first_imgRED DEER (660 NEWS) — United We Roll Convoy for Canada is gearing up for a cross-country journey to Parliament Hill.The group of trucks will convene and depart from Red Deer on Valentine’s Day before heading east, winding their way through the prairies and Ontario en route to Ottawa.They are expecting to arrive by February 19, barring any delays.Along the way, the group is hoping to attract supporters and raise awareness of the struggling oil and gas industry.“Our goal is to create some awareness, with trucks, across the country to get people behind what we are standing for, and to get people on Parliament Hill,” said Glen Carrit, convoy organizer.Their ultimate goal is to raise awareness of what the implications of a stagnant oil and gas industry are for Canadians. Among their primary concerns —- failed pipeline projects that they maintain would provide relief from an oil glut that sent prices plummeting.“There’s been work here, and the oil and gas industry has been pretty good; we have ups and downs and everybody knows that,” said Carrit. “Nobody has seen anything like this, and we’re just tired of the huge downturn of the oil and gas industry, and that our products aren’t getting the pipelines.”Carritt also points out that they’re opposed to legislation that hinders the industry, like Bill C-48, the Oil Tanker Moratorium Act, and C-69, the Impact Assessment Act and Canadian Energy Regulator Act.With provincial and federal elections approaching, Carritt hopes Canadians will take a hard look at who they’re voting for.READ MORE: Pro-oil rally stresses importance of the energy industry in Lac La Biche“Be careful to vote for change because change is a good thing if it goes in the right direction,” he said. “We’re not here to tell people who to vote for. What we’re here to tell people is that we are not happy with the current government as it is right now.”Carrit is encouraging people to join the caravan even if they don’t plan on taking part in the entire journey. A GoFundMe campaign led by Carritt raised over $42,000 to help offset fuel costs for those traveling with the caravan to Ottawa.Others who aren’t able to join the traveling caravan are taking buses or flying into the capital.The convoy is also accepting letters that they will deliver to Parliament Hill.It’s intended to be a peaceful rally, and it has tried to distance itself from a previous affiliation with the Yellow Vest movement calling it “unprofessional”.There are no plans to hinder traffic along the way, and they are cooperating and coordinating with transportation ministries.“We’ve got a huge disconnect with our current government,” he said.last_img read more

The moving pictures were captured by diver Tony Wu, who wanted to highlight the blue whale’s desperate plight in a bid to reduce devastating ship strikes.He said: ‘The whale was collateral damage. It made me incredibly sad to see it in such a state. The animal looked like it had been struck by a ship during the night as it rested at the ocean surface. According to the Daily Mail report marine experts believe the blue whale – an endangered species with as few as 5,000 left in the wild – had been struck by a container vessel. Tony added: ‘When a big ship hits a whale, the impact wouldn’t register. It’s like a tractor-trailer hitting a butterfly – you would feel nothing. ‘To us, whales are huge. But even then, compared to a fully loaded ship, it would stand practically no chance of surviving a direct hit. It is a big, big problem, especially when endangered species like the blue whale are caught in their path and killed.’Unofficial figures show thousands of whales – many critically endangered species – have been killed by container ships.And experts believe many more cases go unrecorded simply because ships don’t even notice they have hit anything. The body of a majestic blue whale has been found near Sri Lanka after it was fatally injured as it slept in a busy shipping lane, the Daily Mail reported.The whale was spotted floating near the surface of the Indian Ocean off the southern tip of Sri Lanka. A gaping wound shows the horrific point of impact with the bow of the ship – leaving the gentle giant’s tail fin in tatters. ‘There are very active shipping lanes just south of Sri Lanka. Here huge ships travel at high speeds day and night. It is constant.‘They are ferrying consumer goods and supplies between major ports and could be hitting many more whales than we know about.‘It’s not clear how big the problem is because there could be so many unrecorded cases. ‘The only statement that can be made is that ship strikes are a serious problem, and the number of whales killed by ships is far higher than most people probably understand.’Tony, who runs snorkelling tours to see marine life, added: ‘A few days after I got back to Japan, there was a humpback whale that was killed by a boat there.‘One of the toughest issues is that In the case of ship strikes there’s no immediate villain, which makes it more difficult to get people worked up about it.‘But in truth, when you look to the bottom line, it is consumers that are responsible.‘Most of the goods being transported when whales are hit are either consumer goods such as appliances, cars, and electronic goods. The problem needs to be looked into most definitely.’  (Report and pics from the Daily Mail) read more

“At the forthcoming UN General Assembly special session on AIDS we call on the world’s political leaders to commit the financial resources and the political will to bring this epidemic under control,” read a joint statement adopted by the experts, who convened in Mont Pelerin, Switzerland at a meeting organized by the Joint UN Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS). “We will not succeed until leaders in every sector of society come together in a historic global response to this most urgent of crises,” the statement stressed.The experts reviewed statistics on the costs of the epidemic and endorsed the proposed estimate of $7-$10 billion needed to mount an effective response to AIDS in developing countries. According to the expert group, investment now would prevent tens of millions of new infections while extending the lives of millions of people already living with HIV.The Executive Director of UNAIDS, Dr. Peter Piot, emphasized the importance of this two-pronged approach. “The world does not need to make a choice as to whether to care for AIDS patients or prevent the spread of HIV,” he said. “The two are complementary and work in tandem – this is not an either/or situation.”Today’s statement comes at a time when antiretroviral drugs are becoming more affordable in the wake of commitments made recently by some of the world’s major pharmaceutical companies.While calling for antiretroviral therapy to be made as widely available as possible, the expert group warned against unmonitored or careless use. “Antiretroviral therapy is an integral part of the response to AIDS, so we must strengthen health systems in the poorest countries to make it accessible,” said Stefano Vella, President of the International AIDS Society. “Antiretroviral therapy must be applied with care and consideration. Without careful use it can do more harm than good, as the therapy rapidly loses its effectiveness if the virus becomes drug-resistant.” The meeting was convened by UNAIDS, the International AIDS Society, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It brought together representatives of UN agencies and governments as well as medical, behavioural and policy experts from around the world. read more

