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first_img RelatedTravel Bloscars 2013: winners announcedThe votes are in! We reveal the five UK & Ireland winners of Skyscanner’s first travel blog awards.Travel Bloscars 2013: and the nominees are…Welcome to Skyscanner’s first International Travel Bloscars Competition!Travel Bloscars 2013: International winners announcedThe votes are in! We reveal the winners of the International Grand Final of Skyscanner’s first travel blog awards. Skyscanner’s resident travel blogging expert James Cave pays homage to the best bloggers in the blogosphere.Cue clapping and cheesy smilesBloggers start your egos! The Skyscanner 2012 Bloscars are here and what a wonderful line-up we have. The last 12 months have seen some unforgettable travel writing and this ceremony is here to reward the excellence and professionalism in travel blogging that all too often goes without proper recognition.Forget Hollywood, flashy suits and fake tans, that’s the Oscars. Here at the Bloscars our nominees have flip-flops, board shorts and real tans! Let’s not be too harsh though – although they may lack the sophistication and flashy white smiles of their Oscar counterparts, our Bloscar nominees make up for all of that with wit, charm and truly exceptional travel writing.So, without further ado let’s take a look at the nominees for the first category.Best Blog Post by a Male BloggerOur first category is dedicated to the outstanding male travel blogger; the men whose blog posts represent what men with pens (or perhaps WordPress) can really do when they go travelling.The nominees are…• Chris Walker-Bush for Touring Korea’s DMZ• Benny Lewis for 29 life lessons learned in travelling the world for eight years straightAnd…• Liam Neeson / Kash Bhattacharya for Robbed in BarcelonaThe winner goes to the praise-worthy polyglot that is Benny Lewis. Benny shows that you don’t have to be rich to travel the world; there’s no such thing as destiny and that life truly is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. Congratulations Benny, if you’re ever in Edinburgh there’s a pint of Guinness with your name on it.Best Blog Post by a Female BloggerThis second category looks at the women who write; those female travel bloggers who have contributed an exception travel post in the past year.The nominees are…• Sofia von Porat for 5 Things I’ve Learnt About Thai People While In Thailand• Kate McCulley for Adventurous Kate Gets Naked in PublicAnd…• Juno Kim for It’s time to spill the bucketWith so many great blog posts out there, it was tough to pick the three nominees let alone the winner of this category. However, after much deliberation it was decided that Sofia’s experiences of Thailand and its people was the definite winner.Best Blogger in a Supporting Role (Guest Post)Our next category goes to the bloggers who out-performed everything that was required of him (or her) in providing an outstanding guest post. It’s a category that recognises bloggers who give something back, putting extra time and effort into contributing Bloscar-quality content to someone else’s blog.And the nominees for Best Blogger in a Supporting Role are…• Will Peach in 10 Travel Bloggers I’d Go Gay For• Andrew The Odd in Top 9 Ways to Avoid Looking Like a Gringo in Latin AmericaAnd…• Reannon Muth in Can you date the non-traveler?Although it was, as always, a difficult category to score we decided to give it to the blogger who really wanted to score – Will Peach, for his outstandingly entertaining and hilariously homoerotic contribution to ‘The Traveller’. There’s nothing gay about giving away great content and Will took this to the extreme. Congratulations Will, hopefully this award will help to dampen some of that frustration you pump out from the pages of travel sex life along with your other testosterone-fuelled travel bloggers.Best Photo EssayWhere would we be without our photographers, those photobloggers who always seem to pull a camera from somewhere and always, always seem to shoot postcard-perfect pictures.The nominees are…• Wes Nations for The Ganges River at Sunrise• Erin McNeany for White Temple, Chiang Rai: A Photo EssayAnd…• Mitchell Kanashkevich for The Journey through Spain and PortugalThe winner, someone who’s clearly one of the most gifted photographers and travel writers out there is Mitchell Kanashkevich. Congratulations Mitchell, those photos were some of the most powerful photos of Portugal our judging panel have ever seen.Best Art DirectionAll art isn’t quite useless when it comes to travel blogging. A good design can entice a visitor, encourage them to stay on the site longer and maybe even encourage them to return or go from simply being a visitor to becoming a fan or subscriber. This next category recognises the bloggers whose websites go beyond the basic customisation and provide something that’s unique and visually appealing to the readers. The nominees for Best Art Direction are…• Matt Kepnes from Nomadic Matt• Akila and Patrick from The Road Forks And…• Chris Richardson from The Aussie NomadThe winner, without a doubt, is Akila and Patrick for their blog The Road Forks. Everything about this blog was beautifully designed from the theme to the social media buttons. Congrats to you both, especially Patrick the chief web designer and developer, who has no doubt put many, many hours in getting this to look so very, very pretty.That’s all of the categories folks. 2011 was an amazing year for travel writing, let’s make 2012 even better!10ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Maplast_img

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