Ten ‘Friends’ That We’d Love To See Join Phil Lesh At LOCKN’

first_imgYesterday’s surprise, under the radar announcement of two nights of Phil Lesh & Friends at LOCKN’ Festival got us really excited for such a fun weekend of improvisational glory. With hugely anticipated sets by headliners Phish, Ween, and My Morning Jacket, a slew of returning festival all-stars in Tedeschi Trucks Band, Lettuce, Umphrey’s McGee, and Chris Robinson Brotherhood, and an awesome cast of newcomers in Gary Clark Jr., Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires, Vulfpeck, White Denim, and Turkuaz, the potential is high for the Grateful Dead bass legend to roll out a very special set of “Friends” for to play with him at performances. So many talented musicians will be on site at that weekend at Oak Ridge Farm, and we can’t wait to see who will play in the band with Phil Lesh.So, without further ado, here are our top 10 picks for the “Friends” lineup at LOCKN’ 2016!10. Ryan Zoidis and Eric “Benny” Bloom a.k.a.The Shady Horns – LettuceThis dynamic duo have been active of late, playing shows with Umphrey’s McGee and Gramatik on top of their full touring schedule with Lettuce, which has already taken them to Red Rocks and Bonnaroo this summer. It was recently announced that the pair will play with Soulive, Jackie Greene, Karl Denson and Jason Crosby as Phil’s friends for an upcoming two-night run at The Amphitheatre at Coney Island this September, so it would make sense for Zoidis and Bloom to be in the mix for one of Phil’s two shows at LOCKN’.Check out The Shady Horns with Soulive and Chris Robinson performing “West L.A. Fadeaway” below, courtesy of YouTube user Marc Millman.9. Jason Hann & Michael Travis – String Cheese Incident & EOTOThese two inventive drummers have a way of making sounds their own. After spending years on the road with String Cheese Incident and EOTO, Hann and Travis are masters of percussion and rhythm, and their energy and creativity would be a unique fit for the dual-drumming of the Grateful Dead catalog. We’d love to hear them on a song like “The Other One” or “Fire on the Mountain”, and of course “Drums” > “Space” would make for an unforgettable LOCKN’ moment.Watch the String Cheese Incident play “Eyes of the World” at Horning’s Hideout in 2010 below, courtesy of YouTube user Vraciusmusicjones.8. Neal Casal – Circles Around The Sun, Hard Working Americans, Chris Robinson BrotherhoodIt looks like Neal Casal is going to be all over LOCKN’ this year, as he’s already playing in three bands on the festival lineup. Alongside shows with Hard Working Americans and Chris Robinson Brotherhood, he’ll bring his Grateful Dead-inspired Circles Around The Sun project to the festival. Circles Around The Sun will make their live debut at LOCKN’, and it’s sure to be a memorable and psychedelic late-night performance. Casal has performed with Phil & Friends before, and it wouldn’t surprise us to see his name on the lineup for at least one of the shows. Casal sitting in with Phil & Friends would cement him as a 2016 LOCKN’ MVP.Listen to Circles Around The Sun’s “Kasey’s Bones” below, courtesy of YouTube user PANGEA.7. Chris Robinson – Chris Robinson BrotherhoodWhenever Chris Robinson plays with Phil & Friends, great things happen. He can really belt it, and his passionate vocals add a totally different dynamic to the band. Robinson is also a LOCKN’ veteran, having performed with The Black Crowes in 2013 and again 2014 with The Brotherhood, and he also performed with Lesh at last year’s festival. He should feel right at home on stage with Phil Lesh at LOCKN’, and we hope to see him join Phil for at least one set as a “Friend”. Watch Chris Robinson perform a full show with Phil Lesh & Friends at LOCKN’ Festival 2015, courtesy of YouTube user BurningShoreProphet3.6. Gary Clark, Jr.This blues-man is modern day legend. His guitar playing is reminiscent of a bygone era, and his addition to Phil Lesh & Friends would make for an extremely interesting change of pace. Clark’s swampy, bluesy psychedelia would be an excellent fit to the band and LOCKN’ would provide the perfect setting for this once-in-a-lifetime performance. LOCKN’ is all about unexpected collaborations, and we’d love to see Gary Clark make his mark on the festival with a sit-in with the festival’s de-facto godfather, Phil Lesh.5. Brendan Bayliss – Umphrey’s McGeeWhile Phil Lesh famously sat in with Umphrey’s McGee in San Francisco in 2004, no one from Chicago’s progressive-jam sextet has ever been invited to play in his “Friends”. That being said, there’s no denying that Brendan Bayliss would crush a performance with Phil & Friends. His technical skills, along with his ability to play both lead and rhythm parts during improvisation, make him a prime candidate