More on the Blizzard’s Aftermath

first_imgHowever, the RCMP did release an overnight travel advisory for the region and, motorists should anticipate city streets, and particularly rural roads, to be in poor travel condition this morning.We are expecting skies to clear this afternoon but, not before we receive another 2 to 4 centimeters.So motorists are also advised, the longer they can wait for plowing and sanding crews to address the situation, the better the chances of uninterrupted travel. Photo:  Just one of the many snow drifts around Fort St. John – Adam Reaburn/Energeticcity.caThis could be another very difficult travel morning in the Fort St. John area.- Advertisement -According to Environment Canada, airport readings show, in the twelve hour period beginning at five o’clock yesterday afternoon, we received 8 centimeters of snow.In addition, Northwest wind gusts early this morning, have been clocked as high, as 60 kilometers per hour, resulting in blowing and drifting snow and, poor visibility.The overnight snowfall has pushed the monthly total past 40 centimeters and, it is now more than 15 centimeters higher, than the local area monthly norm, for March.We know of no road closures and, to date there have been no reports of any serious traffic accidents.  The only incident we have heard about is on the Cecil Lake road and the Bridge in that area.  A Chip truck broke down sometime over night and is blocking larger traffic.  Smaller vehicles can pass this broken down truck, but larger vehicles like transport trucks can not cross the bridge because of the vehicle.Advertisementlast_img read more

100cm Long Hair Heat Resistant Straight Cosplay Wig : Nice wig, the colour is beatiful

first_imgBeloved this wig although due to the fact of size is a little bit. Loved this wig even though due to the fact of length is a bit hard to retain on devoid of slipping off whilst it makes up for that with fantastic hidden straps.Extremely pleased with the wig just like it stated in description. Quickly delivery , incredibly happy with the wig just like it mentioned in description , great falue for the dollars , thumbs up.100cm Long Hair Heat Resistant Straight Cosplay Wig(Light Gold)100% Top Quality & Brand NewMaterial :High quality Synthetic fiberEasy to wear, remove and washCan be used both for adults and teensWorks great for party, Halloween and cosplay.Kid really happy, extremely long.Like all long wigs it will tangle, but it’s wonderful and swishes perfectly.Excellent wig simple to fit, it is really feels real and seemed magnificent.I would give this a four star score only simply because i had it a single working day and i had to get rid of it but i cherished the color on it . Worthy of purchasing if you choose very good treatment of it.Beautiful wig however the synthetic strands occur out very easily. Gorgeous wig nonetheless the synthetic strands arrive out fairly quickly which will make the wig cap very easy to see and when u hv a ‘nude ‘ cap and inexperienced hair not incredibly good.What you see is what you get. What you see is what you get ???.Great wig, the colour is beatiful. Great wig, the colour is beatiful. But it is way too limited, i couldn’t expend in it for a longer time than 3 hrs.I’d suggest two and then sew them with each other like i generally. Duration, color and excellent were location on. A small slender for my liking, so if your character has thick hair, i might recommend two and then sew them together like i usually do.Regrettably the web comes by means of fairly prominently from time to time depending on in which hair sits, as it is pretty thin. But excellent and arrives with a significant fringe so you can slice one particular to match your facial area :).Great lengthbe forewarned it knots. Appears to be like great for a number of seconds tthe knots llike the knots in a brownie manual e book. Seeking to model it for my costume. I may possibly update if i can salvage it.I absolutely love it and can not hold out for halloween now. For the cost it it you cannot go wrong, i completely appreciate it and cannot wait for halloween now. No down sides, but it is a lil challenging placing it on. In particular if you have long thick hair like me.Quickly taffled and hair can fall out when you brush it as to be predicted but good excellent.Daughter quite content with product or service.You have to reduce it prior to usebut i reduce it wrongly, really unfortunate.Beautiful long, wonderful colour but significantly as well skinny.Taking into consideration i have a pretty little head. Thinking of i have a very compact head, even for a girl this wig is also little, and falls off very easily. Will not help it would not have combs in but you get what you spend for. The hair itself is lovely and silky, the white is best clear ice white and the length is astounding. It also arrived with a wig cap, even though in black. Check out out as properly for the thinness of this wig, it truly is not as thick as demonstrated in the photograph. Appears to be like awesome in a braid but if you happen to be likely for volume, will not purchase this wig.Pretty amazing color, and very awesome. Pretty cool colour, and pretty great, a little bit thn but i wore a hat so it was no problem for my cosplaybut a quite gd wig,.last_img read more

