Legislature will decide on N. Tioga/Sears Street purchase Tuesday

first_imgITHACA, N.Y. — Tompkins County legislators are poised to vote next week on whether to purchase property on the 400 block of North Tioga Street for $1.8 million with the plan to use the parcels for a new county office building.At a joint session Wednesday, two committees — the Facilities and Infrastructure and the Budget, Capital, and Personnel Committees — recommended the county purchase the properties in Fall Creek. The site is close to the present Tompkins County Courthouse and contains a small collection of adjoining tax parcels at 408 and 412-414 N. Tioga St. and 117 and 119 Sears St.The resolution approved by the committees states that the North Tioga property “is the best option for a new office building site where multiple offices could be consolidated at a single location.”At the last Tompkins County Legislature meeting on April 2, Tompkins County Administrator Jason Molino presented a feasibility study with 10 possible scenarios for how to use the space. In the options, the office space ranges from 37,000 to 46,000 square feet; 25 to 42 parking spaces; and explores adding housing to the site on Sears Street — something the city and neighbors have requested.Molino said zoning will pose a particular challenge as there are three overlapping zones at the site. Though real estate comes at a premium in central Ithaca, this property likely hasn’t been developed because of the “odd zoning configuration,” he said.“The property is not easily developable with the current zoning arrangement with the different overlaps in the zoning code,” Molino said.View the presentation from April 2 which shows the different scenarios in more detail here.In some of the scenarios presented, the county would add housing on Sears Street. Neighbors to the site, some of whom spoke at Tompkins County Legislature on April 2, said they would like to see owner-occupied housing with parking. Nancy Osborn, who lives in the neighborhood, read a statement April 2 signed by 25 neighbors. “We who are residents and property owners in the Cascadilla Creek neighborhood, which consists of Cascadilla Avenue, Court, Sears, and Tioga streets, would support the Tompkins County Legislature’s proposal to develop the Tioga, Sears Street properties if it includes residential housing on Sears Street with adequate off-street parking and is preferably owner-occupied housing,” Osborn read.A few variations of housing have been explored so far. Some options include three standalone residential houses, another includes five townhomes. In another, the county could construct four residential units in two duplexes or create one single-family home. Two scenarios include no residential housing.The Sears Street side of the parcel. (Devon Magliozzi/The Ithaca Voice)At Common Council on April 3, Alderperson Seph Murtagh introduced a resolution to put the city’s preferences for the Sears/Tioga project on record before the Legislature vote, though Common Council doesn’t have control over what the county does with the site. Common Council urged the county to honor the city’s Comprehensive Plan and respect the character of the neighborhood by “dedicating the entire Sears Street frontage of the county’s proposed office consolidation project site for affordable residential use.”The county is looking to purchase the space and consolidate some offices to save money on leases. The county also wants to prioritize moving the county clerk out of the basement of the Tompkins County Court building which would free up space to relocate the district attorney’s office and cramped grand jury room and make space for a third judge in the court building. In presenting the feasibility study, Molino said other county offices and buildings have inefficient layouts and are overcrowded. Another issue is that several public-facing departments are not located in a single location, so moving them to one space would make it easier for people who need to visit multiple departments.On Tuesday, April 16, the full Tompkins County Legislature will vote on the purchase at the regular Tompkins County Legislature meeting that begins at 5:30 p.m. Legislators will not be voting on which scenario to choose, only whether to purchase the properties.Featured image: The Tioga Street side of the property (Devon Magliozzi/Ithaca Voice) Kelsey O’Connor center_img Your government news is made possible with support from: Tagged: ithaca, sears street, tioga street, tompkins county, tompkins county legislature Kelsey O’Connor is the managing editor for the Ithaca Voice. Questions? Story tips? Contact her at [email protected] and follow her on Twitter @bykelseyoconnor. More by Kelsey O’Connorlast_img read more