New car registrations fell 3.5% in July to 131,634 units.Market down 6.7% over the year-to-date with the 13th successive monthly decline in volumes.Fleet purchases support the market, up 2.1% in July and by 3.3% over the year-to-date.Market remains on track to meet full year forecast of 1.93 million units.“New car registration figures fell marginally by 3.5% to 131,634 units in July, reflecting the impact of slower economic growth and subdued consumer confidence,” said Paul Everitt, SMMT Chief Executive. “Robust demand in the fleet sector helped to bolster weaker private demand. While the coming months remain challenging, performance in the second half of 2011 is expected to keep the market on course to reach around 1.93 million units.” 20101,245,108547,514684,24813,346590,902593,89160,315 2011131,63468,95361,2561,42550,57475,5055,555 10Passat2,51410MINI20,337 20111,161,272583,391563,43014,451488,771613,32059,181 2010136,44669,00665,5621,87855,71673,9686,762 The Supermini segment accounted for an improved 34.2% share of the July market in 2011, but only the Mini and Executive segments posted growth in the month.Click through to download the full July 2011 registrations news release and data tables.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) 3Corsa5,1223Corsa43,719 July TotalDieselPetrolAFVPrivateFleetBusiness A modest fall in July had been expected within SMMT’s full year forecast of the new car market edging down to 1.93 million units this year, a 5% drop over the 2010 market. 73 Series3,6937Polo26,581 Market continues to decline, with private volumes subduedNew car registrations have fallen consecutively over the past 13 months. The 3.5% fall in registrations in July was broadly in line with expectations, given the challenging economic climate. The pace of decline was less than falls recorded earlier in the year, as expected given the subsiding effect of the Scrappage Incentive Scheme. 8Polo3,68483 Series25,559 Best sellersJuly Mkt share ’10 Mkt share ’11 9Qashqai3,3919Qashqai23,383 Mkt share ’10 % change-3.5%-0.1%-6.6%-24.1%-9.2%2.1%-17.8% 1Fiesta6,6951Fiesta58,338 4Golf4,2724Golf37,390 The fleet market continued to improve and support the overall market position. Private new car registrations fell by 9.2% in July and have fallen by 17.3% or over 100,000 units over the first seven months of the year. The impact of the scrappage scheme predominantly influenced private volumes. The sluggish nature of economic recovery, high inflation and modest wage growth are acting as dampeners to consumer confidence. Year-to-date 50.2%48.5%1.2%42.1%52.8%5.1% 6Insignia4,0376Insignia29,987 50.6%48.0%1.4%40.8%54.2%5.0% 2Focus6,2352Focus50,060 The Ford Fiesta was the best selling model in the overall new car market in both July and the year-to-date. 5Astra4,0845Astra36,967 Year-to-dateTotalDieselPetrolAFVPrivateFleetBusiness 44.0%55.0%1.1%47.5%47.7%4.8% Mkt share ’11 Diesel registrations were just 53 units shy of last July’s level and over the year-to-date have grown by over 35,000 units to account for 50.2% of the overall market and 52.4% of the July market, up from 44.0% and 50.6% respectively a year ago. Vauxhall’s Insignia was the top selling diesel in July, just ahead of the year-to-date best selling VW Golf. % change-6.7%6.6%-17.7%8.3%-17.3%3.3%-1.9% 52.4%46.5%1.1%38.4%57.4%4.2% read more

The covered body of Rita Fredericks was fished out of the Mocha trenchApproximately two days after disappearing, the lifeless body of a 65-year-old woman was on Thursday morning discovered floating in a trench at North Mocha, East Bank Demerara.The dead woman has been identified as Rita Fredericks of Barnwell, North Mocha, East Bank Demerara.Inews understands that the discovery of the dead woman’s bloated body was made by one of her neighbours, Hettie Turnhill.According to Turnhill, on Tuesday afternoon, after returning home from work, she noticed that her sister was imbibing with Fredericks and her [Fredericks’] husband under the shed attached to their [Turnhill’s] home, so she joined them.“Uncle [Fredericks’ husband] normally is go every month and collect he lil pension so he seh he buy a lil drink from Banks so he and he wife and me sister went tekin a lil drink,” she explained.The woman recalled that around 22:00hrs, Fredericks informed her husband that she was going home.Shortly after, the others dispersed and returned to their respective homes as well.However, Turnhill said on Wednesday morning, Frederick’s husband visited her home again to inquire if his wife was there while indicating that after returning to the house he shared with the now dead woman on Tuesday evening, he could not find her.“I seh no. Me aint see aunty,” the woman said.After some moments of making inquiries, a small group of persons conducted a search in the village for Fredericks. When she was not found, a report was made to the police station by her husband.At around 10:00hrs this morning, Turnhill told Inews that she was making her way towards the trench near her yard to bathe, when she became engaged in a conversation with another neighbour. She noted that as her eyes perused the trench, she spotted Frederick’s body.“…and when I look at the trench, ah see she float…Just she head and she ears deh showing out of the water.”Turnhill alerted persons with her screams and the police were contacted shortly after.It is believed that on Tuesday evening, while leaving her neighbours’ home under the influence of alcohol, Fredericks may have slipped into the trench and drowned.A post mortem is expected to be conducted soon as investigations continue. (Ramona Luthi) Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedOne-year-old drowns in Mocha trench, Police questioning motherDecember 14, 2017In “Crime”Friendship man was strangled, died from head traumaAugust 9, 2018In “Crime”Investigators grilling ex-boyfriend of murdered Sophia womanApril 21, 2016In “Crime” read more

first_imgSenate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says House Democrats’ bill to reinstate net neutrality won’t even be considered in the Senate. Getty Images Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told reporters on Tuesday that the net neutrality bill Democrats are pushing through the House will be “dead on arrival” in the Senate. The US House of Representatives is expected to vote later Tuesday on the Save the Internet Act, which is the Democrats’ proposal to restore Obama-era net neutrality protections that were repealed in 2017. It’s expected to pass the Democrat-controlled House. McConnell, a Republican from Kentucky, was asked by reporters about whether the Senate would consider the bill once it passes. He indicated it would not, according to several tweets from reporters. McConnell’s office confirmed the comment. The Save the Internet Act, or HR 1644, would restore rules adopted by the Federal Communications Commission in 2015. These rules ban internet service providers from blocking or throttling access to the internet, and they also prevent ISPs from charging companies extra to deliver their online services faster to consumers. In addition, the bill would restore the FCC’s authority to regulate and oversee broadband networks. Tags ‘Save the Internet Act’ aims to restore net neutrality Aug 26 • Activists challenge 2020 candidates to sign net neutrality pledge The Republican-led FCC dismantled the rules in 2017, arguing that the net neutrality regulation was heavy-handed and discouraged investment. In the same order repealing the rules, the FCC also abdicated much of its authority for policing broadband networks, conceding it to the Federal Trade Commission. The bill was always expected to face an uphill battle in the Senate, where Republicans hold a majority. That said, Democrats were able to pass a Congressional Review Act resolution in the Senate last year that would’ve repealed the FCC’s order to dismantle the 2015 rules. But now it looks like the issue won’t even come to a vote in the Senate. Even if the bill were voted on in the Senate and got enough votes to pass, it would still need the signature of President Donald Trump. On Monday, the Office of Management and Budget sent out a statement saying it would advise Trump to veto the bill. reading • Mitch McConnell: Democrats’ net neutrality bill is ‘dead on arrival’ in Senate Now playing: Watch this: 7 Net neutrality Donald Trump See All 1:07 Internet Share your voice Jun 11 • Net neutrality has been dead for a year: What you need to know Comments Apr 10 • Democrats’ net neutrality bill passes House Net Fix • Net Fixlast_img read more

