At General Assembly Ukrainian President says country suffering brutal violation of UN

“The aggressor is Russia – a neighbouring country, former strategic partner that legally pledged to respect the sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability of the borders of Ukraine,” President Poroshenko declared.“In February 2014, Russia conducted an open and unprovoked aggression against my country, having occupied and annexed Crimea,” he continued. “Bluntly and brutally violating international law and shocking the whole world community […] Despite the fact the until now Russia refuses to officially admit its direct military invasion, today there is no doubt that this is an aggressive war against my country.”Since the conflict began in eastern Ukraine in mid-April 2014, the UN reports that close to 8000 people– including Ukrainian armed forces, civilians and members of the armed groups– have been killed, and more than 17,800 injured.The Ukrainian leader warned that to mislead the world community, Russian leadership orders that insignias be taken of its military servicemen and identification marks of its military equipment, to abandon its soldiers captured on the battlefield, and to “cynically use mobile crematoriums to eliminate traces of its crimes in Ukrainian soil.”He noted that over the past few days, the global community heard “conciliatory statements from the Russian side” in which it called for the establishment of anti-terrorist coalition.“Cool story, but really hard to believe! How can you urge an anti-terrorist coalition if you inspire terrorism right in front of your door?” President Poroshenko asked.Meanwhile, he said he was taking the opportunity during his address to express his gratitude to the international community for the considerable efforts in providing necessary assistance to the people in need in his country.“However, we must recognize that in the 21st century our Organization lacks an effective instrument to bring the aggressor-country to justice, which has stolen the territory of another sovereign State,” he added.Since the beginning of the conflict, Russia has used its veto right twice while the Security Council was considering questions related to Ukraine.“At the outset, Russia blocked a draft resolution condemning ‘fake referendum’ on Crimea’s annexation in March 2014,” he stated. “The second time, Russia put its shameful veto on the draft resolution on establishment of the International Tribunal to investigate and bring to justice all responsible for Malaysian MH17 plane crash.”President Poroshenko insisted that Ukraine stands for the gradual limitation of the veto right with its further cancellation.“I welcome the initiative of my French colleague President Hollande, supported by President Peÿa Nieto of Mexico, on the Political Declaration to restrain from the veto right among the ‘P5 members’ [of the UN Security Council, United States, France, United Kingdom, China, and Russia] in case of mass atrocities.”Furthermore, the Ukrainian leader said combatting terrorism should be one of the top priorities for the General Assembly 70th session, adding that he strongly believes that one of the most important aspects of fighting against terrorism is keeping and sharing the memory of the victims.“In this context, I propose that [the] 70th Session of the General Assembly consider the establishment of the International Day of Commemoration of Memory of the Victims of Terrorist Acts,” he stated.He also called upon the UN to launch a worldwide campaign to pressure Russian authorities to immediately release all Ukrainian citizens who have been held hostage or sentenced. He said this includes Nadiya Savchenko, Oleg Sentsov, Olexandr Kolchenko, as well as Oleg Sentsov, a respected filmmaker sentenced to 20 years in prison “only for being Ukrainian patriot.” read more

Economic downturn causes dip in Julys new car market

New car registrations fell 3.5% in July to 131,634 units.Market down 6.7% over the year-to-date with the 13th successive monthly decline in volumes.Fleet purchases support the market, up 2.1% in July and by 3.3% over the year-to-date.Market remains on track to meet full year forecast of 1.93 million units.“New car registration figures fell marginally by 3.5% to 131,634 units in July, reflecting the impact of slower economic growth and subdued consumer confidence,” said Paul Everitt, SMMT Chief Executive. “Robust demand in the fleet sector helped to bolster weaker private demand. While the coming months remain challenging, performance in the second half of 2011 is expected to keep the market on course to reach around 1.93 million units.” 20101,245,108547,514684,24813,346590,902593,89160,315 2011131,63468,95361,2561,42550,57475,5055,555 10Passat2,51410MINI20,337 20111,161,272583,391563,43014,451488,771613,32059,181 2010136,44669,00665,5621,87855,71673,9686,762 The Supermini segment accounted for an improved 34.2% share of the July market in 2011, but only the Mini and Executive segments posted growth in the month.Click through to download the full July 2011 registrations news release and data tables.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) 3Corsa5,1223Corsa43,719 July TotalDieselPetrolAFVPrivateFleetBusiness A modest fall in July had been expected within SMMT’s full year forecast of the new car market edging down to 1.93 million units this year, a 5% drop over the 2010 market. 73 Series3,6937Polo26,581 Market continues to decline, with private volumes subduedNew car registrations have fallen consecutively over the past 13 months. The 3.5% fall in registrations in July was broadly in line with expectations, given the challenging economic climate. The pace of decline was less than falls recorded earlier in the year, as expected given the subsiding effect of the Scrappage Incentive Scheme. 8Polo3,68483 Series25,559 Best sellersJuly Mkt share ’10 Mkt share ’11 9Qashqai3,3919Qashqai23,383 Mkt share ’10 % change-3.5%-0.1%-6.6%-24.1%-9.2%2.1%-17.8% 1Fiesta6,6951Fiesta58,338 4Golf4,2724Golf37,390 The fleet market continued to improve and support the overall market position. Private new car registrations fell by 9.2% in July and have fallen by 17.3% or over 100,000 units over the first seven months of the year. The impact of the scrappage scheme predominantly influenced private volumes. The sluggish nature of economic recovery, high inflation and modest wage growth are acting as dampeners to consumer confidence. Year-to-date 50.2%48.5%1.2%42.1%52.8%5.1% 6Insignia4,0376Insignia29,987 50.6%48.0%1.4%40.8%54.2%5.0% 2Focus6,2352Focus50,060 The Ford Fiesta was the best selling model in the overall new car market in both July and the year-to-date. 5Astra4,0845Astra36,967 Year-to-dateTotalDieselPetrolAFVPrivateFleetBusiness 44.0%55.0%1.1%47.5%47.7%4.8% Mkt share ’11 Diesel registrations were just 53 units shy of last July’s level and over the year-to-date have grown by over 35,000 units to account for 50.2% of the overall market and 52.4% of the July market, up from 44.0% and 50.6% respectively a year ago. Vauxhall’s Insignia was the top selling diesel in July, just ahead of the year-to-date best selling VW Golf. % change-6.7%6.6%-17.7%8.3%-17.3%3.3%-1.9% 52.4%46.5%1.1%38.4%57.4%4.2% read more