NMC promotes good practice

first_imgAkeynote address focused on the role of the NMC and asked whether all OH nursesshould be registeredInher keynote address to delegates on the role of the new Nursing and MidwiferyCouncil, Maureen Williams, professional officer for community nursing andhealth visiting at the NMC, invited delegates to deliberate on whether all OHpractitioners should be registered.Althoughthe NMC will continue the work of its predecessor, the UKCC, in maintaining theregister, setting standards and dealing with misconduct, its primary functionis to promote good practice, said Williams. “It’sa new organisation with a new purpose, it must deal with bad practice but, moreimportantly, work for good practice.” Andwhile the NMC is still charged with protecting the public through professionalstandards, it is also being pushed to develop partnerships with keystakeholders and employers, a change that will have a noticeable impact onoccupational health nurses.Thechallenge for the new council, she said, is to provide “evidence-basedregulation through a performance-driven and public-focused organisation, whilemaintaining four-country- wide regulation, and always keeping in mind, nationaland regional sensitivity”. Remarkingon the fact that there are only eight nurses on the council, of which only oneis an OH nurse, William’s told delegates: “It’s a real challenge onlyhaving one representative on a council of 35.” Forthis reason, she pressed OH nurses to give serious thought to how the newcouncil can best represent their needs when members are given the opportunityto vote for the first directly elected council in 2005. Comments are closed. NMC promotes good practiceOn 1 Jul 2002 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos. Previous Article Next Articlelast_img read more