Red-hot Molynes tipped to oust JN Open League champions

first_imgTHE qualifiers for this Thursday’s semi-finals in the JN Open League netball competition will be known today, following today’s quarter-finals at the Leila Robinson Courts, starting at 6:45 p.m.Defending champions Mico ‘B’, who topped Group Two with 24 points from eight wins, will be aiming to move forward in a bid to retain their title as they go up against the very dangerous Molynes ‘A’, which topped Group Seven with maximum 21 points from their seven wins.This game is expected to be very close, but Molynes ‘A’, the team with the second-highest number of goals in the competition, is given the edge to topple the defending champions.It could go either way in the UWI Pelicans vs Jamalco encounter, as both teams were red hot in the preliminary stage of the competition and topped their groups quite easily. The Conrad Parkes-coached UWI Pelicans topped Group One with maximum 21 points from seven games, and with the likes of former national senior players Nadine Bryan and Thristina Harwood, along with former national Under-21 player Shameera Sterling in their line-up, they could go all the way.After being beaten in last year’s final by Mico ‘B’, the Winston Nevers-coached Jamalco are determined to go all the way this time around, and after topping Group Seven with maximum 21 points from seven games, they will be hoping that ace shooter Marsha Murphy-Dawkins continues her impressive form and steers them to the semi-final.MICO ‘A’Last year’s beaten semi-finalists, Mico ‘A’, who were upstaged by sister team Mico ‘B’, have been the best attacking and defensive team so far this season, and after dominating Group Six with maximum 24 points from eight games, they will be hoping to get the better of Group Three winners Cablepro in the other quarter-final.Despite their impressive record, the Mico team will enter today’s encounter without ace goalshooter Jhaniele Fowler-Reid, who played her final game on Saturday against UTech Knights.Fowler-Reid left the island on Sunday for the ANZ Championship in New Zealand, but the Annette Daley-coached team still has national senior defender Vangelee Williams in their line-up.The consolation quarter-finals will also take place today, starting at 5:54 p.m. The games are: Speg A vs Waulgrovians B, Tivoli Gardens vs Skibo, Ravens A vs UTech Knights, and Molynes United B vs Molynes United C.last_img read more


first_imgA group of Sports Scholarship winners pictured at the presentation of awards with Paul Hannigan, President, Billy Bennett, Registrar and Paddy Gallagher, Student Officer LyIT. Included are (back) Jack Quinn, William Gillespie, Liam Dorrian, Shaun McGlynn, Simon Archer, Anthony Appiah, Paul McVeigh, (Middle) Sean McVeigh, John Kelly, Patrick McGrenaghan, Colin Clerkin, Daire McDaid, Caolan McDaid, Fearghal Harkin, Mark Quigley, Gearoid O Connor, (front) Conal Johnstone, Sarah Jane McDonald, Paul Hannigan, Paddy Gallagher, Shannon McDonald and Billy Bennett.The President of LYIT Paul Hannigan presented 19 Scholarships to full time students of the institute at this year’s Sports Scholarship Awards event yesterday.In his address to the well attended lunch time audience, the President of LYIT urged the winners to share in the moment of their award and also to further validate the award by remaining true to their exemplary standards.He also remarked on the progress of the teams , both in Soccer and GAA, who both narrowly missed out on success last week, in the case of the Soccer team , it was defeat at the hand of Dundalk IT in the League 1 Final, In GAA, the LYIT team bowed out at semi -final stage, in GAA Trench Cup. The parents of the winners, many of whom travelled long distances to be in attendance, were thanked by the President for having set aside time to be part of the achievement for the 19 winning recipients. He concluded on a cautionary note to all the sports scholars referring to the need to maintain the balance between sport and academic requirements, which has become a part of the LYIT Sports Scholarship standard.The Sports Scholarships went to:Simon Archer, (Athletics), Gorey, Co. Wexford, John Kelly, (Athletics), St Johnstone, Co. Donegal, Daire McDaid, (Soccer), Termon, Paul McVeigh (Soccer), Portsalon, Co Donegal, Fearghal Harkin, (Soccer), Clonmany, Anthony Appiah, (Soccer), Letterkenny, Jack Quinn, (GAA) Lifford, William Gillespie, (GAA), Newtowncunningham, Caolan McDaid, (GAA), Termon, Shaun McGlynn, (Soccer Coach) Ballybofey, Patrick McGrenaghan, (Soccer Coach) Culdaff, Conal Johnston, ( GAA Coach) , Colin Clerkin, (GAA Coach) Castleblaney, Co Monaghan, Shannon McDonald, (Ladies GAA) Greencastle, Sarah Jane McDonald (Ladies GAA), Greencastle, Liam Dorrian, (Basketball, Letterkenny, Mark Quigley, (Rugby), Monaghan, Sean McVeigh (Hurling), Letterkenny and Gearoid O’Connor, (Hurling), Kilmuckridge, Co Wexford.LYIT SPORTS SCHOLARSHIPS AWARDED TO 19 STUDENTS was last modified: February 23rd, 2016 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:donegalLYITsports scholarshipslast_img read more