to take on the Dead’s catalog, as he would be perfect in the “Bob Weir” role. With Umphrey’s on-site for a performance on Thursday night, it would awesome to see Bayliss get the nod from Lesh to join his rotation of “Friends.”Listen to Bayliss lead Umphrey’s McGee through “Help On The Way” -> “Slipknot!” from UMBowl III, courtesy of YouTube user Michael Defillippo.4. Joe Russo & Marco Benevento – Joe Russo’s Amost DeadAt this point, Russo and Lesh are a veteran rhythm section, having toured together for years in Furthur and P&F. Of course, Marco Benevento has also put his time in as a “Friend”, and he and Russo have been playing music together for years in The Duo, Bustle in your Hedgerow, and their current project, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead. When this pair of musicians take on the Grateful Dead catalog, they breathe new life into the tunes, as their confident playing brings an undeniable energy to the table.Watch Almost Dead perform an epic 30-minute Terrapin Station at The Capitol Theatre in 2013 below, courtesy of YouTube user LazyLightning55a.3. Derek Trucks – Tedeschi Trucks BandDerek Trucks is arguably the best guitar player on the planet. His playing has evolved so much over the years, and he continues to blow people’s mind’s on a nightly basis with Tedeschi Trucks band. His unique, rapid-fire style of soulful slide-guitar creates harmonic fireworks, and Phil would likely welcome him back with open arms to his “Friends”, after Trucks first performed with the Grateful Dead man in the late 90s. Tedeschi Trucks band is the only band to have played at every LOCKN’ Festival, and in the past they have brought Bob Weir out for special guest appearances during their set. With no Weir on the lineup this year, it would make sense for Derek to get his Dead-fix in by strapping-up with Phil & Friends for a legendary comeback performance.Check out Derek Trucks as the featured guest with Phil & Friends in back in the year 2000, courtesy of YouTube user b t.2. Any Member Of PhishIf any of the four members of Phish are announced as part of Phil Lesh & Friends at LOCKN’, prepare for pandemonium to ensue. The members of Phish and Phil Lesh have a long history of playing together, as Trey Anastasio and Page McConnell broke the Phish/Dead barrier back in 1999. Their legendary performances with Phil Lesh & Friends at The Warfield Theatre in San Francisco were a huge moment for the members of Phish, and the Dead legend returned the favor by sitting in with Phish at Shoreline Amphitheatre that same year. In 2005, Trey and Mike Gordon memorably paired with Marco Benevento and Joe Russo as G.R.A.B. to open for Phil & Friends on tour. Trey sat in with Phil on most nights, while Gordon made a few guest appearances on guitar and banjo on the bluegrass-based tunes. After last summer’s Fare Thee Well concerts, which saw Anastasio nail the “Jerry”-role for the Grateful Dead’s farewell shows, fans are clamoring for another opportunity to see him or any of the other members of Phish as part of Phil’s band. Notably, Drummer Jon Fishman is the only member of Phish that hasn’t appeared on stage with Phil & Friends, and it would be amazing to watch him tackle the dual-drum parts of Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart while locking in with Phil. LOCKN’ provides the perfect environment for collaborations, and we hope to see at least one member of Phish on the bill when Phil announces his Friends.Watch a full set of Anastasio and McConnell’s triumphant Phil & Friends debut from 1999 below, courtesy of Vimeo user gigpedia.1. Jim James – My Morning JacketJim James is one of the best performers alive. He puts his heart and soul into every performance, and the passion he puts into his vocals and guitar playing with My Morning Jacket is a sight to behold. The band’s headlining performance on Saturday night lines James up perfectly with the first night of Phil & Friends at LOCKN’, and we can only imagine what this dream pairing would sound like. The emotional vocals of The Grateful Dead would be a perfect fit for James. We’d love to see him take “China Cat Sunflower” into “I Know You Rider”, or take us into outer space with an intense version of “Dark Star”. James recently contributed to the Day of the Dead album by The National, and Bob Weir has sat in with My Morning Jacket on several occasions, so it would certainly be familiar territory for him to hop on stage and play a few tunes. Jim James brings all the energy, and a performance with Phil Lesh & Friends would be breathtaking.Listen to Jim James & Friends’ cover of “Candyman” from the Day of the Dead compilation, thanks to YouTube user 4AD.Who do you want to play with Phil Lesh & Friends at LOCKN’ Festival? Let us know!last_img read more

