Man dead in Hess shooting

(Updated)It was a violent morning in Hamilton. One man is dead after a shooting at a downtown apartment building. It happened at 95 Hess Street, just behind our studios. Police taped off a large portion of the block including the CHCH News parking lot looking for evidence.Kate Carnegie reports.Police aren’t saying much but residents say they haven’t felt safe for a while:   “No, I don’t feel safe here. I haven’t felt safe here in months,” said one resident.Just before 4:30am, police were called to 95 Hess Street. Paramedics confirm they treated one man with gun shot wounds. Late Friday afternoon, that man died from his wounds. Another man was taken to hospital with minor injuries but has since been released and is in police custody.Matt Kavanagh of the Hamilton Police Homicide Unit: “There was one report of shots fired when officers responded and that’s the only report we got doctors couldn’t determine a cause of death so we will wait for the pathologist to do it for us.”“There were two knives and a screw driver in an air vent in the building across the street.”Q: “Does this have anything to do with this investigation?”Kavanagh: “I am not going to comment on that. As you can see we have many searchers out here and they are gathering anything they find.”Residents say that violence is getting worse in the area and often see drug deals happening inside their building here on Hess St.“Yes, there are a lot of drugs from other tenants.” said another resident.“It is weird people coming in and out, all different people all the time.”“This building over here you can walk through at any time of day and run into 1 to 10 drug dealers.”Q: “Do you feel safe living here?”“Ummm, not at night. I would suggest stay home at night.”Residents say police are called to this building on a regular basis. but say they have never seen this much police activity in the area.“Not this much no. Not to be able to cut off a whole square block like this.”Police taped off a large portion of the block at Hess Street and Jackson Street including part of the CHCH parking lot. That’s where a police dog was searching for evidence Friday morning.23-year old Camiche Lual has been arrested. He will appear in court Saturday morning where he will be charged with second-degree murder.And police say there could be another suspect.Kavanagh: “Right now, we have information that there was possibly two and there may only be the one we have.”The victims name is not being released. 00:00:00 | 00:00:00::Projekktor V1.3.09 read more