Warburtons intent on minimising redundancies

first_imgWarburtons has announced that no compulsory redundancies are set to be made in the first phase of its £25m Bolton bakery redevelopment.The consultation period has now concluded, following the announcement in January that 121 jobs out of 234 employed on two bread lines were at risk. The two lines at its Hereford Street bakery are to be replaced by a new facility, to be commissioned from September 2011. Through work with the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union, Warburtons said it had identified alternative positions within the company, “that we hope all affected employees will accept”. Warburtons has also confirmed that 45 employees had taken voluntary redundancy or early retirement.“If this is the case, there will be no compulsory redundancies in phase one of the Bolton bakery redevelopment,” said Warburtons.“We would like to thank JobCentrePlus and the local council for their support in helping those who chose to accept voluntary redundancy find alternative employment,” added the firm.last_img read more

Notre Dame ROTC program honors Veterans Day

first_imgEvery Tuesday, senior PJ Moran wears the blue uniform that marks him as a member of the Air Force ROTC program.   The lapels are crisp, and colored pins line the front of his shirt to recognize the accomplishments he has tackled in nearly four years at Notre Dame. But the blue uniform really stands for what he has yet to do. “We’re standing here in uniform … but we really haven’t done anything yet,” Moran said. “I think it speaks to the character of individuals in ROTC who are willing to do this, that they soon will be people who will be going off and deploying, people who will be going off to war and unfortunately people will be going off and dying for their country.” Moran will also wear this uniform today during the 24-hour vigil that began Sunday night to honor Veteran’s Day. He will take his turn, along with other cadets and midshipmen from the program’s Army, Navy and Air Force branches, to stand in front of Clarke Memorial Fountain and remember those who have served in the country’s military. “It is a day to really think about people who have done this before you,” Moran said. “Veterans Day is more to me about the people like my grandparents, the people like the ones who are over there right now and who have come back, some without limbs, some losing their friends, some losing their lives. “Today is about them.” The ROTC program hosts more than 300 students, including a number of students from area schools such as Saint Mary’s and Trine University. For Moran and these other students, today is one more reminder of the unique path they will take after graduation. “I mean, [the ROTC program administrators] don’t pull punches,” Moran said. “We are in wartime. They’re upfront with you. They tell you we are in global conflict against terrorism, you will almost certainly deploy multiple times in your career, no matter what you do. And we prepare very seriously.” Junior Mike Falvey, a member of the Marine Corps option in the ROTC program, is no stranger to the idea of active duty. His father, a Marine Corps colonel, left for service in the Middle East two days after the 9/11 attacks in 2001. His brother and sister-in-law are both first lieutenants in the Marines as well, and they both deployed about a year ago for a tour in Afghanistan. His brother is set to deploy again in January. “You’ve always got to be thinking outside of yourself,” he said. “It’s never enough to just do what you want, you have to think about these greater virtues and greater purposes. … [In a military family,] you’re raised a certain way.” Junior David Murphy, a midshipman in the Naval ROTC program, also drew on a family experience with the armed forces, saying his grandfather’s stories from the Pacific as a World War II veteran piqued his interested in military service as a child. “I would hear about things in history class and go home and call him, and he would say, ‘Oh yeah, I was there,’” Murphy said. “He loved the military and the service and the values it instilled in him.” The