Call for Minister to visit Gaoth Dobhair’s flooded areas

first_imgDeputy Pat the Cope Gallagher has called upon the Minister of State for the Gaeltacht Sean Kyne to visit the flood-affected areas of Gweedore in the coming week. Substantial damage was caused by floods early on Saturday morning to roads, bridge and drainage throughout Gweedore.Pat the Cope added that a temporary footbridge is now in place to facilitate the Diver family in the short term, after the bridge serving their family home was washed away. More permanent repairs or replacement of the bridge is urgently required to facilitate vehicular traffic to the home of the Diver family.In 2009 when flash flooding caused major damage throughout Gweedore, the then Minister for the Gaeltacht Eamon O Cuiv TD visited the area immediately and provided the necessary funding for improvement works and repairs to the roads and infrastructure added Pat the Cope.“I am now calling on the current Gaeltacht Minister of State Sean Kyne TD to visit Gweedore next week with a view to sanctioning the necessary funding and to co-ordinate a comprehensive repair strategy with Donegal County Council”The Regional road which was closed earlier in the day at Meenalaugh has reopened but further more permanent repairs may need to be carried out in order to prevent future flooding. Cllr Noreen Mc Garvey said she has already been in contact with Donegal County Council and will be raising this matter at the next council meeting.She will also be requesting a full report to be carried out of all the damage caused by the flooding in Gweedore and right throughout west Donegal and a priority list of what repairs that will be required to be carried out. This report needs to be concluded before Minister Kyne visits the area added Cllr Mc Garvey.Pat the Cope paid special tribute to the Council Road Staff who responded to the calls early this morning and immediately set about carrying out the emergency repairs.“The entire response from the council must be commended as it comprehensively dealt with the matter and carried out trojan work throughout the day,” he said.Call for Minister to visit Gaoth Dobhair’s flooded areas was last modified: September 2nd, 2019 by Staff WriterShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Proteins Conduct Electricity

first_img(Visited 582 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 A remarkable finding at the single-molecule level shows a protein can conduct a large amount of electricity.A press release from the University of Cardiff describes how researchers isolated a single protein molecule and measured the passage of a current when placed between electrodes.  This could represent a fundamental property of proteins that might explain their function.  Two collaborators at the university said, “The highly conducting nature of this protein was a surprise and the result raises questions about the fundamental nature of electron transfer in proteins.”  Could it be that proteins operate as transistors?The team showed that the protein could carry large currents, equivalent to a human hair carrying one amp. The team also discovered that current flow could be regulated in much the same way as transistors, the tiny devices driving computers and smartphones, work but on a smaller scale: the proteins are only a quarter of the size of current silicon based transistors.The finding represents a leap forward in measurement at the nano scale.  “Prior to this work, measurement of millions, if not billions of proteins was only possible, so losing crucial details of how an individual molecule functions.” The team used scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) to read the electronics of a single molecule of cytochrome b562, a protein just 5 nanometers (billions of a meter) long.While the focus of the press release was on human engineering of this conductance for nanotechnology, the discovery may elucidate how the cell’s protein machines work.  PhysOrg‘s headline was, “Electronics of nature’s nano machines.”  Its summary reads, “A team from the Cardiff University’s Schools of Biosciences and Physics and Astronomy have made a breakthrough in our understanding of proteins – the workhorse molecules of the cell and nature’s very own nano machines.”Details of the research have been published as a series of papers in the journals Nano Letters, ACS Nano, Small and Nanoscale, the press release indicated.While it’s premature to compare proteins to human electrical tools, it is known that electron or proton transfer is essential to some of them, such as photosynthesis, ATP synthase and other machines in the respiratory chain.  What about the motor proteins dynein, kinesin, and myosin?  What about the flagellar motor, mitochondrial machines and DNA transcription and translation machines?  How is ATP energy transduced into proteins’  mechanical actions?  This is a discovery to watch.  If your own cells can be someday described as electronic machines, wouldn’t that be cool?last_img read more