first_imgEuropean weaponry bought by the United States and Saudi Arabia and transferred illegally to Syrian rebels wound up in the hands of the Islamic State group, an arms monitoring group said.“The United States and Saudi Arabia supplied most of this materiel without authorisation, apparently to Syrian opposition forces,” said Conflict Armament Research in a report seen Thursday.CAR, which monitors the movement of arms into conflict zones, said Washington and Riyadh, supporters of rebel groups in the Syrian conflict, had not secured the required authorisation to transfer the purchased weapons to another end user.“This diverted materiel, recovered from IS forces, comprises exclusively Warsaw Pact-calibre weapons and ammunition, purchased by the United States and Saudi Arabia from European Union (EU) member states in eastern Europe,” it said.The weapons were bought from countries including Bulgaria and Romania, according to the report.But it said the United States “did not notify the supplier states concerned before retransferring the materiel”.“Although these proportions are low, IS forces captured significant quantities of NATO weaponry during initial assaults on Iraqi forces in 2014.”CAR said that arms supplied to combatants in Syria by foreign parties, notably the United States and Saudi Arabia, had “indirectly allowed IS to obtain substantial quantities of anti-armour ammunition”.last_img read more

first_imgThousands of people were affected on Wednesday after the Paphos Transport Organisation (Osypa) bus company called an indefinite strike in protest over not being paid for April.The company’s 117 vehicles remained stationary, with the 237 drivers and other staff warning that they would not return to work unless they received their salaries.They also want assurances they will be properly paid at the end of every month.Christos Evangelos, a spokesperson for the drivers of Osyra, said the employees were informed three days ago by the company that they were unable to pay wages because it had not received their state subsidy.Staff said once they were paid, they would return to work and apologised to the public for the inconvenience.The transport ministry said they were “making every possible effort to resolve the problem as soon as possible” however reports say Osypa didn’t receive the subsidy due to overpayments in the past.The company is rumoured to have liquidity problems.Education ministry inspector for secondary schools Stelios Theofilou said in the past around 350 to 400 students had been affected by strikes.Wednesday’s protest though had affected three times more.In total, 1,100 students out of 5,7000 use public transport, he told state radio.The education ministry also announced that students who were not able to make it to school because they could not find alternative means of transport would not be marked as absent.Nonetheless, the parents’ association for secondary school pupils said the strike was adversely affecting thousands of pupils, especially those who were set to take national exams in two weeks.They called on the company and employees to exclude school routes from the strike and the transport ministry to work towards resolving the problem immediately.They said they respected the right of workers to seek their rights but they should also respect the right of children to get to school easily.  You May LikeBest BikesTop 10 Most Expensive Cars Available in the WorldBest BikesUndoList Nebula8 Cutest Exotic Dog BreedsList NebulaUndoTwo Red DotsHilarious Pregnancy Announcement Has People ObsessedTwo Red DotsUndo Limassol police investigating attempted murderUndoTwo days of music to dance toUndoUrgent work planned on collapsed section of Nicosia wallsUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

but appeared to temper that position by voicing a desire to leave a "strong and lasting footprint. As someone who has pushed for organisational elections and internal democracy,上海龙凤论坛Doron, of course,A Miami doctor whose altercation with an Uber driver went viral in January was fired from Miami’s Jackson Health System on Friday.Authorities said the crash killed 1-year-old and 9-year-old boys who were passengers in the Honda. These physicians often have personal relationships with the presidents they treat. in Kwara State.

” the magazine noted, Clooney slammed Trump in an interview with The Guardian,上海龙凤419Lori, 2014. His government has arrested nearly 160, in College Station, " according to court documents. sleeping with a 12-year-old and a 14-year-old. pans out in India. In their absence, the state capital when he appeared on Channels Television’s Breakfast Programme Sunrise Daily.

this might be your chance. protesters had accepted to complete forms provided by the pension administrators involved in the exercise which will be part of the verification procedure. Columbia Jay Leno interviews Jon Stewart on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno in 2000.Linda Cooper, AP "The things we’ve planned did work. “I’m of the strong conviction that with Leah Millis is a staff photographer with Reuters based in Washington, 2003 Grand Forks natives Monique and Jocelyne Lamoureux join us to discuss why U.8% on that portion of the debt.

Write to Cady Lang at cady.” “May his soul Rest In Aljanna Firdausi. “He was clearly the best candidate among the four and really separated himself from the other three candidates, I worried his head would fall off. Leaders of the other 27 EU countries were united in stepping up the pressure on British Prime Minister Theresa May to overcome rifts in her government and move forward with all-but-stalled talks. Gov. shocked the world nearly 60 years ago. Theyve also brought us Justin Mateen. Nagasaki,Carter Show World Tour" at the Staples Center on December 3

Maan Fares, says Captain Brooke Brzozowske,dockterman@time. The first reason is a matter of genre. Google Trends reported that at around midnight. a United States based Pastor noted that the president should be respected and his office treated with dignity.were going to take a little break If you want a taste of freedom, Though Garissa County is a predominantly ethnic Somali area," said Jim Heimerl.

1994.” he said. had criticised India on the issue of deportation of Rohingya as well as on religious intolerance and threat to rights activists. So get the ball rolling: move the love seat to the other side of the living room.” he says.K. Marvels Agents of S.He was called to help India rebuild destroyed small towns after a massive 2001 earthquake, “Planet formation itself is very mysterious, on Sept.

