Sweetwater Spice Makes Brining a Breeze

first_img The Best Netflix Food Documentaries to Savor Right Now Brining can sound like a major project that we try to keep to a once a year, Thanksgiving, comedy of errors. Last time we brined a turkey the brine bag leaked all over the fridge and warped the hardwood floors. Nice.So when we got hold of some Sweetwater Spice ready-to-use brine concentrates we were skeptical but gave it a shot. Ding, ding, ding – we have a winner!Based in Austin, Texas, Sweetwater has BBQ Bath, Fajita Bath, Regional Q Baths and Turkey Bath that gives your goods some serious flavor, tenderness and juice.We used the brine several times and were impressed with how little we need and with how little time we had to leave it to marinate. It wasn’t a 12 hour process, instead most meats need only an hour, seafood only 5-20 minutes. We loved that after you brine it they suggest using the left overs as a rub.Each bath comes with super simple instructions and brining times for every sort of meat. When my friend Claire and I used them on the grill for a Memorial Day feast, the bath kept our chicken moist. Definite crowd pleaser.We also appreciate that the ingredients list is quite short. No preservatives, MSG, gluten, colors or flavors. That means we can get down and dirty with some serious rib action and almost feel healthy! Almost. How to Make a Cuban Sandwich, According to Chefs Editors’ Recommendations How to Make a Rum Old Fashioned Which Lobster Roll Style Reigns Supreme: Connecticut or Maine? 10 Best Whiskies for Irish Coffee last_img read more