bond across the entire military, Murphy said, is a strong connector. “In the same way as Notre Dame, having the culture, having the tradition, being able to talk to someone who graduated from the Class of 1980 or something, I think it’s similar to talking to someone in the military,” Murphy said. Murphy and Falvey are both political science students. Their classes hit a little harder, Falvey said, because they describe the places and forces that will directly shape their lives after they graduate. “Looking at current foreign policy issues like … Iranian turmoil or trouble with North Korea, studying those issues is kind of interesting because those are, in a very real sense, places we could be,” he said. “It’s not just this theory of political science dictates we might be at war with China in 20 years. It’s an interesting perspective to take that we might be there.” After completing his degree, Moran will work as a physicist for the Air Force when he graduates in May. “I feel almost all the time like a perfectly regular Notre Dame student, going to football games, still messing around, having a good time,” he said. “But there are ties where on Tuesday [for ROTC classes] or for PT [physical training] on Monday mornings where your buddies are still in bed or playing Xbox, and you’ve got to all of a sudden transition from a regular college student to an officer candidate. “We talked all the time in ROTC about a concept called ‘the switch,’ where you’re off, you’re switched off, you’re a regular guy, a regular gal, living your life, and at a moment’s notice you’ve got to be able to switch it on and take seriously the fact that you are preparing to be a U.S. armed forces officer, which is a humungous responsibility.” Moran said his ROTC commitment presented a unique lens through which to see the foreign policy debates and political conversations during this election season. “We are called very explicitly as military members to participate in the election process, to participate in democratic America, but to do so very much under the radar. … It doesn’t matter who wins, it doesn’t matter what party’s in control, we still have to go out there and do our jobs,” he said. Senior Theo Adams is months away from completing her undergraduate degree in art history and Italian. But as a member of the Naval ROTC branch, her graduation will send her back to school – flight school on a military base in Pensacola, Fla. “[Deployment] is never something that you look forward to,” she said. “But that is the reality of my situation and the other midshipmen on campus, that that will happen.” Adams’ father served in the Navy, and her brother is currently serving on a Navy boat in the Middle East. “I won’t get to see [my brother] for Thanksgiving and Christmas and the holidays, but it’s the type of thing that you know you’ll make those sacrifices and you have a bigger image in mind that you do it for the people back home. I know my family, while we hate not seeing him, we also understand.” As she waits for emails and phone calls from her brother overseas, Adams said Veteran’s Day is just a day to be “very proud.” “Just because of the fact that our military is totally volunteer, you’re not drafted into it, you’re not told you have to,” she said. “You are the one who goes to find the paperwork. … It makes me very proud to do this and to be American.” The students enrolled in the University’s ROTC program are regular students. But they are also future members of the military, future veterans of this country’s conflicts. Today they stand in uniform outside Clark Memorial Fountain as a remembrance of the past, but also a testimony to the service of the life that lies ahead for them. “Veteran’s Day is an incredibly important day because it points to those people we kind of strive to be,” Falvey said. “If we can become those men and women who served our country, especially those who gave that highest price, who gave their lives, what more can we ask for than to honor that memory? “Not many people out there are willing to give their lives for you on any given day, and that’s what the American veteran is.”last_img read more

