LMH ‘fitlist’ emails revealed to students

first_imgThe student community at LMH has described itself as “completely divided” this week, as controversy continues surrounding a series of private emails between JCR President George Barnes and members of the “Honey Badgers” drinking society.The full exchange has come to light after one undergraduate photocopied the conversation and distributed it amongst undergraduate pigeon holes.Barnes introduced the email by inviting advice for freshers to invite on a crew date. His suggestion is that the recipients should “get to know the Freshers [girls] a little better in the coming week or so.”Two replies have also sparked controversy, with undergraduate William Hoole suggesting that one student should be invited “alone” with “no witnesses,” whilst Barnes himself is seen dismissing a fresher as “properly dull.”One LMH undergraduate said the exchange made them feel “uncomfortable” as in their opinion it “objectified the girls” mentioned.Another student was more concerned, telling Cherwell that they felt the exchange was “clearly sexist, and offensive to all the people who were its subject.” They suggested that the JCR President’s position had been called into question, commenting, “I think it best that he resign because as the JCR President of a college with such a history of equal opportunity as LMH, his behaviour was unacceptable.”Barnes commented, “I am deeply saddened that recent events may have offended some people or made them think ill of the college, especially as LMH has such an illustrious tradition of furthering women’s rights and education.” He went on to say that he placed his trust in the Dean’s investigation of the affair, adding, “I am confident that he will review the situation, and if he thinks it necessary, take appropriate action.”Hoole also expressed regret, commenting that he was “upset that this whole affair may have damaged the reputation of my college and my home.” He explained that his comment was “a private joke amongst friends, and should not be read or interpreted at face value,” although he acknowledged that it appeared distasteful. One original recipient of the emails described the reaction to the exchange as “absolutely ludicrous,” commenting that the group were merely “trying to organise a crewdate with the fresher girls, which is a common practice around Oxford.” He blamed the controversy on “a small minority of people who have personal agendas against certain members of our group” and called the Dean’s reaction “completely ridiculous,” and suggested that the college authorities were considering removing Barnes and others involved from their JCR positions. Another of those involved similarly defended the email as just an attempt to decide “which freshers were sociable and fun.” He similarly criticised the “very cliquey” LMH student body, claiming, “these stories are largely being perpetuated by an insular group of bitter students with a personal vendetta against the Exec.”This position was supported by Benjamin LLewelyn, who became aware of the contents of the exchange only this week, commenting, “I don’t believe the emails sent were intended in the slightest to be misogynistic.”Another uninvolved student commented, “Fresher girls, and boys, will always be judged and assessed and will always become prey for the older years, this is not a problem that is specific to LMH nor is it particularly worse here.”Michael Monoyios, Dean of LMH, told Cherwell that he will be “investigating the matter thoroughly and fairly,” although he did not wish to make any further comment until any necessary disciplinary decisions had been made.last_img read more

Britvic and AG Barr form new business

first_imgBritvic and AG Barr have agreed a merger deal worth around £1.4bn.Announced as part of a webcast this morning by Gerald Corbett, chairman of Britvic, the move will see the new Barr Britvic Soft Drinks business becoming one of the biggest soft drinks manufacturers in Europe.Based on the values of each company, shareholders at Cumbernauld-based AG Barr, which produces Irn-Bru and Tizer, will own 37% of the newly-merged group. Investors at Britvic, known for its Robinson, Tango and Pepsi drinks brands, will take the remaining 63% share of the business.Corbett said: “The complementary nature of the businesses – in terms of brand portfolio, geographical presence and the channels in which we excel – offer a unique opportunity to create a stronger business with enhanced growth potential.”Corbett will move into the position of chairman at Barr Britvic Soft Drinks, while Roger White, chief executive of AG Barr, who has headed up the firm since 2002, will lead the new group. John Gibney, Britvic’s finance director has been appointed as the company’s chief financial officer.Simon Bittlestone, managing director at business analysis firm Metapraxis, said: “Mergers and acquisitions activity has been much reduced in recent years, but today’s announcement of the merger between soft drinks companies Britvic and AG Barr is a reminder of the potential for such deals to improve the commercial position of firms and generate synergies to drive increased shareholder value.“A merger of this scale has huge implications for information to run the enlarged business. Selecting and then implementing information systems for the new organisation typically takes several years. Meanwhile, board members, senior executives and managers need access to the right data and performance insights, so they can make fully informed decisions rapidly and achieve the anticipated benefits of the merger.”last_img read more

