Goodspeed 10 SIM mobile hotspot makes global Internet access simple

first_imgInternational travel can of course be an amazing experience, but the problem is there are different technologies for every region, turning what should be exciting plans and event scheduling into a rigorous task of Googling and contacting your wireless service provider for questions. At least one company wants to do something about simplifying communication wherever you are in the world, and even though Goodspeed can’t change the infrastructure of mobile data, it can try to make it less painful to alternate between differing standards.The company’s namesake mobile hotspot device allows users to place 10 SIM cards into various slots. If you travel into a country that requires a different SIM card, don’t worry about it as the Goodspeed has you covered. Basically, it acts as an international hotspot that can toggle between different data networks. Not only that, but up to five devices can be tethered to the Goodspeed’s Internet connection.Right now this is a product tailored specifically for the European market, which obviously makes sense as travel between countries there is a very fluid and seamless proposition. The Goodspeed will work in Germany, Italy, the UK, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Ireland, and Finland. Other countries will be added as time progresses.The cost of owning the Goodspeed is €273 ($357) upfront plus a €9.90 ($13) monthly fee. However, that won’t allow you to connect. You must pay an additional €5.90 ($7.20) for day-long Internet access when you need it. So you’re paying $13 a month for the peace of mind of knowing that when you do actually travel abroad, you’ll only need to pay $7.20 for a day’s worth of WiFi. Clearly this is for very frequent travelers only, but it is a nice start to finding some way of normalizing global data connectivity.Amazon product page (UK), via Arctic Startuplast_img read more