Galp Conducts 1st LNG Ship Refueling in Portugal

first_imgLast week, natural gas supplier Galp completed at the Port of Funchal the first ever liquefied natural gas (LNG) vessel refueling carried out at a Portuguese port.What is more, the LNG ship refueling is said to be the first on any Atlantic island.The ship supplied with LNG was the 125,572 gross ton AIDAprima, owned by German cruise line AIDA Cruises, part of Carnival Corporation.LNG powers an auxiliary motor that produces the energy used by the ship while at port, thus reducing the local emissions that would result from the use of diesel or fuel.As explained, LNG used in this operation is transported through cryogenic cistern containers, which maintain the gas in liquid state at very low temperatures, enabling its safe transport.Galp said it has now the capacity to refuel ships with LNG at any port of mainland Portugal and islands and will soon also provide ship-to-ship refueling.last_img read more

Prez. Sirleaf Recommends Economic Vision to Agricultue

first_imgPresident Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in her state of the nation address on Wednesday recommended that the economic vision of the country will increasingly be shifted to agriculture. By doing so, she believes it will ensure that the country moves away from the old system of enclave (commune) extractive industries.According to Madam Sirleaf, shifting Liberia’s economy to agriculture will enable every citizen to aim at a higher potential that will make the necessary impact and export diversification through stimulating production in a select few of traditional tree crops such as rubber, oil palm and cocoa.“While continuing to support small farmers, food security can only be achieved through large scale mechanized operations as well as agro-industrial operations, which focus on our nascent (emerging) small and medium sized entities. This will include agro-processing operations that are largely dominated by women,” said President Sirleaf.He noted that her government is determined to empower the private sector in all that they do so as to make the sector viable to become the driving force of the economy, through which Liberiam entrepreneurship can play its rightful role.“This can only be achieved with your support in promoting and buying products made in Liberia, and maintaining a good credit rating, in paying your rightful taxes,” she challenged.President Sirleaf then assured Liberians that her administration will continue to do its part in making it easier to do business by reducing the bureaucratic hurdles, thereby, creating a more conducive and friendly business environment. This, she said, will ensure that the tax regime is “fair and allows businesses to expand.”The Liberian Chief Executive re-emphasized that her government will continue to improve the infrastructure required for a successful business climate in the country.She further said the setback brought onto the country by the Ebola outbreak saw the departure of contractors, technicians and stoppage of concession operations. However, she expressed her gratitude with the level of progress in the country’s infrastructure development. She attributed the backwardness in achieving most of the country’s development agenda to poor road network, but stated that basic social services, including electricity, water and sanitation, ports as well as ensuring the improvements are now re-started.”“These programs are the backbones for expanding the economy and improving the lives of our people, and therefore, critical to achieving our goal of social transformation through inclusive growth,” President Sirleaf indicated.She reiterated that without a doubt, all of these plans and efforts would require a stable environment of peace and security achieved through higher levels of support for ongoing security sector reforms, and for a stronger open and democratic society that will help to continue the fight against corruption and injustice.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

QPR v Cardiff: Full debut for Goss as R’s make changes

first_imgEmbed from Getty ImagesSean Goss makes his full debut for QPR at Loftus Road, where the club will be commemorating the 50th anniversary of their 1967 League Cup triumph.Goss, a January signing from Manchester United, comes into the starting line-up along with the recalled Massimo Luongo and Jamie Mackie and the fit-again Grant Hall and Conor Washington.Rangers are without the suspended Luke Freeman, while Ryan Manning, who has been carrying a knock, drops to the bench.There is also a place on the bench for Ravel Morrison.Former QPR man Junior Hoilett starts for Cardiff.QPR: Smithies, Perch, Onuoha, Lynch, Bidwell, Hall, Goss, Luongo, Mackie, Smith, Washington.Subs: Ingram, Wszolek, Furlong, Manning, Morrison, Ngbakoto, Sylla.Cardiff: McGregor, Connolly, Morrison, Bamba, Richards, Ralls, Gunnarsson, K Harris, Noone, Hoilett, Zohore.Subs: Murphy, Bennett, John, Whittingham, Halford, M Harris, Pilkington.   Ads by Revcontent Trending Articles Urologists: Men, Forget the Blue Pill! This “Destroys” ED x ‘Genius Pill’ Used By Rich Americans Now Available In Netherlands! x What She Did to Lose Weight Stuns Doctors: Do This Daily Before Bed! x Men, You Don’t Need the Blue Pill if You Do This x One Cup of This (Before Bed) Burns Belly Fat Like Crazy! x Drink This Before Bed, Watch Your Body Fat Melt Like Crazy x Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