Hairy Science: Do Beards Evolve?

first_imgNoting shifting fashions in men’s facial hair, some evolutionists are trying to link them to Darwinism.It’s not controversial that beards go in and out of style; they’re hip now, but may be on the way out.  What should make men twirl their mustaches is the notion that their morning soliloquy, “To shave or not to shave,” is an evolutionary force acting on them, making them pawns of unguided natural processes.No less than Science Magazine bought into this idea, along with the BBC News (“Beard Trend Is Guided by Evolution“) and Medical Xpress.  According to some evolutionary biologists who did some attractiveness surveys with a limited number of participants in Australia, beards are seen as more sexy and attractive when they are the exception, not the rule, and vice versa for the clean-shaven.  To put this in Darwinspeak, Science Magazine said,This mechanism, called negative frequency-dependent selection, is one explanation for how diversity is maintained in populations despite natural selection constantly filtering for the fittest set of traits.Facial hair is a trickier trait to explain than wings or fins, because rather than being determined early in life by genes, it is determined by behavior. In the case of beards, it is the decision to shave or not to shave. But the same logic can apply if the behavior has an influence on the choice of potential mates.In other words, the behavior is not an intelligent choice by men, but a mindless matter of selection and population genetics.  Apparently, Zinnia Janif, an evolutionary biologist at the University of New South Wales who led the survey, did not check to see if the attractive ones actually had more offspring.If “the same logic can apply” to beard-choice behavior, the same Darwinian logic (pardon the oxymoron) can apply to evolutionary storytelling.  What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.  Let’s ask Zinnia if she wrote her paper to try to get a guy and pass on her genes.Todd Friel had a laugh at this Wretched idea.  “Who pays these people?” he asks.This is a classic example of the shallow logic of evolutionary biologists who try to legitimize their existence by inserting their insipid notions into everything in life.  For one thing, there are beards, and there are beards.  Some look awesome (movie stars, ball players) and some broadcast negligence (street bums).  The diversity of beardliness (stubble to knee-length, mustache, ham chops, sideburns, love patch) can have vastly different influences on viewer preferences, depending on who is being surveyed.  There are also ethnic differences and cultural traditions.  You can’t take 37 men from Australia and generalize reactions of a limited number of survey participants to the world.  Besides, doesn’t every trend work this way?  Something becomes popular till it is commonplace, then trendsetters branch out for something new.  This happens by design when mindful people exercise choice.  It is not evolution.Ms Zinnia forgets that many men grow facial hair for their own satisfaction, not to attract mates.  Not a few start them well after marriage, so it often has nothing to do with courting women.  Even if it does in some cases, that has no necessary relationship to number of viable offspring; families of all sizes will continue to pass on beard genes to their sons long after beards cycle in and out of fashion several times.  Darwinism explains nothing about this.  And why stop at beards?  Fingernails grow on men and women; some women grow them long (and some men, like in India).  Eyelashes, toenails, women’s head hair, body fat, musculature, body hair, breasts, ear lobes, you name it – any human trait can be subjected to the Darwinist storytelling game.Darwinism is like communism.  Communists interpreted every observation, including opposite outcomes, in terms of class struggle and economic determinism.  Scientifically, such paradigm-driven opinions are worthless because they are self-refuting; why not accuse Marx of writing his theory not because he thought it was true, but because class struggle and economic determinism forced him to?  Like communism, Darwinism pretends to explain opposite outcomes with the same forces.  Evolutionary biologists explain, with equal ease, why beards are popular and unpopular.  Have they explained anything?  Not only is their sample size pitifully small, their conclusions are mindless and illogical.  Darwinists pretend to offer insight that is as insubstantial as shaving cream.Adult males (including Charlie D who grew his Moses-like beard long after writing The Origin and fathering his children) choose to do with their natural endowments what they wish, by intelligent design.  They should turn on the storytellers, and proclaim, “If you think my facial hair choice is a result of mindless unguided processes, then I assert that your Darwinian storytelling is no less.”If you are a religious man, you can be sure that God put those genes in you for a reason.  He must have designed them to give the mature man a distinctive look.  AIG’s Creation Museum rightly portrays the first man, Adam, as bearded.  Why scrape that manly attribute off?  It not only distinguishes men from women, but separates the men from the boys.  Save five minutes a day and sleep in; let those little hairs out; they need air!  Of course, factors like what is permitted at work, and your spouse’s preference, must be taken into account before you go for the Duck Dynasty look.  Whatever your choice, we need to unclutter our minds of Darwinian notions, whether man or woman, or young or old, and strive to “glorify God in your body” (I Corinthians 6:19-20).  (Item: Jesus wore a beard.)(Visited 74 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Grassroots video rants and Braveheart spoofs engage BC referendum voters

