first_img Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos. This week’s guruGuru hits snooze button to boost performanceGuru had an unpleasant experience last week – he was curled up under hisdesk taking 40 winks when the MD caught sight of his left foot jutting out frombehind the waste paper basket. Luckily Guru was able to show his enraged employer research by Nasa thatfinds performance increases by 35 per cent if employees take a 45-minute ‘powernap’ in the afternoon. Guru’s boss was suitably impressed and even came back a little later with apillow for Guru to rest his head on. As Guru nodded off again he reflected thatof course the Nasa theory is absolute rubbish, otherwise Spain and Portugalwould be economic superpowers. Dickens of a job getting throughDespite all the talk of joined-up working by the Government, theimmigration department can feel like Dickens’ circumlocution office.In December, immigration minister Lord Rooker promisedPersonnel Today that a skills database would be introduced to record the skillsof asylum seekers and refugees in the White Paper Secure Borders, Safe Haven.It wasn’t. Guru was then told the refugee integration strategy was beingdriven by the National Refugees Integration Forum, and would be released in May.But forum members said they had never been given a deadline forthe launch of an integration strategy. Guru decided to fire off an angry e-mail to the departmentrunning the consultation on the White Paper. The e-mail bounced backimmediately – wrong address. Do you get the feeling that they don’t want anyoneelse’s views?Killer questions take the biscuitFinding the right person for the job is obviously one of thebiggest challenges facing HR professionals. As part of this process, asking the questions that give insightinto an applicant’s character is obviously important. Research by Office Angels reveals that 90 per cent of employersclaim they pose a ‘killer question’ that will often ‘make or break’ anapplicant.Among the questions currently being used by the 1,000 employerssurveyed include: ‘Who was your favourite Pop Idol finalist and why?’, andGuru’s favourite, ‘Jaffa Cake: cake or biscuit?’What other killer questions are there that Guru should knowabout?On-the-job boost for oldestprofessionMembers of the oldest profession inGermany are at last beginning to reap the rewards of modern employmentbenefits, including profit sharing.Prostitutes in some of the country’s brothels have signedcontracts after a law was passed giving them employment rights.Vice girls at Berlin’s Cafe Pssst enjoy a 40-hour week and cantake part in a profit-sharing scheme. They also have the right to claim socialsecurity, health insurance and a pension.Guru was pleased that these often overlooked workers are nowbeginning to come under the protection of the law.Of course, they have been benefiting from some progressiveemployment practices for some time, such as working flexibly and, whereappropriate, job sharing. Comments are closed. GuruOn 26 Mar 2002 in Personnel Todaylast_img read more