Cape Town train times on your mobile

first_imgIt’s now as easy as picking up your cellphone to find out the train schedules in Cape Town.Commuters using the Southern and Northern lines in the Cape Town metro can now get the schedules of the train times via their cell phones. (Image: Cape Town Travel)Brand South Africa reporterGrapevine Interactive, a mobile services firm, has launched a free mobile internet site for Cape Town metro train users of the Southern and Northern lines.Until now, commuters have found it very difficult to get hold of metro train schedules without either physically being at a station or having access to a computer. Now it’s as easy as picking up your cellphone.With more commuters shifting from car to train transport as their most cost-effective option, especially due to the recent fuel price hikes, there is an increased demand for rapid access to train timetable data.Although one can access schedules via a PC connected to the internet, a number of commuters indicated a need for a simple, easy-to-access timetable service on their mobile phones.Standard daily train scheduleswww.cttrains.mobi allows anyone with a WAP-capable cellphone to access the standard daily train schedules for the Southern line from Cape Town-to-Simonstown, and the Northern line from Cape Town-to-Bellville.The schedules work in either direction, include all stations in-between and take into account week days, weekends and public holidays. Special train times are not included.The CTTrains mobi site was initially created as a training exercise for new cellphone application developers at Grapevine Interactive, but it soon became apparent that the greater Cape Town community could make use of this easy-to-use tool.Free-of-charge serviceGrapevine Interactive has now launched the system to commuters as a free service, except for data charges that may be incurred by the mobile operators. The public schedules are accurately reproduced by the service, but unfortunately if there are cancellations Grapevine will not be notified about it.Cliff Court, Grapevine Interactive’s chief technology officer, said in discussing the mobi site: “Once we had developed the site and had shown it to a few train users, it became clear that this was tremendously useful to them. We then decided to offer the system as a free-of-charge service for commuters.”Grapevine Interactive has included a feedback option within the mobi site so that the public can let them know what they think of the site and how it can be improved for even more convenience. If the usage of the site is high, Grapevine Interactive has undertaken to add additional line schedules as well.Source: South African Press Association.Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See Using Brand South Africa material.last_img read more

Kenyan running shoe company inspired by country’s Olympic spirit

first_img— Enda (@EndaSportswear) June 30, 2016Kenyan entrepreneur Navalayo Osembo, together with American investor Weldon Kennedy, have created Kenya’s first running shoe company. Enda, which is the Swahili word for ‘go’ is inspired by the country’s global dominance in long-distance running. This proud legacy has, over the last four decades, earned Kenyan runners over 50 Olympic medals, piqued the interest of sport science and created a worldwide fan base for endurance sport.“[We want] to create a way through which Kenya can economically benefit from the running industry, given its reputation on distance running,” Osembo said in an interview with Nigeria’s Signal newspaper. She grew up in Eldoret in the Rift Valley area, a highland region that also produced some of the country’s best long-distance athletes, including two-time Olympic gold medallist Kip Keino.Co-Founder @NavalayoOsembo sharing the Enda story again today pic.twitter.com/BgdriCyGR3— Enda (@EndaSportswear) July 19, 2016DevelopmentEnda raised over $75 000 (R1.1-million) in start-up capital with a kick-starter campaign ahead of its production launch in September 2015. Through its detailed designs and its use of Kenyan culture and sport, the world is starting to take notice of Enda.The company’s first fully developed product – called Iten – is a lightweight trainer with a low heels-to-toe-drop, for use by both professional and amateur runners. It is currently available to purchase via the Enda’s website, with the company hoping to get the product in US and African stores in 2017.According to 2015 market research by the National Purchase Diary group, Enda is targeting the highly competitive $17.2-billion (R246-billion) American sport shoe market with retail prices that are almost 50% less than major name brands. It is also aiming to capture African consumers, including South Africans, who have recently become interested in running competitively or as amateurs.DesignThe company has worked with some of the world’s top designers and consulted with some of the best Kenyan and international runners to create a shoe that is both practical and eye-catching.“What our logo means to me” – @NavalayoOsembo https://t.co/N7lCtr2ZGv pic.twitter.com/TlX5lfj3yf— Enda (@EndaSportswear) September 14, 2015Enda’s logo is a minimalist Maasai spearhead that pays tribute to the company’s origins and fits comfortably among familiar global branding like the Nike swoosh and Adidas’ trefoil.The US product design firm Birdhaus that has worked with Reebok, helped develop the first Enda designs. The shoe parts are manufactured by Jones & Vining, the world’s leading maker of outsoles, inserts, and other advanced components.“We wanted [the shoe] to look contemporary and urbane anywhere in the world, but whisper a Kenyan feel,” Kennedy told Fast Company magazine in June 2016.The parts are all assembled in Kenya, but the company is aiming to make the entire design, manufacturing and marketing processes a fully Kenyan operation.The shoes are currently being tested in the Rift Valley region, at the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF’s) High Altitude Training Centre, by up-and-coming Kenyan runners Justin Lagat and Joan Cherop.Despite being the least popular shoe color, when it comes to T-shirts, black is the color of choice pic.twitter.com/Clx9y7A68a— Enda (@EndaSportswear) July 18, 2016FutureWhile the more decorated runners have sponsorships from famous running shoe brands, Enda hopes to make an impact on the next generation of professional runners, particularly from Africa, as well as the casual consumer market.Ultimately, the company wants to connect runners in the West to Kenya’s running culture, leveraging it to create domestic jobs and economic growth rather than benefit global corporations.“We wanted to channel the energy around running into something that can have much more of an impact on the people of Kenya,” Osembo told Fast Company. “If you think about the magnitude of the industry worldwide, and if you think about how Kenya is used for marketing, this is low-lying fruit.”Enda’s social enterprise efforts are small, but growing, with plans to invest part of the company’s profits in local and regional community initiatives that focus on sanitation, education and healthcare.According to the company’s kick-starter page “working with experts, we’ll identify a handful of the most effective projects that could use some extra support every six months. Anyone who buys a pair of Enda shoes and registers their purchase will get one vote to help us determine which projects will receive money from the pool.”“Through this, we will link Enda runners across the globe to local communities in Kenya and vice versa, and encourage sympathy, creativity and innovation.”Source: AFKInsiderWould you like to use this article in your publication or on your website?See: Using SouthAfrica.info materiallast_img read more