Mapping microbes in people

first_imgNew studies involving Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) researchers have helped to identify and analyze the vast human “microbiome,” the more than 5 million microbial genes in the body.Scientists estimate that each person carries about 100 times as many microbial genes as human genes, and they want to learn more about the role that microbes — organisms like bacteria, viruses, and fungi that live in the stomach, in the mouth, on the skin, or elsewhere — play in normal bodily functions, like development or immunity, as well as in disease.Several HSPH studies were conducted as part of the Human Microbiome Project (HMP), a multidisciplinary effort involving nearly 250 members from nearly 80 research institutions that is publishing five years of research in several journals simultaneously.As a result of this effort, HMP consortium researchers calculate that there are more than 10,000 microbial species that live in humans. Previously, only a few hundred bacterial species had been isolated. Between 81 and 99 percent of the genera, or basic family groupings, of these microorganisms in healthy adults were found during this study.These included several opportunistic pathogens, microorganisms that typically coexist harmlessly with the rest of the microbiome and their human hosts, but which can cause disease under unusual circumstances.The HMP research appears in the journals Nature, Nature Methods, and several Public Library of Science publications.At HSPH, researchers outlined powerful new computational methods for cataloging the massive amount of genetic information about the human microbiome and began to analyze the way these microbes function in the body, such as in digesting food or reducing inflammation.“This research tells us the range of healthy variation in microbial function and in specific bugs. Knowing which sorts of microbes are normally found in healthy people can help us understand the roles they play during changes in disease,” said Curtis Huttenhower, assistant professor of computational biology and bioinformatics in the Department of Biostatistics at HSPH. “Just as human genome sequencing helps us figure out how a person’s genes put them at risk or protect them, so too can the microbial genomes associated with the human body provide information about health benefits or risks.”(At the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, Dirk Gevers, a group leader in genome sequencing and analysis, was first co-author of a Nature paper, and co-author of another. Broad researchers Doyle Ward and Bruce Birren were co-authors of the Nature papers. Broad scientist Georgia Giannoukos and her team developed protocols to allow the project to sequence thousands of study samples.)Huttenhower, who co-led several of the consortium’s analysis efforts, also helped to coordinate the analysis paper published in Nature and was senior author on two papers.The main Nature paper outlined how HMP researchers, in the most comprehensive assessment to date of the normal human microbiome, found a remarkably diverse and abundant range of species that are personalized within individuals.“We’ve been able to assess that each person’s microbial signature is fairly unique, in much the same way that an individual’s genome is unique,” said Huttenhower.The researchers speculated that variations in an individual’s microbiome may be connected to diet, genetic makeup, early life events such as breastfeeding, environmental exposures, and immune function, or other factors.In the past, most human microbial species had not been successfully analyzed because of the difficulty of cultivating them in the lab, presumably because their growth is dependent on being in the specific environment provided by their hosts. But the current efforts rely on a type of analysis called metagenomics, which uses genetic material drawn directly from environmental samples — in this case humans.To define and analyze the normal human microbiome, HMP researchers sampled 242 healthy male and female volunteers, collecting tissues from 15 body sites in men and 18 in women — such as the mouth, nose, skin, and lower intestine — at different points in time.For a paper that appeared in Nature Methods, Huttenhower and his colleagues, including lead author Nicola Segata, research fellow in the Department of Biostatistics at HSPH, used novel computational methods to identify about 350 of the most important organisms in these microbial communities.Using DNA sequencing, the researchers were able to sift through 3.5 terabytes of genomic data and pinpoint genetic “name tags,” or sequences specific only to these bacteria. The researchers were then able to identify where and how often these bacterial markers occurred throughout the HMP’s healthy population. This highly sensitive microbial detection allowed, for example, the cataloging of more than 100 opportunistic pathogens, which aids the understanding of where in the microbiome these organisms occur normally, before potentially causing disease.For a Public Library of Science computational biology paper, Huttenhower and colleagues studied the functions performed by the microbes. This required searching the DNA sequences for markers, not of specific microbes, but for individual metabolic processes. The researchers found that while there is a great deal of variation among types of microbes found in different people and in different body sites within individuals, the microbes’ functions were much more consistent.“There are tremendous differences in which particular bugs are present in an individual, but different bugs perform the same sorts of functions in specific areas of the body,” Huttenhower said.For instance, he said, the gastrointestinal tract can contain many kinds of microbes able to perform a similar function, such as breaking down complex starches. Likewise, in the mouth, different microbes might specialize in processes that help them to survive in that habitat, such as processing the simple sugars available in the mouth. In the vaginal tract, microbes considered to be beneficial can aid the immune system by repelling dangerous bacteria.These findings highlight the fact that, for the most part, microorganisms play helpful roles in our bodies.Other HSPH authors on the Nature Methods paper include Levi Waldron, research fellow, and student Vagheesh Narasimhan, both from the Department of Biostatistics. Segata was also a contributor to the computational biology paper and the lead author on a paper in Genome Biology that offered a detailed profile of microbes that live in the human gastrointestinal tract.HMP is funded by the National Institutes of Health Common Fund, an initiative that finances high-impact, large-scale research.last_img read more

