep dog, which went up the pipe and retrieved the lamb and brought it to safety.A Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service (NIFRS) have posted about the task on social media saying, “When we’re round the tea table it’s the ones like these we tend to talk about.” Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Friday 17 Feb 2017, 11:10 PM 2 week old lamb rescued from drain in Fintona ##NotABAAAAdDaysWork #FarmSAFE #StopandThinkSAFE #Animalrescue— NIFRS (@NIFRSOFFICIAL) February 17, 2017last_img read more