New High-Performance Building Components on the Market

first_img“The U-value can go down as low as 0.12 and the SHGC also varies by glass pack,” he said. “We have special glass packs that are designed for low SHGC but typically a window that will be triple-pane and made for colder climates will be in the 30s and 40s.”Frame and glass specifications aren’t currently listed for all of the windows listed at the company’s website, but a planned site update will include more performance numbers.High-performance, Passivhaus-certified windows are common in Europe, but rare in the U.S. There are some 2,500 window and door manufacturers in Poland, according to an industry trade group there, with exports in 2011 valued at €900 million. The Passivhaus Institut lists dozens of European manufactures but only one, Casagrande Woodworks of Paso Robles, California, in the U.S.The Passive House Institute U.S. also maintains a list of certified windows, including units made by Wasco, Marvin, Kolbe, HH Windows & Doors, and Alpen. Most are recommended for Climate Zone 4 and warmer. RELATED ARTICLES Specifications varyU-factors and solar heat gain coefficients vary by the specifics of the glazing package, Dymarczyk said. Windows and doors use components that have been certified by the Passivhaus Institut in Germany, as well as Ift Rosenheim, a European testing agency. Study Shows That Expensive Windows Yield Meager Energy ReturnsPassivhaus WindowsThese Superinsulated Homes Were Delivered By TruckA LEED Platinum Modular HomePassive House Building in the Digital Agecenter_img Maine plant now has certified roof assemblyIn Maine, RPA / Ecocor has added a Passivhaus roof assembly to its line of prefabricated high-performance houses. The company said that the Ecocor Passiv Roof is the only opaque roof structure in the U.S. to be certified by the Passivhaus Institut in Darmstatd, Germany.RPA / Ecocor is a collaboration between Pennsylvania architect Richard Pedranti and Christian Corson, a builder who runs a factory for high-performance house assemblies in Searsmont, Maine. Both have Passivhaus backgrounds and earlier this year they introduced a line of 11 model homes made with prefabricated parts and designed for Passivhaus certification. The houses have since been branded the “Solsken Lline.”Roof modules are made with the same materials as Ecocor’s exterior wall sections, the company said. If roof assemblies followed the same pattern as wall modules, an airtight layer of plywood would be applied over a structural core, followed by I-joists, a layer of waterproof Mento Plus, and a ventilated rain screen. Finally, the assembly is insulated with dense-packed cellulose.Skylights can be added in the factory if a client asks for them.“The Corson Roof lets Chris and I expand the interior square footage of the RPA / Ecocor model homes by capturing the area directly under the roof typically used for attic insulation,” Pedranti said in a news release. A startup based in New York City is importing high-performance windows from manufacturers in Poland, giving U.S. builders another source of components for Passivhaus and other energy-efficient buildings.The company, called Polwins LLC, imports windows and doors from three manufacturers, each specializing in a particular type of window or door, Adrian Dymarczyk, a principal of the company, said in an email. The manufacturers weren’t named.Dymarczyk said that Polwins windows were going into a Passivhaus apartment building in Canada and a Passivhaus home in Colorado, but sales so far have been limited. “We have sold some windows and doors this year, but not the amount we would like,” he said.Windows are manufactured to meet each order, not warehoused in stock sizes. “Standard” triple-pane windows with uPVC frames cost between $21 and $28 per square foot, from $36 to $45 per square foot in aluminum, and $40 per square foot and up for wood and aluminum-clad wood. Lead times range from a low of six weeks for uPVC to as long as 12 weeks for wood.Some windows are available with double-pane glazing. Frame styles include tilt-and-turn, tilt, folding and sliding sash.last_img read more