Faculty Council meeting held Nov. 30

first_imgOn Nov. 30 the members of the Faculty Council approved the Harvard Summer School course list for 2017. They also approved a proposal to establish a master’s degree in Data Science and a proposal on course scheduling.The Council next meets on Dec. 14. The next meeting of the Faculty is on Dec. 6.  The preliminary deadline for the Feb. 7 meeting of the Faculty is Jan. 17 at noon.last_img

Trump Team Removes Florida From Oil/Gas Leasing Plan

first_imgTrump Team Removes Florida From Oil/Gas Leasing Plan FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Bloomberg:The Trump administration is ruling out plans to sell new drilling rights off the coast of Florida, including eastern Gulf of Mexico waters coveted by oil companies, amid pressure from Republican Governor Rick Scott.The about-face came just five days after the Interior Department said it was considering selling oil and gas leases in more than 90 percent of U.S. coastal waters, including on all sides of Florida—the straits in the south, the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. The eastern Gulf of Mexico was believed to be the most tempting new prospect for oil companies in the expansive Trump administration draft, because it is close to existing pipelines and processing facilities — not to mention the refineries in Texas and Louisiana.There’s also little mystery about whether those eastern Gulf waters contain oil and gas. Energy companies already discovered a jackpot of natural gas roughly 30 years ago—at least 700 billion cubic feet and as much as 3 trillion cubic feet—in the Destin Dome, located about 25 miles south of Pensacola, Florida. And the same geological trends that have yielded major oil discoveries in other parts of the Gulf could be replicated in its easternmost reaches.But opposition from Florida politicians concerned about oil spills fouling beaches as well as crippling the state’s tourism economy helped put that area off limits long ago, and a federal law now blocks new leasing through 2022.More: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-01-10/trump-yanks-florida-from-offshore-drilling-plan-after-objectionslast_img read more

