Woman dies in WCD accident

first_imgA young mother has lost her life while two of her friends are suffering severe injuries after the vehicle in which they were travelling veered off the road in the vicinity of De Kinderen, West Coast of Demerara (WCD).Dead is 28-year-old Nkasi McKend of Lot 2 Sea Field, Leonora, WCD who was the driver of the motorcar bearing registration number PRR 4153.Injured are Mario Desa and Caleb Morrison.The incident occurred in the wee hours of Friday morning after the friends were reportedly returning from a party.According to the Police, the young business owner lost control of the vehicle asDead: Nkasi McKendshe was negotiating a turn at an alleged fast rate along the public road.The motorcar reportedly turned turtle and came to a halt after it crashed into a fence and landed in a thick clump of bushes on the western side of the road.The now deceased woman was flung from the vehicle. She received multiple injuries to her head and other parts of her body as a result of the impact.However, she was subsequently picked up by Police in an unconscious state and rushed to the Leonora Cottage Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival. Her friends have since been hospitalised.Only earlier this week, Police Commissioner Leslie James, in giving a breakdown of crime and accident statistics for 2018, said there has been an overall spike in the number of fatal accidents recorded when compared to the same period last year.He used the platform to make some requests, which can affect how the GPF can function in a positive manner. Those include provisions for a traffic advisory board, training board and promotion board. At present, consultations have been convened to determine whether these panels should be reinstated. As a matter ofThe damaged car in which the woman and her friends were travellingfact, the Commissioner is quoted as saying, “There is need for the traffic advisory board. There is need for a training board and, of course, a promotion board. We have strongly recommended the resuscitation of those boards. If we are an organisation that can be recognised as a prudent organisation, those boards ought to be in place.”Guyana has been ranked along with top countries in the world that have not undertaken sufficient efforts to reduce accidents in keeping with the UN strategy.last_img read more

