Pension Plan Reform in Morocco: Each Day of Delay Costs 60…

Rabat – Each day of delay in the implementation of the pension plan reform costs Morocco 60 million dirhams, Government Spokesman Mustapha El Khalfi said Thursday.As of this year, civil pension funds will suffer from deficit, which will reach, next year, 3 billion dirhams, then 125 billion dirhams by 2021, which means that each day of delay in the implementation of the pension plan reform costs the country 60 million dirhams, the minister said at a press briefing following the weekly cabinet meeting.This situation is due to the fact that Morocco has moved from 12 affiliates per retiree in 1983 to three affiliates per retiree today, El Khalfi said, adding that the persistence of this situation, in the absence a reform plan, will make the government unable to allocate pensions according to current standards. Today, the reform of the pension system in a participatory, collective, progressive and solidarity-based approach is an inevitable option, the minister said, adding that the government will work to develop, by the end of the year, a vision of reform based on the results of dialogue with the unions. read more

US Coast Guard trains Sri Lankan port officials

The U.S. Coast Guard’s International Port Security Program was established in 2003 to expand understanding of maritime security measures.Implementation of these international standards is a worldwide partnership between maritime nations. (Colombo Gazette) From February 11 through 13, the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) conducted port security capacity building at the Port of Colombo with more than 25 Sri Lankan port officials, the US Embassy in Colombo said today.The event strengthened the port’s security capabilities through drills that improved agency coordination and the implementation of the port’s security plan. Sri Lanka’s improved maritime security will not only provide greater protection against terrorism and other threats but also will enhance trade with other countries, contributing to Sri Lanka’s prosperity. “Sri Lanka has demonstrated a strong commitment to port security,” said Lieutenant Matt Arnold, the USCG’s liaison to Sri Lanka for Port Security initiatives who headed the program.  “This capacity building program helped create the security environment that’s essential to increased trade and realizing Sri Lanka’s goal of becoming a regional hub for commerce.” read more