Moroccan Private Clinics Involved in Tax Fraud

By Hajare El KhaldiRabat – After launching a vast control operation targeting several private clinics, tax services have discovered potential fiscal fraud.According to the February 26 edition of Assabah, auditors have discovered anomalies in the tax returns from private clinics, specifically in health insurance records and doctors’ declarations. The first control operation revealed that services invoiced to patients had not been declared.  The auditors observed other fiscal irregularities by cross-referencing the insurance company case files with the clinics income reports. In fact, the benefits paid by insurers were not systematically noted in the clinics’ income. The tax inspectors, reinforced with 200 supplementary executives for this operation, also looked at the compensation of doctors from the public sector who work in private clinics on a full- or part-time basis. Here again, the data provided by the clinics did not agree with those presented to the tax services.Additionally, several patients have complained to the tax services about, excessive charges without receiving any invoice in return. The audit supported this claim, illustrating that medical expenses paid in cash surpassed the 20,000 dirhams authorized by the law in many situations. Typically, any payment beyond this amount, must be paid by check or bank transfer.Inspectors were surprised to find these violations, given the fact that practitioners are subject to two separate reporting regimes: the corporate tax, or the direct tax imposed on corporations by jurisdiction, and the professional income tax.Ultimately, the clinics will face surcharges of 5% to 20%, depending on the gravity of the offense. However, these penalties are only related the accounting documents violation,  as opposed to the more serious charges of tax fraud. read more