Ecuador Seizes Almost Two Tons of Marijuana Camouflaged amid Ice

first_imgBy Dialogo May 31, 2012 Ecuador seized around two tons of marijuana that were hidden amid blocks of ice in a vehicle travelling in the northwestern part of the country, the police announced on May 29. Anti-narcotics agents “seized approximately two tons of marijuana, camouflaged by ice, in a truck,” the police indicated via Twitter. The police added that the seizure took place in the town of La Concordia, in the coastal province of Esmeraldas. The driver of the vehicle, which had apparently left the town of San Lorenzo (in Esmeraldas) and was headed for the maritime port of Guayaquil (in southwestern Ecuador), was arrested in the operation. Between January and April, Ecuador seized around 12 tons of drugs, chiefly cocaine. Seizures of narcotics reached 26 tons in 2011, compared to 18 tons in 2010 and a record of 68 tons in 2009. A week before the seizure, Interior Minister José Serrano said that Ecuador continues to be a transit location for drugs and an intermediary in their sale, but the volume of trade is far from that of its neighbors Colombia and Peru.last_img read more

Long Island Weather: Nor’easter Possible This Week

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Long Island is bracing for a possible nor’easter that could dump several inches of snow on the tri-state area this week, but the forecast is nowhere near certain.The worst-case scenario for LI includes up to 60 mph wind gusts, coastal flooding and beach erosion along with a mix of snow and rain Wednesday into Thursday, according to Upton-based National Weather Service meteorologists.There’s also a possibility the winter storm could go out to sea without impacting LI. But, if it does roll ashore, it could bring the kind of heavy, wet snow that downs trees and power lines, in turn causing power outages, forecasters warn.Tuesday is forecast as mostly sunny with a high of 44 in the calm before the possible storm, but there’s a chance snow could start early Wednesday morning when temperatures drop down to 32 overnight.If the storm hits Wednesday, the precipitation may turn to rain during the day when temps rise above freezing to near 40, but the chance of snow resumes after sundown into Thursday morning.Next weekend is otherwise expected to be clear with sunny skies in the forecast for Friday, Satuday and Sunday.last_img read more

Reading regeneration: Reading’s high hopes

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COVID-19: Police impose limits on staple food purchases amid panic buying

first_imgThe National Police’s food stability task force has enforced a limit on the amount of staple foods available for purchase in a bid to ensure availability in the long term amid panic buying prompted by the COVID-19 outbreak.Rationing will be implemented for rice, sugar, vegetable oil and instant noodles, as reported by kompas.com. The task force will limit every customer to a maximum of 10 kilograms of rice, 2 kg of sugar, 4 liters of vegetable oil and 2 boxes of instant noodles.The police issued a letter regarding the policy on Monday, and sent it to several business associations such as the Indonesian Retailers Association (Aprindo), the Jakarta office of the Market Sellers Cooperatives (Puskoppas) and the Indonesian Provincial Government Association (APPSI) “We have issued a letter [regarding the rationing] to make sure nobody takes advantage of the situation,” task force head Brig. Gen. Daniel Tahi Monang said on Tuesday, as quoted by kompas.com.Read also: Government expedites imports of staple needs to stabilize pricesHe added that the policy would take effect starting Tuesday and end when authorities declared the situation normal.The task force acknowledged the rise in staple food prices. “The prices have increased somewhat due to rising demand after some panic buying,” Daniel said.The police’s task force, he went on to say, would make sure that the supply of staple foods remained sufficient. “I urge the public not to panic buy,” he added. (nal)Topics :last_img read more