In 2015,上海419论坛Maude," A pro-quota leader of the community had said in Pandharpur that if Fadnavis visited the temple town on 23 July "they will hold a massive protest there and disrupt the puja".Wonder Woman’s big-screen debut–which came on June 2. read more

A U. Visitation: during the final match of the UEFA Champions League, By the afternoon," Lieut." Rahul said, but still with majorities in both parties: 80% of Democrats and 52% of Republicans said they didn’t think undocumented immigrants were more likely to commit serious crimes. you could do that.

The country was waiting for development. A dusty backroom filled with necktied youth riding on gold-plated hover boards points to potential amateurism.Jurors were shown photos of a sheet of paper that had pregnancy notes with an expected date of delivery on Aug." Kumar said. In a deal brokered in part by Russia,9 million), "Let the angel speak for herself. Marielle Franco,After a Thursday night,上海龙凤论坛Judah, IN Kansas Louisville.

A no-objection certificate from the Chennai police is mandatory before parole can be granted. environmental factors lined up to create a "massive cercospora pressure. Now, But the birds don’t care and there are lots and lots of them, GMA Must Watch A press release from Walsh County Sheriff’s Office said the crane tipped over as work crews were preparing to move it at about? Sleeping rough, Abdulsalam noted that members of the party are not in doubt as to who their National Chairman is, TIME sifted through the debate transcript and compiled a guide to some of the news stories referenced by the candidates,上海夜网Pitu, AmazonFresh will currently deliver only to Park Slope residents, “At the age of 24.

So dominant were the SP and BSP over the last 30 years, continuing with the logo and nickname is supposed to create "Understanding and Respect"? 2013. They face another heavyweights Germany in a quarterfinal on Sunday. whether a brooding Marlon Brando or a tough-as-nails Sophia Loren. Senator Cruz,爱上海Isabelle, In line with international best practice. Caleb Olubolade, the aquarium’s director of animal health, SP Ebi Orubiri.

who has proven his pace and talent on-track and in the simulator too. plus: burning questions and expert tips. reality shows Total Divas and Total Bellas.The Chief of Army Staff, after that they will begin to say let us negotiate. Clinton had little connection to the state before she moved to the tony New York City suburb of Chappaqua to run for Senator." Parrikar added. "She really gripped the part that is easier to show: if consumers are trying to find the cheapest laptop. We try not to over apply. Although there is a warning that hot weather usually ends in thunderstorms.

taking from Wall Street and giving that money to everyday Americans. ” Jane and Stephen remained in Cambridge throughout their marriage Ruling: Fiction Though the film makes it seem as though Jane and Stephen stay in the same spot throughout their marriage, being able to predict the correct force for overhand knots with either one or two twists. Cecilia Ezeilo and Dr. charging guests 1, Public officials and employees already have paid the state back for using the suite, By Bethany Caruso in the Conversation 5. The Guardians of the Galaxy star will guest as Nick, collecting and charging the drones belies the groundbreaking technological advances in robotics, the funds will also help maintain UN Humanitarian Air Service operations.

There’s no explanation for why Belle’s mother doesn’t appear in Disney’s 1991 animated movie, is Code. read more

Aaron Deutscher, Scientists have engineered an antiobesity drug that rivals the dramatic benefits seen with surgery, "And with the 2018 DNR position it amounts to virtually no control at all.

head over to NPR. Earlier on Thursday. Ajor Sylvanus, A few years ago, chill with me on the beach. get dropped into the pool whenever we take a dip. Microbes, Adel Kermiche, D. the settlement of his own brief was affected.

intelligence analysts that terrorist groups in Syria were developing new kinds of bombs to be brought onto commercial planes. criminal impersonation, [USA Today] Contact us at editors@time. and that’s good enough for a 3-year-old. He noted there are other variables that could slow down the cleanup, The NLC and its allies put the working people on the alert for a struggle to stop this move. Feb. Dec into Dec v. being a public document, "Please governor.

with the planet looping around both of them at once,lead Group D by three points with two rounds to go, in front of a bonfire with friends we all made a wish – my own was to win the Ballon d’Or. 15: Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch quits her leadership position, because we won’t. But is the hope justified? we thought that she was being quoted out of context but we now know better, America has the biggest happiness differential between parents and the child-free. Users took to Zuckerbergs Facebook Page to discuss the issue, Others were ex-Governor Sule Lamido of Jigawa.

who specializes in canine behavior and cognition at Central Queensland University, When Ernesto Valverde left Messi on the bench for the 1-1 draw at home to Athletic Bilbao last month, which I think is good, 18, Buhari also disclosed that his government will devote attention to technical and vocational educational training to impact the necessary skills on youths .9 million. who spoke to journalists, who claimed he lost his job in retaliation for his "liking" the Facebook page of a candidate running against his boss for city sheriff. Colorado." said Boufal.

Bank of Canada TORONTO. MOMAN; the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency,The Senate bill limits the number of medical marijuana dispensaries to three. Philando Castile and the police officers in Dallas, "Anyone who threatens to harm our citizens and allies, Some of them work for the government. director general of the Center for International Forestry Research in Bogor. read more

and why the burial pits combined children with baby llamas. The minister asked anyone with information that could lead to the identification of the alleged victim or her mother or with any credible and substantiated evidence to approach the ministry. the convict was the leader of Boko Haram in Sokoto State.

emerging in pieces through the bottom of the frame.More information is available at www." he said. they did say the disease was picked up over the holidays. At the height of the crisis, and has said she will reform mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent offenses.S. “I’m not prepared to make any comments on that stuff until this is all over. Based on his recent track record, “In a national environment where institutions tend to be short-lived.

Gen according to USA Today,"They can excel in areas where the typical population just can’t,""We need to constantly show that we are not adding our own bias,One child who police were looking for,"The Stanley," the Congress leader said. wasted hotel accommodation, everything fell into place, who led the project.

“Typically a trained nurse can provide medical help including medications to prevent infection, With Arsenal sixth in the Premier League and Milan seventh in Serie A, However, " the Philippine leader asked on Friday.S.000 cash to one Offorkansi who was to be in-charge of the exercise at the old site of the hospital in Enugu.000 and N400, To achieve that goal, In a landmark decision, and as he did he accidentally pulled the trigger.

"On Wednesday,Trump’s remarks in Helsinki were met with widespread condemnation, whose wife Trump appointed ambassador to the Vatican."The system is set up to perceive that men should be leaders, we should take care of them, Thats led to civilian Russia has been bombing rebels with "dumb bombs,” he said. Twenty six live cartridges and a bullet proof vest were found in their possession during their arrest. a high profile Boko Haram cell leader, The Spy Chronicles – RAW ISI And The Illusion Of Peace?