first_imgVICTORIA — Homemade videos by a Vancouver filmmaker featuring scenes of his toddler’s escapades and shots of a friend’s Pomeranian named Nacho are fast becoming the indie hit of British Columbia’s electoral reform referendum.Joel McCarthy said his four videos in support of proportional representation have already been viewed up to 900,000 times, giving him a huge sense of satisfaction that he may be playing a part in changing the province’s voting system. Prof. David Black, who teaches communications theory at Royal Roads University, has viewed the 28-year-old filmmaker’s videos and said he believes McCarthy has produced a hit with young voters.Millennial voters are more interested in understanding how issues blend together as opposed to older voters who look to draw lines between opinion and facts, said Black.“What we’re seeing in these videos is not so different than what we see in the Trevor Noah or Stephen Colbert shows,” he said. “Ironic, mocking, kind of post-modern mash-up style, audio dubbing and breaking down traditional barriers between information and entertainment, between opinion and straight news.”B.C. voters need to mail in their ballots for the Nov. 30 deadline, choosing to either support a form of proportional representation for the next election in 2021 or keeping the first-past-the-post system. A majority of 50 per cent plus one is needed to change the system.McCarthy said he decided to make his own videos in favour of change after the No side started the referendum campaign branding proportional representation as a potential breeding ground for extremist political parties.He said the official Yes side initially ignored his offers to help, but it now shares his videos.McCarthy said he felt that if he didn’t deliver a positive message about proportional representation then no one would.  “The first video I did I just went into my bedroom, put up my camera and made a rant basically kind of exposing the tactic that the No side was using and why I was going to vote Yes.”In his 10-minute video, “Figuring Out Question Two,” McCarthy outlines the pros and cons of the three versions of proportional representation voters have the opportunity to rank. He explains dual member, mixed member and rural-urban proportional, interspersed with scenes of his son banging into a table or falling out of a cupboard and photos of Nacho wearing a crown and a sombrero.“I hope you are still awake, but please do some more research,” McCarthy says in the video, where he explains his support for rural-urban proportional representation because he says there are no safe seats and independents stand a greater chance of being elected.  Others on both sides of the question have created videos and posted them on social media, generating thousands of views. Elections BC, the province’s non-partisan office overseeing the referendum, also posted videos explaining the choices available to voters.Sam Sullivan, a Liberal member of the legislature from Vancouver, has posted several videos favouring first past the post, saying proportional representation takes power away from voters and hands it to political parties.“This is not a referendum. This is a coup,” Sullivan says in one video that has almost 27,000 views.A Yes supporter group, Make Every Vote Count, posted on Facebook a lip-synched parody of scenes from the Scottish independence movie Braveheart. In the BraveVote version, actor Mel Gibson urges his rebel warriors to support proportional representation while the British King Edward I warns of the rise of extremism if the first-past-the-post system falls.Black said McCarthy’s humour, speed talking and minimalist approach in the videos likely appeals to young voters.“The benefit of these homemade videos is they lead with their authenticity,” he said. “They lead with their sense of I get you, I understand you, I’m one of you. That plays well in social media.”Black said young voters are more interested in the sense of authenticity and transparency of issues, and McCarthy’s pleas to support electoral reform send a strong message. The message says young voters have the opportunity to change the system, if they turn out to vote, he said.“This is an issue where millennials are in a position to transform the electoral machinery and hence the political and policy environments that they will inherit,” said Black. “That’s a heck of a opportunity for any generation.”McCarthy, who posted blogs in favour of electoral reform during the 2015 federal election campaign, said he supported B.C.’s Greens in the 2017 provincial election but he did not vote for them because they stood no chance of winning in his Vancouver riding.“I felt so voiceless in so many elections,” he said. “This (referendum) means a lot to a lot of people, including myself.” Dirk Meissner, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Sheryl Crow Broken Social Scene added to CocaCola Stage lineup