Science’s Got Troubles

first_imgNumerous news articles point to moral shortcomings in Big Science that threaten public trust.The US Constitution was a great idea. But John Adams once said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other” (US Archives). Similarly, the “Scientific Method,” as it is popularly conceived, is a great idea with a long train of spectacular successes. But science is always mediated by fallible human beings. Misuse of scientific methods could produce fake science or even evil science.We have all heard how foreign countries have tried to manipulate elections with disinformation campaigns. Imagine what would happen to public trust in science if political entities, or even artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, became so clever with scientific disinformation that journal editors and reviewers could not tell the true from the false. An experiment like this was actually run recently. The Wall Street Journal tells how 3 researchers submitted 20 bogus papers to journals. Seven were accepted, and four were published – including one that quoted sections of Hitler’s Mein Kampf as supporting evidence.Despite the most rigorous safeguards, rules and regulations are only as good as those who follow them. Professors and grad students are busy, distracted by various temptations and motivations that can be less than noble (q.v. the IgNobel Prizes). For a dose of reality about how scientific sausage is made, look at some of the worries in Big Science going on right now, and pay attention to the implications in each proposal: science has been failing in many ways.Predatory publishers: the journals that churn out fake science (The Guardian). Pay a fee and pad your resume with all your published papers, good or bad. This is a worry about predatory journals with temptations of filthy lucre, showing that the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil, even in science. On the flip side, the article complains about how mainstream journals routinely deny publication to maverick ideas.Ghost authorship haunts industry-funded clinical trials (Nature). Big Science is haunted. “Drug companies make big contributions to analysis in the trials they fund but can fail to report their contributions,” Matthew Warren writes. There are even ghosts in the data. A large number of trials give funders access to the data and even the methods:About 21% of the academic authors indicated that a funder, or one of their contracted employees, had been involved in the design, analysis, or reporting of the research in a way that had not been declared in the paper. This “ghost authorship” could potentially be more widespread than this, write Rasmussen and her colleagues, as academic researchers who had a relatively small role in a study may not have been aware of the extent of industry involvement.Rasmussen says she was surprised by how common these undeclared contributions and associated issues were. “It’s incredibly inaccurately reported,” she says. “The roles of the funder were often downplayed or even omitted in the publications, funder employees rarely had first or last authorship despite having played a role in every single part of the trial.”No mixed motives in those papers. Money can buy politics; it can also buy science. And sometimes, people’s lives are at stake, trusting the results of a clinical trial that could have been manipulated to profit the funder. Science Daily posted a related story on this problem.How three research groups are tearing down the ivory tower (Nature). The subtitle points out another shortcoming in Big Science: overlooking indigenous people. “The people who should benefit from research are increasingly shaping how it’s done,” the authors say, complaining that “traditional research” has tended to be “myopic.”How leading experts can be fooled.What ‘data thugs’ really need (Nature). Keith Baggerly argues, “Science needs to develop ways and means to support the checking of data.” Retracted papers, lawsuits, halted clinical trials, sloppy research, faulty statistics, retaliation on whistleblowers – these are all addressed in Baggerly’s tour of the sausage factory. “Corrections are much rarer than they should be,” he worries. You can’t expect vigilantes to shore up science’s ideals of self-correction.Biased Estimates of Changes in Climate Extremes From Prescribed SST Simulations (Geophysical Research Letters). Lack of integrity is not the only potential source of fake science. Carelessness about bias can also do it. In this paper, researchers found that data on surface sea temperatures (SST) can be fraught with bad assumptions or bad methods. “Our results illustrate the importance of carefully considering experimental design when interpreting projections of extremes.” Note to world leaders: these are the climate scientists who inform politicians, telling them that “science says” we must take drastic measures or we will die (e.g., “Terrifying climate change warning: 12 years until we’re doomed,” Fox News). They’re also the ones telling politicians how to nudge skeptics into following the consensus without questions (“Confronting Climate Science in the Age of Denial,” PLoS Biology).Science’s credibility crisis: why it will get worse before it can get better  (The Conversation). Bad news: Science has a credibility crisis. Worse news: It will get worse before it gets better, argues Andrea Saltelli, because poor ethics invades modern science. Psychology and economics have taken embarrassing hits, but other branches of science cannot escape what Jerome Ravetz warned in a book in 1971, that science can become diseased without ethics. Social scientists, still smarting from the “science wars” of the 1970s, are reluctant to confront the problem, fearing their image (by popular opinion, “scientific realists” won the war).John Ioannidis has recently received prominence for producing statistics on the “science of science,” showing how widespread fake science has become, but he is optimistic that science’s reputation can be resuscitated. The author of this article, Andrea Saltelli from the University of Bergen, does not share his optimism.Here we clash with another of science’s contradictions: at this point in time, to study science as a scholar would mean to criticise its mainstream image and role. We do not see this happening any time soon. Because of the scars of “science wars” – whose spectre is periodically resuscitated – social scientists are wary of being seen as attacking science, or worse helping US President Donald Trump.Scientists overall wish to use their moral authority and association with Enlightenment values, as seen in the recent marches for science.If these contradictions are real, then we are condemned to see the present crisis becoming worse before it can become better.Austrian agency shows how to tackle scientific misconduct (Nature). This optimistic headline quickly informs the reader that Austria got worse before it got better: “A decade on from a major academic scandal, officials there have got their act together,” the editorial says. Of course, it will never happen again, will it? The Editors list four lessons learned from the scandal, and describes laws intended to prevent future scandals. But like Constitutions, laws are “made only for a moral and religious People.” They are “wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”There were so many recent articles on this subject, we will continue tomorrow.(Visited 424 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Cape Town train times on your mobile

first_imgIt’s now as easy as picking up your cellphone to find out the train schedules in Cape Town.Commuters using the Southern and Northern lines in the Cape Town metro can now get the schedules of the train times via their cell phones. (Image: Cape Town Travel)Brand South Africa reporterGrapevine Interactive, a mobile services firm, has launched a free mobile internet site for Cape Town metro train users of the Southern and Northern lines.Until now, commuters have found it very difficult to get hold of metro train schedules without either physically being at a station or having access to a computer. Now it’s as easy as picking up your cellphone.With more commuters shifting from car to train transport as their most cost-effective option, especially due to the recent fuel price hikes, there is an increased demand for rapid access to train timetable data.Although one can access schedules via a PC connected to the internet, a number of commuters indicated a need for a simple, easy-to-access timetable service on their mobile phones.Standard daily train scheduleswww.cttrains.mobi allows anyone with a WAP-capable cellphone to access the standard daily train schedules for the Southern line from Cape Town-to-Simonstown, and the Northern line from Cape Town-to-Bellville.The schedules work in either direction, include all stations in-between and take into account week days, weekends and public holidays. Special train times are not included.The CTTrains mobi site was initially created as a training exercise for new cellphone application developers at Grapevine Interactive, but it soon became apparent that the greater Cape Town community could make use of this easy-to-use tool.Free-of-charge serviceGrapevine Interactive has now launched the system to commuters as a free service, except for data charges that may be incurred by the mobile operators. The public schedules are accurately reproduced by the service, but unfortunately if there are cancellations Grapevine will not be notified about it.Cliff Court, Grapevine Interactive’s chief technology officer, said in discussing the mobi site: “Once we had developed the site and had shown it to a few train users, it became clear that this was tremendously useful to them. We then decided to offer the system as a free-of-charge service for commuters.”Grapevine Interactive has included a feedback option within the mobi site so that the public can let them know what they think of the site and how it can be improved for even more convenience. If the usage of the site is high, Grapevine Interactive has undertaken to add additional line schedules as well.Source: South African Press Association.Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See Using Brand South Africa material.last_img read more