Premiere Pro Tip: Make Clip Replacements and Revisions Faster Than Ever!

first_imgLearn three commands that will make your revisions faster and easier with this Premiere Pro tip!It happens every time – You’ve got your edit just right. Every cut is perfectly timed, each graphic is in the right spot. Then the client comes back with one or two b-roll shots they want replaced. Or maybe they want an alternate version with a different end-graphic for the web. These are pretty simple revisions, but what if you could do them even faster than before? In this handy Premiere Pro tip, learn how three simple commands can make replacing shots easier than ever and save you several keystrokes every time!The three  magic commands are located in the “Clip”: 1. Replace with Clip… From Source MonitorThis command replaces the selected clip with whatever is loaded in the Source Monitor, and it respects any In Point you have set. This is handy when you need to replace a b-roll shot, but don’t want to accidentally move the timing of the edit. You can set an In Point in the Source Monitor to make sure that frame is placed at the first frame of the clip you’re replacing in the timeline (this does not work with Out Points, however).2. Replace with Clip… From Source Monitor, Match FrameThis command does functions the same way as “Replace with Clip…From Source Monitor,” except that it puts the frame you’re parked at in the Source Monitor into the same place you’re parked at in the Timeline. This is particularly handy if you want a specific action or point of the clip to line up with a specific time in the timeline (say, a music hit, for example). Like before, very handy for b-roll replacement.3. Replace with Clip… From BinThis one may seem less useful, but I’ve found a very specific circumstance where it comes in handy: Often, I’m asked to make multiple variations of the same edit, usually where the graphics change (one for web, one for TV, etc.). I’ll render out the different versions of my end graphics from After Effects as separate clips (all with the same duration, if possible) and import them all into Premiere.From there, I can go to the graphics in my timelines, select the appropriate graphic clips in the timeline, select what I want to replace it with in the Bin, and hit the “Replace with Clip… From Bin” command. An advantage of doing this: Effects and transitions that were on the original clip in the timeline are retained. This is pretty similar to option/alt-dragging a clip to replace it, but is a keyboard-centric way to do that.Over my time as an editor, I’ve found myself using these keys a good bit, especially with revisions and repetitive graphics replacements. I ended up mapping them to F13-F15 (I use a full-size keyboard). Hopefully these help you with your quick revisions! Here are a few more helpful Premiere Pro tips, tricks, and tutorials:Create Quick and Easy Vignettes in Premiere ProPremiere Pro Tutorial: Compositing Live-Action and Timelapse FootageThree Quick Tips for Editing in Premiere ProWas this Premiere Pro tip helpful? Got any of your own tricks that you’d like to share? Do it in the comments below! Replace with Clip… From Source MonitorReplace with Clip… From Source Monitor, Match FrameReplace with Clip… From BinEach one of these commands starts with the same setup: You select a clip in the timeline that you want to replace. All three of these commands replace the clip you have selected with whatever is either loaded in the source monitor or selected in the bin.last_img read more