SnorriCam: When to Use One and How to Make a Rig

first_imgShooting with a SnorriCam creates a wildly disorienting point of view and a skewed perspective that immediately grabs the audience’s attention. Let’s explore the rig and look at how you can make your own.Cover image via Warner Bros.With the advent of consumer action cameras such as the GoPro and Sony Action Cam, first-person perspective shots have only increased in popularity. They’re popping up in feature films, extreme sports, YouTube video, commercials — it’s a very popular trend.Like all filmmaking techniques, there is, of course, an opposite to the fixed first-person perspective shot. While the shot itself doesn’t have a specific term, it commonly goes by the name of the device that makes it possible: SnorriCam, which is just the principle name for a chest cam or body mount.The History of the SnorriCamYou’ve undoubtedly seen this shot many times in cinema, TV, and music videos. First created by two Icelandic photographers (Einar Snorri and Eiður Snorri, hence the name), the SnorriCam is a device that mounts the camera to the body of an actor. The camera, in more or less all circumstances, faces the actor.It creates a fascinating visual effect. The perspective of the entire scene constantly changes, while the actor always remains in the same fixed position in the center of the frame.  The world literally rotates around the actor.The shot is very jarring and ultimately can’t be used for that long because of the following:It can disorientate the audience (much like overuse of shaky cam).Like a zoom in, the camera draws attention to itself, taking the audience out of the story.Pick the Right Time to Use ItImage via SonySo, if the shot itself can cause disorientation, when is it best put to use? Well, it would be when the character is in some state of bafflement, whether that be due to illness, drugs, confusion, or injury. The technique, if used for a brief moment, can immediately bring the audience into the character’s disorientated state of reality.Recognize Its Strengths and Weaknesses Image via Protozoa PicturesMuch like most of the filmmaking equipment before the DSLR revolution, a body mount was incredibly expensive and quite strenuous for an actor to wear. Take the above behind-the-scenes still from Requiem for a Dream by Darren Aronofsky. Jennifer Connolly is wearing a sizable rig with a 16mm camera attached.Compare that image to the one at the very top of this article, a behind-the-scenes shot from the CW TV show Arrow. Actor Stephen Amell is wearing a SnorriCam mounted with a Blackmagic Design Pocket Camera. It would be a safe bet to say that Amell is a lot more comfortable with that device versus the one Connolly had to wear.Fortunately for us, with the abundant choices of pocket cinema cameras, DSLRs, and any other mirrorless camera, it’s never been a better time to create a SnorriCam with ease. All one needs is the mounting device — and thanks to YouTube, you are presented with many ways to make one (more on that below).Understand the EquipmentImage via No Film SchoolThese days, any small camera — like the GH4 or Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera — is going to work well with these DIY rigs. The lens will be the deciding factor in successfully capturing the shot. Apply too much zoom and your composition is going to consist of your actor’s eyebrows. Shoot too wide and you run the risk of having the rig enter the composition. 20mm-24mm is a safe choice for a Micro Four Thirds mount.If you’re shooting on a full-frame DSLR, you might look at using a 30-35mm lens. If your camera is tilted toward the top of the actor’s face, or if your SnorriCam rig has a large arm which protrudes out at a sharp angle, you will have better luck using wider lenses.It ultimately comes down to your camera’s sensor, the focal length of the lens, and the length and angle of your rigs arm.  As your camera will be fixed in the same position at all times, you technically shouldn’t have to worry about focus, but I would recommend having quite a deep focus.Tutorials for Building Your Own SnorriCamI’ve taken the liberty of going through YouTube tutorials to pull the best demonstrations of DIY SnorriCam construction. Any of the below examples would make for a fun project.This first one (from Indy Mogul) guides you through the process of building a SnorriCam out of wood.Then there’s this tutorial from DIY Duke. This Snorricam is built from PVC, which might be easier for those who don’t have access to woodworking tools. Have you used a chest-mounted device for a project before? Have you ever built your own SnorriCam? Share your experiences in the comments below!last_img read more