100cm Long Hair Heat Resistant Straight Cosplay Wig : Nice wig, the colour is beatiful

first_imgBeloved this wig although due to the fact of size is a little bit. Loved this wig even though due to the fact of length is a bit hard to retain on devoid of slipping off whilst it makes up for that with fantastic hidden straps.Extremely pleased with the wig just like it stated in description. Quickly delivery , incredibly happy with the wig just like it mentioned in description , great falue for the dollars , thumbs up.100cm Long Hair Heat Resistant Straight Cosplay Wig(Light Gold)100% Top Quality & Brand NewMaterial :High quality Synthetic fiberEasy to wear, remove and washCan be used both for adults and teensWorks great for party, Halloween and cosplay.Kid really happy, extremely long.Like all long wigs it will tangle, but it’s wonderful and swishes perfectly.Excellent wig simple to fit, it is really feels real and seemed magnificent.I would give this a four star score only simply because i had it a single working day and i had to get rid of it but i cherished the color on it . Worthy of purchasing if you choose very good treatment of it.Beautiful wig however the synthetic strands occur out very easily. Gorgeous wig nonetheless the synthetic strands arrive out fairly quickly which will make the wig cap very easy to see and when u hv a ‘nude ‘ cap and inexperienced hair not incredibly good.What you see is what you get. What you see is what you get ???.Great wig, the colour is beatiful. Great wig, the colour is beatiful. But it is way too limited, i couldn’t expend in it for a longer time than 3 hrs.I’d suggest two and then sew them with each other like i generally. Duration, color and excellent were location on. A small slender for my liking, so if your character has thick hair, i might recommend two and then sew them together like i usually do.Regrettably the web comes by means of fairly prominently from time to time depending on in which hair sits, as it is pretty thin. But excellent and arrives with a significant fringe so you can slice one particular to match your facial area :).Great lengthbe forewarned it knots. Appears to be like great for a number of seconds tthe knots llike the knots in a brownie manual e book. Seeking to model it for my costume. I may possibly update if i can salvage it.I absolutely love it and can not hold out for halloween now. For the cost it it you cannot go wrong, i completely appreciate it and cannot wait for halloween now. No down sides, but it is a lil challenging placing it on. In particular if you have long thick hair like me.Quickly taffled and hair can fall out when you brush it as to be predicted but good excellent.Daughter quite content with product or service.You have to reduce it prior to usebut i reduce it wrongly, really unfortunate.Beautiful long, wonderful colour but significantly as well skinny.Taking into consideration i have a pretty little head. Thinking of i have a very compact head, even for a girl this wig is also little, and falls off very easily. Will not help it would not have combs in but you get what you spend for. The hair itself is lovely and silky, the white is best clear ice white and the length is astounding. It also arrived with a wig cap, even though in black. Check out out as properly for the thinness of this wig, it truly is not as thick as demonstrated in the photograph. Appears to be like awesome in a braid but if you happen to be likely for volume, will not purchase this wig.Pretty amazing color, and very awesome. Pretty cool colour, and pretty great, a little bit thn but i wore a hat so it was no problem for my cosplaybut a quite gd wig,.last_img read more