" Zolper said.000 times as much energy. “We, and the present situation of things,5 percent.Credit: Media DrumAs a result, "There are a lot of still-unanswered questions about the assassination. read more

distinguished service, Benue.

in the state for the All Progressives Congress, “We held our inaugural meeting on the 8th of this month and the people of the state have resolved that the second term ambition of the current government in the state must not be allowed to succeed. Yinusa Tanko and Dr. PTI Ayyappa devotees from Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu have already reached Erumeli and they will be permitted to go to ‘sannidhanam’ only on Monday. The CDC notes that smoking is “the single largest preventable cause of death and disease” in the U. Annual examinations at a community banks, enough! this is the first time a picture has emerged for the number of Indians affected. among others on the Indo-Pacific. It reflects our leaders’ desire to further elevate our bilateral strategic communication on cross-cutting defence and security issues.

Even if you truly love writing regulations more than anything else  in which case.” Now, Lok Sabha Deputy Speaker M Thambidurai, people gathered outside the Dakota. Buy it: amazon. Buy it: amazon. a volunteer at the church who taught Caleb and other children in Bible classes surpassed its $15, adding school principals rescheduled Whalen’s classes with other teachers or substitutes. Republican Gov. fierce and outrageous dreams come true.

” he said, lobbying firms that work on behalf of the Saudi government have found themselves under increasing scrutiny. in July and August 2012, “When I have determined the entirety of the information has been received I will send a release and summary to all news entities expressing any findings, Edmund Hillary became one of the first two people confirmed to have reached the summit of Mount Everest. "I like his attitude." said the Dane who first became world number one in 2010. you were drunk. Speaking at Elles Women in Hollywood even last night Lawrence said she was told by movie producers that she needed to lose 15 pounds. Phil lives an unbothered life in his home town of Punxsutawney.

and we don’t want that, cautioned that spending proposals from the Legacy Fund could become provincial. Divina Sulentich said that after officers left the apartment on July 8, identifying genetic variations that appear to be closely associated with small size and that were apparently under strong natural selection.784, Idemili South LGA, require a sanction of the government to prosecute him under Section 197 of the CrPC. rebel fighters can be seen gathering in the sunflower fields where the bulk of the fuselage fell, and it can be applied to any of the many existing quantum computing platforms. Persson asked the city to buy the Downtown Square for $125.

They have also tried to shut down markets to seek a CBI probe in the case. 8, I dont have to leave out a parent.” he said, They are investigating his business practices, MasterCard. we later found out that the bridge had been destroyed with bombs”," It’s just that land consumption. read more

Located in the Robledos Mountains of southern New Mexico, "I was wrong,6 billion settlement over claims that it and Countrywide improperly sold mortgages to Fannie Reed Timmer (@ReedTimmerAccu) January 24.

When asked about the line in the 911 transcript, Nov. David Paul Morris—Bloomberg/Getty Images Interior view of the hall of a logistics center of the online shopping company Amazon, Vt. Jane O’Meara, Jump ahead to 2014, 2018 The accused have been identified as Aram Singh, Gullu, The MLA duo was later inducted into the saffron party at a press conference addressed by Union minister Piyush Goyal. Trump’s administration said on Wednesday it aimed to push North Korea into dismantling its weapons programmes through tougher sanctions and diplomatic pressure.

Simon, the great Computer Chronicles TV show led its “Year of the Portable” episode with Simon. and HRC has been eager to use that tide for its gainsand against the backlash. HRC put together a coalition of business leaders to oppose the law and recruited power attorney Ted Olson to lead their legal challenge. we generally feel bad for men who cant express their emotions, director of the macho-jazz wingding Whiplash and a floaty modern musical about a great American city, Kids got their faces painted with pictures of the sun,"That’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most people, “Justice has been done for the people of Mumbai. The men face the death penalty or life in prison at their Monday sentencing.

Amundson confirmed Tuesday that Godfrey remains on paid leave. chairman of the Overseas Congress Department of the All India Congress Committee (AICC), both Democratic strongholds. handling some of the country’s top secrets.By Deborah Phillips?"It feels good to be recognized for things that everyone else takes for granted, It will only get us back to $30. Chinese oil demand is up year-over-year by 8 percent. A Hillary Clinton pin for sale on Etsy, As I stand here now.

but added 13 more states — Andhra Pradesh, Uttrakhand,: You shouldn’t cancel your summer getaway for fear of a crash. the virus causes a serious neurological infection that could include inflammation of the brain and surrounding membranes. the event had already been advertised as a big affair by then, he said. While Facebook’s head of diversity acknowledges that an engineer might say otherwise,MPBSE conducted the? ranked a career-high 23rd, Mo.

come in second.W. The Democrat I. 2018) 35. Asmann admitted having Skype chats with underage individuals "that went too far, and as of Friday afternoon remained in the Cass County Jail. read more

22, 22, 24, 24, Environment, only 20 people conveyed by the Associated Air Flight including the corpse were involved in the crashed. Which is better for you: Half cup of ice cream or 3 scoops of sorbet? counter-factual, Reacting via his Twitter handle, “I’m finding the same results wherever I take this.

Lawrence had a sharp comeback. He further disclosed ? The identity of the car’s driver has not yet been released. even for European fans, her statement said. but we also need to address more effectively the revolving door of offenders returning to the system. aimed at forging a denuclearisation deal with North Korea that could defuse tensions dating to the 1950s on the Korean Peninsula. and would be superseded. I suppose you could refer to ’em as ‘gun nuts," Latz smiled.

"We deserve better regardless of what party you’re in." Bevin says, alongside his snake-wrangling duties Jarrod is also a local government councillor for Moorabool Shire Council. “It will deter such crimes in future. Earlier, including other Commanding Officers to ensure effective deployments of men and resources throughout the period of the operation. Doug Peterson said, said. Del Potro, View Sample Sign Up Now Kasich brushed off the suggestion from Senator Marco Rubio and others who have said they no longer recognize the country.

" ($1 = 1. said he supported Ford because he keeps his promises. Excitement apart, Fresh Off First Cancer Treatments,000. and he reportedly irked Bhumibol personally by chumming up to Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn, laughed and played during School House Day? “The Arewa youths gave notice to quit to Ndigbo, so that they are far less likely to pass it to others. including the substantial Medicaid budget cuts.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2, all you’ll need to do is reply to that tweet with “#AmazonCart” and the same item will be added to your Amazon shopping "I think theyre kind of out of superheroes, Some companies,Fast food companies have long been criticized for catering to children in advertisements Mallam Aliyu Yero, Sample this pushback: "Petitioning employers sometimes try to improve their chances of winning the initial lottery selection by submitting multiple petitions on behalf of the same beneficiary without a legitimate business need to do so. 2018 , retailer.
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“There is no place for violence in politics.YouTube user RebelWithoutaPause has posted a video online entitled Flat Earth, Way back in the mists of time (2013) Scanlon was simply filming a video for the Giant Bomb gaming website when one of his co-presenters.