IDI warns of new COVID-19 clusters from jobs law protests

first_imgTopics : The death of Floyd on May 25 led to antiracism protests and demonstrations against police brutality throughout the United States and around the world, with protesters calling for racial equality and police reform and gathering in spite of the pandemic.Zubairi raised concerns that a similar situation was happening in Indonesia because of the passage of the Job Creation Law.Read also: Follow health protocols, IDI urges the public as more Indonesian doctors die from COVID-19He was also concerned about the simultaneous elections, which he said could result in new COVID-19 transmission clusters if they weren’t prepared for properly.“The next homework assignment is the regional elections. Hopefully, what has happened in the past makes us smarter,” Zubairi said.He called on the government not to introduce policies that would trigger protests.“If a policy could ignite demonstrations, it is better for it to be delayed,” he said.The passage of the contentious jobs law on Monday ignited waves of protests throughout the country. In some areas, protesters clashed with the police.Many argue that the new law, which the government claims is necessary to improve bureaucratic efficiency and to boost business and investment, will negatively impact the environment and labor conditions in the country.Zubairi called on the public to avoid crowded events to cut chains of transmission.On Wednesday, the Jakarta Police reported reactive rapid test results from 12 vocational high school students who intended to join the rally against the law, tempo.co reported.According to the police, they will be isolated in Wisma Pademangan isolation center in Central Jakarta.The Medan Police said they found three cases out of the 177 protesters who were tested. (iwa) “Not to mention demonstrations that gather thousands of people,” he said, adding that protesters, the police and the military likely ignored health protocols during the protests.Aditya highlighted the difficulties of tracing virus transmission resulting from the demonstrations.Zubairi said the government should have anticipated such a situation to prevent the emergence of new COVID-19 transmission clusters.He cited the death of George Floyd, a black man, at the hands of the police in the United States, which ignited nationwide protests during COVID-19 pandemic.  The Indonesian Medical Association (IDI) has warned of the possibility that new COVID-19 clusters may emerge from demonstrations against the Job Creation Law that have been taking place in many parts of the country.“I’m afraid there will be more patients,” said IDI COVID-19 task force head Zubairi Djoerban on Thursday, as quoted by antaranews.com. Simlarly, Aditya M Biomed, the head of the IDI’s Bandarlampung chapter, said that even without demonstrations, the number of new COVID-19 infections had been overwhelming. He said the IDI had recorded 130 doctors who had fallen victim to the virus.center_img #covid19taskforce #mothermessage #wearmask #keepyourdistance #washyourhand #socialdistance #avoidcrowd #usesoap Editor’s note: This article is part of a public campaign by the COVID-19 task force to raise people’s awareness about the pandemic.last_img read more

These are Townsville most sought after family suburbs

first_imgA father walking with his dog and his son in the suburbsGROWING families are increasingly shying away from popular school catchment zones in favour of acreage living.CoreLogic figures show semirural suburbs have the highest percentage of family households in Townsville. Alice River tops the list with 92.3 per cent.Mount Low and Bushland Beach follow at a close second with 89.8 per cent of residents living in a family household, followed by Rangewood (89.3 per cent) and Gumlow (88.6 per cent).At 87.2 per cent, Annandale was the only city suburb to rank in the Top 10.Explore Property sales agent Allison Gough said she was not surprised by the result, with more families making the move back to greener pastures.“People want acreage and Alice River is also in direct line with very good schools such as Ryan Catholic College, Ignatius Park and Holy Spirit,” she said.“So any property that we have that’s a quarter of an acre or above always gets a lot of interest from buyers.Ms Gough said Bushland Beach was another commonsense suburb for families.“This suburb just makes perfect sense as it’s a destination suburb,” she said.“It’s very quiet and great for families. “In fact, it’s one of those suburbs where kids still walk to the skate park and are out riding their bikes on the street. “You don’t see that very often anymore and I think that’s what people enjoy so much about the area.”On the flip side, CoreLogic figures showed non-family households clearly favoured city and beachside suburbs.Arcadia on Magnetic Island and Rowes Bay are favoured by 51.2 and 51.1 per cent of non-family households respectively, with South Townsville (49.6 per cent), North Ward (49.4 per cent), Picnic Bay (48.2 per cent) and Townsville CBD (47.2 per cent) also ranking high on the list.More from news01:21Buyer demand explodes in Townsville’s 2019 flood-affected suburbs12 Sep 202001:21‘Giant surge’ in new home sales lifts Townsville property market10 Sep 2020 TOP 10 SUBURBS WITH HIGHEST PERCENTAGE OF FAMILY HOUSEHOLD S (Source: Core Logic) SUBURB % 1 Alice River                                     92.3 2 Mount Low 89.8 3 Bushland Beach 89.8 4 Rangewood 89.3 5 Gumlow 88.6 6 Annandale 87.2 7 Bohle Plains 86.8 8 Bluewater Park 86.1 9 Burdell 85.9 10 Jensen 85.8last_img read more