first_img Twitter Advertisement Facebook LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisementcenter_img Login/Register With: One of the Calgary Stampede’s most exciting music stages has announced the third and final part of their lineup for the 2018 show, with the total count seeing dozens of artists expected to perform.The Coca-Cola Stage appears to feature a bit more rock than the rest of the country-heavy festival — it is the Stampede, after all — with performers like Broken Social Scene, Walk Off The Earth, and Sheryl Crow expected to perform throughout the 10-day event.According to a release from the Calgary Stampede, the Coca-Cola Stage will feature over 50 artists by the time the Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth is all said and done, and they have been rolling out the full lineup over the course of three days. Advertisementlast_img read more

Aircraft safety legislation approved by House committee

first_img07Mar Aircraft safety legislation approved by House committee The House Law and Justice Committee approved legislation today from Reps. Laura Cox of Livonia and Tom Barrett of Potterville to criminalize pointing a laser or directed energy device at or in the path of an aircraft.“This is a public safety issue, when you consider pilots can be temporarily blinded when struck by a laser,” Cox said. “That puts everyone else in the aircraft, or in its path, in danger.”“As a helicopter pilot, I know not being able to see even a few seconds can lead to catastrophic results,” said Barrett, who is in the Michigan National Guard. “For a passenger airplane coming in for a landing, those are seconds you don’t have. For a helicopter a few hundred feet above the ground, you have many split-second decisions. It’s only a matter of time that this kind of behavior leads to a fatal accident so we must address it.”In 2014, the Federal Aviation Administration reported over 3,800 incidents of people aiming laser pointers at aircraft, which in addition to affecting a pilot’s vision can also disrupt navigation systems.During testimony before the Law and Justice Committee on Feb. 28, the Michigan State Police (MSP) recounted how an MSP helicopter and three aircraft heading to Detroit Metropolitan Airport were struck by a laser beam during a single February day. A pilot with the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office also testified, recounting how an Oakland County helicopter was struck three times by a laser during a single aerial search flight in Commerce Township.Rep. Barrett shared with the committee during testimony that directed energy devices, such as laser pointers, were available for under $50 online. The legislation also includes prohibition of items that transmit focused electromagnetic radiation and sound disruptors from being directed at aircraft.“That is critical to be added, even if those type of directed energy devices are not available in the neighborhood hardware store at this moment,” Cox said. “Five years ago, we didn’t need this kind of legislation regarding laser pointers but today we do. Pilots and their aircraft should be protected from all possible ground-based disruptions.”The legislation includes a felony sentence of five years in prison and a fine up to $10,000.House Bills 4063 and 4064 will advance to the House floor. Categories: Cox News,Newslast_img read more

UK service provider TalkTalk has added a new Brazi

first_imgUK service provider TalkTalk has added a new Brazilian TV mini-pack or ‘boost’ to is TV offering.TalkTalk TV will add two Brazilian channels supplied by channel provider Thema to its line up of world TV content – Globo, a channel that offers the best Brazilian entertainment, sports and news, and PFC, which offers sports fans a dedicated football channel showing the best of Brazil Série A matches.The Brazilian TV Boost will be available for £15 a month and viewers can watch  the channels on TalkTalk channels 488 and 489.“We’re excited to be offering even more fantastic World channels to TalkTalk TV customers. For customers that are missing the World Cup they can tune into our Brazilian Boost, which offers the best of Brazilian football all year round as well as hit entertainment shows and news 24/7. PFC and Globo are great additions to our flexible monthly boosts and allow customers to dip in and out of their favourite shows from home or afar,” said Henrik Karlberg of TalkTalk.François Thiellet, CEO of Thema said: “We are very glad to make our channels available in a country where international communities thrive. And there is no better partner than TalkTalk to reach our audience.”last_img read more