Toronto’s second legal pot store opens in ritzy Yorkville neighbourhood

TORONTO — Some of Toronto’s wealthiest residents now have easy access to cannabis with the weekend opening of the city’s second legal store.A few dozen eager buyers stood in line in Yorkville on Sunday to make the first purchases at Ameri.But as the day wore on, the lines disappeared and a few people were milling about the store to examine buds through a magnifying glass or sniff the contents of some jars.The company says it chose a Sunday opening to avoid the lineups in front of The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co., Toronto’s first legal cannabis outlet that opened on Queen Street last Monday.Ameri consultant Rob — who declined to give his surname over concerns about crossing the U.S. border — says the first hours of operation saw a wide cross-section of customers from different age groups.He says being located in a wealthy neighbourhood will make it more convenient for shoppers who may have been afraid in the past to be associated with the drug, before it became legal across Canada in October.The Canadian Press read more