5 Ways To Have A Productive (and Creative) Summer Break

first_imgMaking the most of the seasonal down time can help set you up for the rest of the year. Here are a few thoughts for creative professionals on how to make the most of your summer break.Image from FlickrIn the creative industries the summer, and especially August, tend to be the quietest months of the year. Making the most of the down time can help set you up for the rest of the working year. After coming on near a decade of working as a freelance film editor, here are five ideas on how to have a creatively productive summer.1. Update Your WorkThe summer is a great time to take stock of the past year and plan ahead for the up-coming new work/academic year.  This makes it a good time to review your business materials. How old or out of date is your website, showreel and business cards? These crucial business items are often left by creatives on the back burner, as they’re usually too busy to do anything about them. But you’ll need them in good shape at a moments notice when a big new client gets in touch and wants to see your work. Take a day or two to revamp, re-create and renew your online portfolio so that it really represents your best work. Reprint your dwindling stack of business cards and get all your ‘stuff’ updated. Also remember to update your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social network profiles so that if potential clients check you out, or stumble across you online, they’ll be able to get in touch quickly and with an accurate understanding of your skill base.2. Reach OutGiven that you (and many others in creative industries) are now time-rich, it’s an ideal opportunity to get out there and meet people. Get in touch with recruitment agencies in your town and pop in for a meeting to get on their books. Contact some companies that you might like to get in with and see if you can pop in for a meeting and show off your portfolio.  If you have other industry contacts who might be a bit more experienced than you then take them out to lunch, or for a drink, and pick their brains on how you can advance yourself in your chosen industry. Essentially invest your time in sowing seeds and reconnecting with contacts old and new to help set you up for the year ahead.3. Go Back to SchoolThe summer lull should provide you with some time to get back to school, get up-skilled and become more employable. If you can, try to take a real summer class at a college or university if you can. You never know who else you might meet with similar interests. Plus, you’ll hopefully leave with some kind of certificate or proof of competency. I think its also worth attempting something which will expand your skill set in more diverse directions. If you’re an editor an acting or directing class might be beneficial. Or even better, a class in theology, accountancy or cookery for that matter. There is an advantage to be had in simply having to learn new skills and acquire new knowledge. Stretching parts of the brain that might have otherwise lain dorment the rest of the year. Plus it will help to demonstrate to clients that you’re not a two-dimensional person.If you don’t have the time or money to invest in a full time summer course, there are plenty of great resources online. Coursera, The Khan Academy and iTunes U have hundreds of courses available – the majority of them for free. Learn some new skills on marketing, negotiation, business development or something more tangible. Once you start browsing you’ll soon discover tons of interesting courses are available, so get browsing.Image from FlickrAlso if you’re going to invest in some paid training series for a new piece of software, think through what the other barriers to entry might be. For example, learning DaVinci Resolve with an excellent course from somewhere like Ripple Training will definitely get you up to speed on the program and the essentials of color grading. However, to really make money being a colorist you will then need to have a calibrated monitor, correctly lit room and  the beefy hardware to support your clients needs…which might be prohibitively expensive. Mastering After Effects on the other hand, might well supplement your graphics design, editorial or photographic skill base and directly lead to more work.4. Do a Passion ProjectDepending on how busy you normally expect to be over the summer months it could well be worth dusting off that old project you started and never finished or beginning a whole new one. If you’ve got a burning passion to tell a good story, the summer might be the best time to do embark on passion project of your own. Plus you might find some really talented creatives who also have time on their hands who don’t mind getting involved too. If you invest your time in helping out on some freebie projects, try to pick ones that represent an area of work that you want to be moving into. If you’ve never had a chance to do a music video, scan Mandy, Shooting People or other online production resources for upcoming music video work. Hopefully you’ll also make some good contacts and have fun along the way. Make sure you walk away with at least a credit and a copy of the finished project to include in your newly updated online showreel.5. Get AwayThe most important thing you can do with your summer break is to actually take a break. Getting away from work, resting, relaxing and re-charging are all vital for sustaining yourself throughout the rest of the year (or at least until your next holiday). Time off is crucial to making the most of your time on the job. You won’t regret it.How do you utilize breaks in work?Share your thoughts & suggestions in the comments below!last_img read more

Six-year-old girl raped by three schoolmates in Chhattisgarh

first_imgA Class I student of a government school in Chattisgarh’s capital was raped allegedly by three 10-year-old schoolmates, the police said on Friday. The incident took place on August 20 in a school located in the Khamtarai police station limits, an official said.“As per the girl, three boys, all aged 10, took her to a bathroom in the school. Two of them sexually assaulted her there while the third stood guard outside,” he said.The parents of the 6-year-old girl approached police on Thursday following which a rape and sexual assault case was registered under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code and the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act.last_img