Champions League win for London clubs

first_imgArsenal remain in the hunt for the runners-up spot in Group F after a 3-0 win over Dinamo Zagreb at the Emirates.Mesut Ozil got the opener before Alexi Sanchez added a brace to take all three points and leaving the Gunners needing to beat Olympiakos by 2 clear goals in Greece in the final round of group matches in order to snatch the runners-up spot behind Bayern Munich.Meanwhile, Chelsea moved top of Group G after a 4-0 win over 10-man Maccabi Tel Aviv in Israel. Goals from Gary Cahill, Willian, Oscar and Kurt Zouma sealed an impressive win for the Blues, but manager Jose Mourinho will be concerned over the fitness of captain John Terry, who had to be stretchered-off with an injury to his right leg.last_img

‘Momentum’ could be building for MLB proposal to start season

first_imgThe thought bubbles seem to emerge from MLB on a regular basis.What if all 30 teams go to Arizona, stay quarantined and play at spring training stadiums there? What if that is expanded to include Florida? What if they only play in domed stadiums? What if the 30 teams are split into three 10-team divisions and play at their home parks without fans?But there are more specifics attached to the latest reports. Starting on social media with former big leaguer Trevor Plouffe (and later matched by Phil Hughes, his former Minnesota Twins teammate), it appears MLB is ready to send a plan to the players’ union that would put teams back in training camps (either in their spring complexes or home parks) by mid-June with an early July start to the regular season.Dodgers team president and CEO Stan Kasten acknowledged a recent surge of “potential momentum” exists but cautioned that nothing “definitive” has been decided – or can be yet. According to a report in The Athletic, the Cleveland Indians recently told their players to prepare for a June training camp and a season starting in July. Kasten said the Dodgers have said nothing of the kind to their players.“No, we have not,” he said. “We have not been told anything that we should be sharing with them.”The NBA and its players’ union will reportedly have a conference call for all players Friday to discuss the move to re-open training facilities. Three teams – the Portland Trail Blazers, Denver Nuggets and Cleveland Cavaliers – have said they plan to open training facilities Friday. Another team, the Sacramento Kings, announced they will open their facility to individual players on a voluntary basis Monday.The NFL reportedly sent a memo to teams this week outlining protocols for preseason workouts.Those situations are “very different” from staging baseball games, Kasten said, adding “any momentum (towards restarting sports) is positive.”In Korea, the professional baseball league began its season with some games being televised on ESPN. Kasten said he has watched and it gave him optimism about a potential MLB season played under similar conditions with no fans allowed in stadiums.“I will say I was pleasantly surprised in that, on TV, it looks remarkably familiar,” Kasten said. “If you’re just watching the game on TV. I liked the way they feathered in the little soft murmur of the crowd. I thought they handled that extremely well. I thought when you’re just watching the game – and you’re watching the batter, you’re seeing the infield, you’re seeing the centerfield shot as the pitcher delivers, man, it feels remarkably and wonderfully familiar.“I think if we have to play without fans and just on TV, we will have a long line of fans who cannot wait to watch.”Kasten has visited Dodger Stadium (wearing a Fanatics face mask with a Dodger logo) where the offseason renovation is in its final stages – “it turned out even better than we thought,” he said.The renovation was tied to the Dodgers hosting the 2020 All-Star Game, something that seems unlikely now. Kasten said he has “not been told anything” about the status of the All-Star Game (or any plan to cancel it and award the Dodgers a future game instead). But he continues to think positively about a 2020 season.“Yes, I remain optimistic long term,” he said. “I don’t know when that long term begins, but the sooner the better for everyone involved.” “The recent spate of potential momentum is a thing that is going on. But no one knows if it’s real. No one knows if there are hurdles which are insurmountable,” Kasten said Thursday as baseball tries to return from the coronavirus pandemic. “We’re just plugging along, going day by day and hoping to get games in. We just don’t have a plan yet that has been signed off on – by anyone.”Dodgers left-hander Clayton Kershaw was opposed to the idea of quarantining in Arizona for months. During an interview on Spectrum News1, he expressed support for the latest proposal.“I’m ready. I think that sounds great,” Kershaw said. “I hope that’s true, that we can start playing games. I think the best thing about that proposal that I heard is that they’re trying to get us in our home ballparks. So we could play at Dodger Stadium. Obviously there wouldn’t be fans for awhile. But just to get to be in L.A., be at Dodger Stadium again and playing some baseball sounds awesome to me, for sure.”Sending the outline of a plan to start the season to the players’ union would just be the first step in a multi-step process, one that would likely produce “input” from the players, which might require alterations to any potential plan.“That is important,” Kasten said of getting feedback from players like Kershaw. “But, if that comes to pass – look, stuff can change any day. There could be a vaccine tomorrow or there could be another massive outbreak tomorrow, right? Then everything changes. I just don’t know.”center_img Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Errorlast_img read more