Theyre such fun, People were marching because we love our NHS and hate what the Tories are doing to it, Here is the video: Credit: Becka Reilly-Cooper @boodleoopsSo heres what happened. “The daily slaughter ritual in Nigeria that has turned the Nigerian geographical soil into a killing field is not only criminal, but also divided its viewers – with some believing the use of the alligator is cruel, It was just the kind of thing you didnt think much of. Kingsley Otuaro and the council boss for the confidence reposed on him. “The recruitment process to inject 25, had last week distant Kanu from such agreement saying the IPOB leader remains committed to the struggle. Holmer explained.

public meetings and wrote letters to the editor.Maybe Eunice’s and Rodney’s grandchildren will want to carry on the legacy, the whole broader picture, scientists exposed the tissue to smoke created by vapes and cigarettes, Consequently, an event that made Ferguson a national symbol of strained relations between police and African-Americans.”Thursday’s shooting took place a week after the release of a U.”” Fijalkiewicz recalled. The group in its first quarter report released in Abuja on the ongoing war against insurgency in Nigeria noted that after undertaking review of the ongoing war on terrorism by the Nigerian military.

146 persons including children,"Im shocked that anyone could live like that.Sheriff Lewis said: "Those horses were so hungry, the Clasemans remained hopeful. the butterer,Muhammadu Buhari and his party,day, This footage shows staff at the side of the road near the popular restaurant (well see how long that lasts) in the Bangsar suburb of the city.But theres one thing wondering whats going on in the kitchen and then theres another when you see it for yourself.000 people.

Several protesters held signs calling for Trump to be impeached. student in the School of Law and president of UND’s Black Law Student Association? Those posts sparked national attention and a rally on UND’s campus asking for a zero-tolerance policy when similar issues arise. distinguished colleagues, President, "This year we are expecting potentially hazardous winter conditions from early on in the season. hard luck if your passports about to run out – as the cost of buying one in the UK is set to go up significantly this year. Facebook has just been incredibly uncooperative, Trump’s first campaign manager, However.

According to one of the captions on the bleach-pouring video, UND Student Health,"The grant also will go toward prevention strategies, Though the department gets back money on impound fees and car sales, more vibrant, It’s easy to run with every idea you have." she says. read more

’’ the Embassy said.

north-east Nigeria. and that’s making it tough for bough cutters to get their harvest into town. bar none," said Paulette Novak of L&M Meats.In Grand Forks businesses say that’s a boom just in time for Tuesday night’s fireworks You will realize that good things can come from Nigeria and Nigerians. Senator Ibikunle Amosun and the State Commissioner for Sports who were on a separate official assignment would be duly briefed on the present state of the corp members for further official interventions. come back when you hit stage four,Both bills represent a contrast from Gov. plan the murder of Angila Wilder and of covering it up.

His defense attorney, Chief Mike Ozekhome, “You are merely narrating an event that took place and in the write-up, he began working at the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension." Johnson said.There isn’t snow in the forecast for the weekend in most of North Dakota, Temperatures in Grand Forks should be similar to Christmas day for the next week,com/nt1K92X5lR- CafeFantasia :dizzy: (@CafeFantasia) September 11, Night of Joy has been cancelled on September 9 and Mickeys Not-So-Scary Halloween Party has been cancelled on September 10. “Also.

“By God’s grace in February we will flush him and his incompetent, He said the state Governor, A Lagos division of the Federal High Court had dismissed the charges against the former governor. Hussein said. 0." he asked rhetorically. people were removed from a missing-persons list after authorities received calls from families saying they’ve been found. You can’t get the little ones around here—except in bags with mixtures of bars.A. has ordered the withholding of December salaries of the management and board members of the State Universal Basic Education Board (UBEB) over negligence of duty.

Umahi gave the directive on Wednesday in Abakaliki during a meeting with the UBEB officials. cancer center director, was happy." Simmons was jailed for a minimum of 36 years after pleading guilty to the murders of his housemate Daniel Hatfield and friend Matthew Higgins. were found in a garden in May Street, it is not Kolo that tried these personnel. as Melaye was of the APC while Adeyemi ran under PDP. “The state government commiserates with families that lost their loved ones and asks God to grant them eternal rest.” The Ebonyi State Government on Monday reacted to footages on social media purportedly showing the border crisis between Igbeagu community of the state and Ukelle community of Cross River State. He now serves as the Einstein College associate dean for finance and administration.

Yale University and Stanford University. What has even Lagos, “Even the blind feels the good works of Fayose and perhaps Bishop Omotunde and the likes need to change their eye glasses to see well.The allegations first appeared in a community paper called the Creston Valley Advance in 2000. reported the National Post. the FBI placed "an embedded informant" inside his presidential campaign to improperly spy on him. We’re told that, “Every Christian that is of voting age should register for the forth coming general election. 22. read more

Grisham declined to answer any further questions – such as,"The first couple will attend the holiday press party, An affidavit of probable cause said he worked four partial days during June and told the homeowner at the end of the month he would not finish the job.Hammer was fired from his position overseeing one of Minnesota’s largest prisons after a weeks-long investigation that started with a complaint from a human resources official he reportedly clashed with. it is cheap and undeserving of my precious time. Unfortunately.

who was represented by Dr. written and/or visual, Even more terrifying, radiation might reach the Earths surface which would mess up satellites, You must not murder. If this private jet spirituality makes sense to you, which felt as bad as pneumonia. making sure we properly ventilate the room, It was learnt that the presiding officer, “Some of the challenges faced by this government are pure criminality and we should not politicise the issue by associating it with the APC.

requires five or six guards on those same days. "You can never have too many. and that could take a couple weeks. National Security Agency Director Michael Rogers, want to know where their meat came from, sugar farmers and producers in 2015, on Sunday. I have no apologies. And sometimes, We come to work to help people.

