Cards Against Humanity has a bready good first NYCC

first_imgCards Against Humanity is one of Kickstarter’s biggest early hits. It’s so popular I’m surprised people don’t refer to Apples to Apples as “tame Cards Against Humanity” instead of the the other way around. Because of this success, the company has far too much money.I should know. Full disclosure, before working for Cards Against Humanity paid me to do exit interviews for its board game reality show Tabletop Deathmatch. But the company does more with its wealth besides enable me. At Cards Against Humanity’s first New York Comic Con panel we learned how these horrible spend their time and fortune.Let’s start with the bad. Cards Against Humanity’s Trin Garritano hosted the panel and played some video retrospectives of CAH’s recent pranks. There was PWNMEAL, extreme gamer oatmeal distributed at a recent PAX East. There was the time the company bought a private island, Hawaii 2, and gave deeds to various land chunks to fans. And of course there was the time they put actual bullshit in packaging fit for an Apple Watch.But wait, there’s more. Remember special event promotions like the Black Friday price hike or political Donald Trump/Hillary Clinton card packs that raised money for Clinton no matter what? And speaking of Trump, when conservative talk radio caught wind of the CAH Trump Bug-Out Bag, they invited CAH community lead Jenn Bane to defend the joke. The results were even funnier than the satirical(?) doomsday survival kit. We even got a behind-the-scenes video of the controversial decision to have fans vote on whether or not to cut up an original Picasso painting.Fortunately, Cards Against Humanity spends its money on more than just trolling. We saw a video featuring the first winner of CAH’s full-ride college scholarship for women pursuing STEM fields. We learned more about the company’s role in funding local podcasts through the Chicago Podcast Co-Op. And for those who don’t know, CAH’s expansive office is a co-working space for other Chicago creatives. Plus, they paid for a massive anti-Trump billboard. That’s pretty philanthropic.Unsurprisingly, the most awkward/awesome part of the evening (more awkward/awesome than the video about the Fleshlight gifts) was the part where audience members could suggest new cards for the game. Everyone got a pamphlet explaining what makes a card good or not, and you had to say the joke to the man by the mic before saying it out loud (a tactic all fan panels should use quite frankly). But it was still a recipe for disaster, especially since I was sitting right next to the mic.Shockingly, there was a fair amount of actual funny suggestions. Dildo on a boomerang. A line for the ladies room. Grab life by the (blank). To celebrate each great idea the panelists shot various things out of a t-shirt cannon like t-shirts or bread. I can’t think of a better way to end New York Comic Con 2016 than picking bits of exploded bread crumbs out of my hair at a Cards Against Humanity Panel. Until next year!last_img read more