Villalpando is the Ballon d’Or in times of pandemic

first_imgBut if we focus only on the numbers to choose to the ‘true’ best player right now we have to travel to Nicaragua, to his First League. As surprising as it may seem, the young Mexican Fernando Villalpando He is the most unbalanced player right now on the soccer planet. Is Fernando Villalpando the best player in the world? Right now yes. He is the top gunner of the Nicaraguan competition, an honor that unfortunately takes away from the Spanish Pablo Gállego, offensive bulwark of the leader Managua. Villalpando has ten goals for the team Walter Ferretti. Meanwhile, the Spanish striker accumulates seven goals. At 23 years old, Villalpando’s football life has not been easy. Injuries have haunted him: two knee operations and one pubalgia operation. From bad moments you learn and Villalpando, at the Walter Ferretti Sports Club, has once again felt like a footballer. At the moment, it is a good showcase to return to your country, Mexico. And it will always remain, that for a time he was the best player on the planet. Villalpando celebrates a [email protected] There are several options. It could well be the Uzbek Jasur Jakhshibaev, 22-year-old forward, who is a member of the Energetik-BGU, one of the leading teams in the league of Belarus. But no. We could also grant such honor to Manuchehr Jalilov, middle of the almighty Istiqlol Dushanbé of the Tajikistan League, who leads, along with his partner Sheriddin Boboev, the scorers table of the tajik tournament. Even the Haitian Benchy Estama, two goals scored in the first game of the league in Taiwan. We have been saying it for days in the As newspaper, the pandemic of COVID-19 has not stopped official soccer in some countries of the world. He still rolls the ball on Burundi, in Nicaragua, in Belarus, in Tajikistan and from this weekend, also in Taiwan.The truth is that with so little football to look at, we have focused on who would be the best footballer in these moments of pandemic. Would not be Messi, neither Christian, neither Haaland, neither Mbappé not even the long-lived Kazuyoshi Miura, to which we will have to give the hypothetical Golden Ball when almost the entire planet is in confinement.last_img read more