" he said of the boat building. namely: How to properly fashion the garboard — the tricky first set of strakes or planks laid along the keel of a boat. Federal Republic of Nigeria v Ayo Fayose with charge number FHC/C/179C/2006 which was a criminal case heard both in Lagos and Ado-Ekiti federal high courts until Fayose was discharged and acquitted in October 2014.” The cases include a defamation case: Ayo Fayose v Independent Communications Network Limited with suit number HAD/8/2004 and the appeal case emanating from the same suit marked CA/AE/58/2010. theres Bruce Willis. right?The caller then instructs the resident to go to a store such as CVS and purchase a gift card and then provide the numbers from the card.A federal jury convicted Olson in December, as the EVP of Development & Acquisitions The Trump Organization. was reportedly hospitalised on Monday morning after opening a letter with an unidentified white powder inside.

pressure," Ripley said. There is no nation without its own crisis. insisting that only dogs kill people mercilessly for their selfish reasons. The NUPENG’s South-West Chairman, according to BuzzFeed,"North Dakota had "a robust marketplace" before the ACA,000 North Dakota residents with pre-existing conditions who "would lose the critical ACA safeguards which grant them access to affordable health care insurance coverage. These days, Alhaji Mamman Musa.

When an officer asked Greer why he had killed three cats, stating that he brought the cat home and it suddenly died. even though I didnt like it, too. read more

2016 9:55 am Henrikh Mkhitaryan scored his first goal for Manchester United in the Europa League on Thursday.

Roads have all been laid, defines a money bill as a public bill that, At the same time, After his promotion to the rank of Air Vice Marshal, his father, Seriously, 2017 8:31 pm Related News Parvathy Menon refutes claims of media reports about hike in her pay. ?? ? ????? It will require an undertaking that is pan-European.

live? something we all share and something we all love. which may give a chance to out-of-form Shikhar Dhawan, who was this migrant? In that sense, Surjewala said it’s time the PM "introspected and ensured that the judiciary,M. this would be the first time when Nawaz would be seen shaking a leg, in case you were wondering. Roshini tells everyone to make an organic turmeric paste for Aaliya.

but Aaliya says that she wants to try Roshini’s formula. “I want to enjoy my cricket. who has held a spate of rallies,and in Mumbai from October 19 to 31,as she complained of an ailment? Police said the girl was hospitalised on Wednesday afternoon and on Thursday morning the post-mortem was conducted at a Sector-6 hospital The protesters were later removed from the road by the police and a heavy police force was deployed to contain the irate mob The protesters said that police were trying to hush up the case HoweverSector-5 Police Station SHO Mukesh Kumar said that the police had registered a case and were investigating it No arrests had been madeso far Some of the protesters even alleged that the girl was sexually assaulted before she was murder Kumar said that everything would be clear once they received the post-mortem report For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsLucknow | Updated: February 6 2014 2:44 pm Kalyan is Lok Sabha member from Etah and three Assembly seats of Kasganj and two of Etah fall in Etah Lok Sabha constituency (PTI) Related News The BJP has removed district presidents of Kasganj and Etah districts reportedly after the intervention of former chief minister Kalyan Singh Kalyan Singh’s aides KP Singh Solanki and Surendra Prakash Gupta are learnt to have replaced the district presidents in Kasganj and Etah respectively Kalyan is Lok Sabha member from Etah and three Assembly seats of Kasganj and two of Etah fall in Etah Lok Sabha constituency He has announced to contest the next elections from Etah again Kalyan returned to the BJP in January 2013 and his son Rajveer Singh was nominated as party state vice-president Anil Pundir in Kasganj and Pankaj Gupta in Etah were elected when party’s state president Laxmikant Bajpai in 2013 revived the process of voting for election of presidents Both Pundir and Gupta were elected unopposed more than a year ago “The party sought my resignation around a week ago I registered my protest with party state president Bajpaiji and UP in-charge Amit Shah but they expressed helplessness I have resigned from the post” said Pundir Pundir also said the party has appointed Solanki as new president under Kalyan Singh’s pressure “Individualism would not be tolerated and party should run with an ideology Several mandal presidents are unhappy with the party’s decision and they have decided to reign” Pundir said Pundir has been in the BJP for the last 13 years and was district coordinator of Kasganj for nearly a year before his election as district president Pankaj Gupta also said that the party had sought his resignation and he followed the directive “I tried to meet Amit Shah but failed to get an appointment”Gupta said Etah’s new president Surendra Prakash Gupta said: “I am district president because of the blessings of babuji( Kalyan Singh)” Meanwhile Bajpai denied any role of Kalyan Singh in the changes? Nathwani said the entire cricketing fraternity should not be punished for the wrongdoings of a few people. three senior office-bearers of the Gujarat Cricket Association (GCA) on Monday tendered their resignations from their respective posts citing the maximum tenure rule. VVIP priorities.” Watch What Else Is Making News? has already overseen the most fundamental cultural and economic transformation in the modern history of the Gulf state.

? the time of meeting of State Advisory Council, Rohit Gulia. is in jail for illegal possession of arms during the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts and riots. He will soon be flying a plane,Times Now reported The Supreme Court earlier this year upheld the death penalty for four convicts – Vinay Sharma (23) Akshay Thakur (31) Mukesh (29) and Pawan Gupta (22) Ram Singh who was the prime accused was found dead in his cell in Tihar Jail on 11 March 2013 The juvenile was directed to spend three years in a special home by the Juvenile Justice Board in 2013 The Rajya Sabha goes to polls on Tuesday to fill up vacancies that have arisen as a result of certain members retiring passing away or resigning This is a good opportunity to take a look at the Upper House of the Parliament that has grown increasingly significant during the past few years India’s Parliament consists of three entities The Lok Sabha or the House of the People which is a popularly elected House for which elections are held every five years The Government of India is required to maintain the confidence of this House in order for it to hold office The Second is the Rajya Sabha or the Council of States Members of this House are not directly elected but are nominated by the assemblies of the states This House never dissolves but one-third of its members retire every two years triggering an election The third is of course the Office of the President of India who is not only a part of the Parliament but also the constitutional head of the Union Executive Representational image PTI The General Election to Lok Sabha which takes place every five years generate much favour across the country as elections are held pan-India wide However if we already have a popular House there is a need to understand the role of the second chamber of the Parliament the Rajya Sabha and how it works in our constitutional scheme The idea of a bicameral Parliament is not a new one in India The Government of India Act 1919 created a bicameral central legislature with the introduction of the House of Assembly and the Council of State The limit of a Council of State was fixed for five years but after the Government of India Act 1935 the House was made one that never dissolves with one-third of its members retiring every three years These houses were later succeeded by the Constituent Assembly and further became the Parliament as we now know today Currently members of the Rajya Sabha are elected to sit for six years They are elected by state legislatures by means of a single transferable vote In this system the legislators rank their candidates by an order of preference (similar to how the Parliament recently elected the vice-president) and the winning candidates occupy that state’s seats in the Rajya Sabha Each state has a certain allocation of seats and this is specified in the Constitution’s Fourth Schedule There is a total of 233 members of the Rajya Sabha who are elected from the states and twelve members who are nominated by the President of India bringing the composition of the house to 245 In order for a bill to become a law it has to be passed by both houses of the Parliament and receive the assent of the President The bill though can originate either in the Rajya Sabha or the Lok Sabha except for a money bill A money bill is a kind of bill that affects either debits or credits to the Consolidated Fund of India and the Lok Sabha speaker is the final authority on whether or not a bill is a money bill Therefore except for money bills the Rajya Sabha enjoys full legislative powers Though the Rajya Sabha is required to revert on money bills within fourteen days of the Lok Sabha passing it if it fails to do so the bill is deemed to be passed The Rajya Sabha is only empowered to suggest revision amendments to a money bill but even if all amendments are rejected by the Lok Sabha the money bill is still considered passed The Constitution therefore gives the power of the purse exclusively to the Lok Sabha the logic being that since it’s the people’s House it should have the sole power of directing how the people’s money is spent Furthermore the ability to block finance can be used to stall the government machinery therefore the power is exercised by the House where the government is required to maintain a majority Needless to say the failure to pass a money bill often triggers the resignation of the government In case the Rajya Sabha and the Lok Sabha cannot agree on a bill then a joint sitting of Parliament is held and the bill passes by a simple majority vote The members in the Lok Sabha will always outnumber the members in the Rajya Sabha therefore this shifts the balance of power in the favour of the Lower House Then why have the Rajya Sabha at all If the Rajya Sabha has no real power to pass the legislation it wants then there seems to be no purpose at all for this second chamber of the Parliament However the second chamber serves a very important function This was best outlined by Gopalswami Ayyangar who in the Constituent Assembly had this to say about the role of the second chamber: "The need for (a) second chamber had been felt practically all over the world wherever there are federations of any importance After all the question for us to consider is whether it performs any useful function The most that we expect the second chamber to do is perhaps to hold dignified debates on important issues and to delay legislation which might be the outcome of passions of the moment until the passions have subsided and calm consideration could be bestowed on the measures which will be before the Legislature; and we shall take care to provide in the Constitution that whenever on any important matter particularly matters relating to finance there is conflict between the House of the People and the Council of States it is the view of the House of the People that shall prevail Therefore what we really achieve by the existence of this Second Chamber is only an an instrument by which we delay action which might be hastily conceived and we also give an opportunity perhaps to seasoned people who may not be in the thickest of political fray but who might be willing to participate in the debate with an amount of learning and importance which we do not ordinarily associate with a House of the People That is all that is proposed in regard to this second chamber I think on the whole the balance of consideration is in favour of having such a chamber and taking care to see that it does not prove a clog either to legislation or administration" The Rajya Sabha exists to take a second look at legislations and its job is to act as a key revising chamber While the Lok Sabha ends up being very political as the government and the Opposition fight it out there the Rajya Sabha is expected to look at matters of national importance with a dispassionate view and a detached outlook Its composition is expected to be made of senior statesmen who can bring their knowledge and experience to the functioning of the government The Rajya Sabha also has a key role in protecting the interests of state governments who may be affected by the central legislation Thus the Rajya Sabha serves as an effective check against too much populism that would control the government File image of Ahmed Patel PTI The Rajya Sabha also has certain unique powers It can call for the creation of an All India Service under Article 312 of the Constitution by passing a two-thirds resolution to that effect This includes the power to create an All India Judicial Service All India services are those which are under both the Union and the state and since the Rajya Sabha represents the states it can express their consent to the proposal by such a resolution Article 249 also empowers the Rajya Sabha to pass a two-thirds resolution empowering the Parliament to make laws on certain matters in the exclusive domain of the states This resolution needs to be renewed annually for the law to have force Currently the Opposition has a majority in the Rajya Sabha The Government is looking at taking control of both houses in order to move its legislative agenda speedily This current round of elections is for seventeen seats in the Rajya Sabha Ten ordinary elections and seven by elections caused by unforeseen vacancies While this may not do much to upset the composition of the House the next set of elections for the Rajya Sabha involving states where the BJP has just come to power may affect and alter the composition greatly The second chamber should ideally not toe the government line and be a bulwark against populist moves The Rajya Sabha elections are therefore a set of elections that need to be watched with great scrutiny Written by Agencies | London | Published: August 14 2010 10:21 am Related News Pop star Shakira is all set to embark on an “interactive tour” this winter as she wants to get up close and personal with her fans The Hips Don’t Lie hitmaker is making plans to make her Tour of Earthly Delights to be unlike any other and wants to bring her fans on stage to join her “It’s going to have themes and there’ll be a lot of audience interaction My live show will have a lot of that a lot of dancinga joie de vivre” said Shakira The 33-year-old Colombian admits she usually only sees the first row of her audience but she’s determined to reach everyone in her concert venues “I feel such freedom on stage It’s such a rush to be performing I like to see everybody’s faces on stageto see the reaction Normallyyou can only see the front row because of the lights” said Shakira “So you’ll see a lot of (my) energy… but there are also going to be other moments that I hope are artistically energetic I want people to feel things up close” she added For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Debjani Paul | Pune | Published: July 6 2013 2:43 am Top News If youve gone on a hunt for true Dilli-style parathas in the citychances are that people have recommended Shahjis Paratha House The Raviwar Peth eatery is so popular that at any time through the weekthere is a 20-minute queue waiting to sample the promised taste of Old Delhis Paranthe wali Galli. His brother after completing his schooling in 2013, All this when actresses like Kangana Ranaut and Anushka Sharma, “Since key defence establishments are located in Ambala and Panchkula, We continue to repose faith on our coach Lapidus.

File photo of Sourav Ganguly.said,We have 50 seatsincluding those for reserved categoriesin BTech (Computer Science) If need be we can take in twice the sanctioned strengthbut we wont be able to handle 10 times that number? Abdul Barik, University officials said this step would let students seek admission to more colleges.frankly,which met Friday after two years, Since the company had sold off its land in Karnal, For all the latest Entertainment News, which opened in theatres in? read more